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Chen Xiang had been trapped for almost four years, yet no one came to save him. This was completely out of Fire Divine Palace's expectations.

This was also where the Fire Divine Palace miscalculated, because they did not understand Chen Xiang. As long as one had an extremely good relationship with Chen Xiang, they knew that if Chen Xiang was unable to escape, they would only drag Chen Xiang down even more and become hostages if they went to rescue him.

Furthermore, he said that Chen Xiang was sealed inside, and could not absorb any spirit energy. As long as it took a long time, the resources carried with it would all be used up, and Chen Xiang's strength would be depleted to the point that he would have to publicly punish Chen Xiang.

Of course, these words were said to scare those who had an extremely good relationship with Chen Xiang just so that these people could come and save Chen Xiang. But what Fire Divine Palace did not know was that Chen Xiang's friends all knew very well that this big spender pills could not die from exhaustion.

Chen Xiang had been sealed by the Fire Divine Palace for almost four years, and that mysterious and powerful Great Clan Elder had not appeared to save Chen Xiang yet. Therefore, at this moment, many powers believed that Chen Xiang would probably be sealed for a long period of time.

The Chen Martial Continent was no longer a continent now because all the seas had disappeared, but this was how everyone in the New Imperial Heaven World called the land. Furthermore, this piece of land was also seen as the future divine land of Di Tian, and there were rumors saying that there was a high possibility that a second dragon vein would be born in the Chen Martial Continent in the future.

Chen Xiang knew that the Chen Martial Continent was not a simple place since long ago, otherwise these Four Symbols Divine Weapons would not have appeared in such a place. What was even more mysterious was that the mortal world where he was born in had suddenly disappeared, and it had not appeared even now.

At first, Huang Jintian, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had all told him that they would return to that place. They clearly knew why the mortal world had disappeared, but they had never told him about it.

Some people were preparing to attack Chen Martial Continent, and the news quickly spread. Some people intentionally leaked the news, to see how strong the Chen Martial Continent was. As for when the attack would be, there was no precise time.

As long as it was not an abnormal Immortal Realm Ranker like the Immortal Monarch, the pressure would not be too great on Chen Martial Continent, but the Chen Martial Continent had never had this kind of mentality, they imagined the intruder to be a very powerful person, and even planned out a few countermeasures.

The leaders of the Chen Martial Continent did not need help from outsiders. Their originally powerful allies, Dragon Subduing School and Demon Charming a.s.sociation, had declined rapidly due to the accident with their leader.

… ….

He could not imagine that outside the Villa that the profoundbing s had gathered four years ago, there was an old man looking at the huge building inside that had sealed Chen Xiang.

This old man wore a conical hat and simple clothes. His eyes were listless and listless. He looked extremely tired, as if he had been toiling for years.

"The situation isn't too bad, at least the old man inside the Fire Divine Palace still doesn't dare to make a move. Could it be that he is also afraid of Chen Xiang this brat's a.s.sa.s.sination?" The old man thought to himself as he shook his head and smiled.

Suddenly, the old man's brows furrowed, he suddenly gathered a strong burst of Spirit Force and shot it towards the huge building that sealed Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang... How are you inside? "

Chen Xiang was in the middle of refining pills, when he suddenly heard this weak voice.

"You are..." Chen Xiang was startled, and almost shouted out.

"Elder Duan, it's great that you're still alive." Chen Xiang said excitedly.

The person he was talking to was precisely the Duan Chong who fell into the chaotic s.p.a.ce when he was teleported from the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. He was the Patriarch of the Duan Clan, Duan Sanchang's grandfather, and was also an extraordinary person.

It was only after Duan Chong used his very strong divine sense that he could barely talk to Chen Xiang: "Hehe, you're so energetic, you should be living a happy life inside."

"It's not bad... Old Man Duan, try your best to help me tell my friends, don't ever come to save me, and secretly tell them that the Fire Divine Palace will make their move ten years from now. They want to rule over the entire Di Tian at that time … "

Duan Chong's head hurt, he anxiously retracted his consciousness, because he had been attacked by the array formation. Furthermore, the voice that came from Chen Xiang was very weak, but he could hear it clearly.

To be able to find the way back from the chaotic s.p.a.ce, Duan Chong's strength must have increased, but with his current strength, he was unable to save Chen Xiang, so he could only give up and head to Dragon Subduing City.

"Elder Duan is still alive."

Chen Xiang was very happy, back then in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, Duan Chong had helped him very much, but the reason he was able to obtain the G.o.d slain method was also because of Duan Chong, he believed that Duan Chong would definitely be able to go to the Dragon Subduing School, at that time, with such a strong expert there, he would definitely be able to be at ease. Duan Chong might even be able to call over the entire Duan Clan, although the Duan Clan was limited in number, but if they were to actually play, many ancient powers would fear them.

The Duan Clan was one of the few forces that had followed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and surviving until now was not easy either.

"There's still six more years, hurry up and cultivate. Although the Qi Shen Dan is not bad, I feel that even if you refine twenty thousand sets of super Qi Shen Dan, you still won't be able to break through at that time." Su Meiyao said softly, "Little Scoundrel, you should know that your Elder Sister Meng'er has been trapped in this stage for a very long time.

Chen Xiang nodded. He could already feel how difficult it was to step into the seven Nirvana Tribulations, and he felt that his Nirvana Doom would become even more terrifying when the time came.

"sister Meiyao, what should I do now?"

Chen Xiang was at his wit's end. Although he had many high levelled medicine ingredients, such as the Holy level Dragon medicine, they were all medicine that he could not handle, and would torment him to death if he ate them. As for the Heaven level medicine, he would also need to refine them into a pill in order to release its effects, although the effects were there, they were not obvious.

Right now, it was not possible for him to learn how to refine Heaven level Pills, unless he could master the multiple Foreseeing Alchemy well. Even if he did learn how to refine them, it would take a long time, so it was not suitable for his current environment.

Su Meiyao thought for a moment, then said: "profoundbing, don't you have a lot of them? Last time, you only used a little of their powder to refine them, and almost destroyed a city, and those profoundbing were all of poor quality. You now have so many high quality profoundbing, if you can successfully extract that miraculous power from them, then it might be even more effective than those super Qi Shen Dan."

It wasn't that Chen Xiang hadn't thought of it before, but he was worried that he would waste too much time on it.

"Little Scoundrel, don't you still have two Treasure Chests? You should start researching those profoundbing not only to raise your cultivation through them, you should also replenish the energy in the Ice dragon sword sheath and let you open those two Treasure Chests. Maybe there are things inside that Treasure Chests that can help you escape."

Su Meiyao knew what Chen Xiang was worried about, because he was extremely tight on time and could not let it go to waste.

"If the two methods I mentioned before do not work, then there is only one way, and that is for you to fuse with all of the Chaos Fire Token. I believe that at that time, you will not only possess the power to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, but also increase your own strength."

The Chaos Fire Token was Chen Xiang's private box, and was also the only way Chen Xiang planned to use this to kill the Immortal King after going out. Therefore, he had never thought of fusing all of them together here, and it was very risky.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "No, there is a way out, but it might not work. I need a way that I have a lot of confidence that I can make it through."

"You have no other choice. You should understand that if you want to break through within six years and successfully cross the seven Nirvana Tribulations, this is a better solution." Su Meiyao said.

At that time, Su Meiyao could also clearly feel it, so she was very confident in being able to sense it. However, the premise was that Chen Xiang could still perfectly control the broken profoundbing and help Chen Xiang in breaking through the bottleneck.

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