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Under the guidance of the old man, Chen Xiang quickly found the seller and bought a high quality profoundbing that was worth more than five hundred billion then went to a resting room with Bi Xian.

Chen Xiang took out the Hammer of G.o.d, and lightly struck the head of it, opening that oval shaped profoundbing, only to see a thumb-sized piece of immortal jade rolling inside.

"There is indeed something. Furthermore, it is a celestial jade. However, this is a bit of a loss." This piece of immortal jade was indeed not worth 500 billion Spar, but Chen Xiang had proven that he could see if there was anything inside the profoundbing or not.

The Celestial Jade was very small, but Chen Xiang could see it, if it was a big guy, it would be even easier.

"Then what about that piece of profoundbing that was bought with 500 billion, does that have a profoundbing inside?" Bi Xian asked anxiously.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I can't tell."

Because Chen Xiang could not let this Bi Xian know that he could see very accurately. He wanted to create an illusion that Bi Xian would think that he was accurate at times and would not be able to see through him.

Following that, Chen Xiang broke through the profoundbing he had bought, but there was nothing inside. Chen Xiang and Bi Xian could only sigh in disappointment.

Although Chen Xiang had lost a lot, he believed that the loss now was worth it, because it would allow him to obtain even more high quality profoundbing, so he might not need to spend too much effort. Although he already had a lot of high quality profoundbing, but he did not think that it would be enough.

"The profoundbing's exhibition hall will not close. If everyone has enough Spar, you can come again. The next event will be a big one, and everyone should be looking forward to it." A middle-aged man said in a clear voice.

Chen Xiang looked at the middle aged man and frowned because the middle aged man had the aura of a Fire Divine Palace. Just a moment ago, he felt that the middle aged man was looking at his cultivation level.

"As expected of the Fire Divine Palace." Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, he felt that he was in danger. This was the territory of the Fire Divine Palace, and Fire Divine Palace was related to him, so he must not be weak.

Everyone headed towards the auction house. Chen Xiang walked in vigilantly as well as he sat in the middle row with Bi Xian.

After everyone had left, the middle-aged man from earlier stepped onto the platform. Holding a bronze mirror in his hand, he swept his gaze over the crowd.

Just as his gaze landed on Chen Xiang's body, Chen Xiang's body suddenly started to exude a gold light, which surprised Chen Xiang greatly, because he felt that his disguise was disappearing.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on him, because the multicolored light surrounding his body was very dazzling. Even in this very wide hall, he was still very attractive.

Bi Xian was even more surprised. He thought that Chen Xiang was about to do something out of bounds, even though he still wasn't too familiar with Chen Xiang, but he knew that Chen Xiang was an extraordinary person who could use some trouble to see through the contents of the profoundbing.

After the golden light surrounding Chen Xiang disappeared, everyone in the auction venue sucked in a breath of cold air because Chen Xiang's transformation had been cancelled.

"Chen Xiang, I never thought that it would actually be you, haha … Under the Skysoul Mirror, your true form is revealed. " The middle-aged man on the stage laughed out loud: "You're a dignified Dragon Subduing School of a Dragon Subduing School, and yet you don't dare to use your real body to appear.

The one who was even more shocked was Bi Xian, because he did not expect that the mysterious person who could see if there was anything inside the profoundbing was actually Chen Xiang.

The Leader of the Dragon Subduing School had grasped dragon veins, knew how to refine pills, and had done many heaven and earth shocking things. In the New Imperial Heaven World, it was really difficult to find out, as his portraits were all over the streets.

Although he was now a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School and had very powerful strength, there were still powers placing bounties on him, namely the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and some of the sage realm experts. Although none of these powers had strong experts, their foundations were very thick and there were many Spar s and such.

Although it would be difficult to get ahold of Chen Xiang with such a high bounty, it was enough to make Chen Xiang not dare to show his face in the New Imperial Heaven World, especially at a situation like this.

"Chen Xiang... Great devil. "

It was unknown who shouted, but the crowd quickly scattered and left Chen Xiang, and it was the same for Bi Xian. Although Chen Xiang was very strong, he had made too many enemies, and the middle-aged man on the stage clearly wanted to deal with Chen Xiang as well.

You guys are from Fire Divine Palace right? It's not like you have any rules about whether or not you can take part in the profoundbing s. Do you know how long I had to take part in the s?

Chen Xiang was extremely furious in his heart. His ident.i.ty had been exposed, because he had only dared to let Bi Xian know that he had the ability to see through the profoundbing before after changing his appearance. If others knew that his Dragon Subduing School had this kind of heaven defying ability, then it would be very difficult for him to buy a set of profoundbing in the future.

Everyone could feel Chen Xiang's anger, and a monstrous killing intent immediately filled the entire arena.

Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared, he flew across the s.p.a.ce, took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and fiercely slashed at the Heaven's Spirit Mirror.

He controlled it well, and he hacked it with great precision. He only destroyed the mirror in the middle-aged man's hand, not harming him.

Initially, he had wanted to put away the Heavenly Spirit Mirror, but who knew that Chen Xiang's speed was so fast that he arrived right in front of him in an instant, and even made a slash. If Chen Xiang's blade was even more ruthless, he might already be dead on the spot.

"Impudent, don't think that my Fire Divine Palace is a persimmon that you can pinch as you please. If you think that we are trash like the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, then you are completely wrong."

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. He had long since known that there was a very powerful fellow hidden within the Fire Divine Palace, but he didn't expect that there would be an old fellow here.

"Hmph, it was you who first destroyed my disguise. You were the one who acted presumptuously." Chen Xiang shouted angrily, even though the opponent was very strong, he would definitely not show any weakness in terms of aura.

"Boy, I do not wish to attack you. Furthermore, you are not qualified for me to attack you. However, that does not mean that I will spare you." The old man was clearly a bit angry as well. His strength was so great, but he was actually being contradicted by a little kid.

"It's the Immortal King …" This old fellow is an Immortal King. " Long Xueyi shouted, she was saying, let Chen Xiang quickly escape.

Just as Long Xueyi realised the old man's strength, the entire auction place was enveloped in a powerful seal. This was a barrier created by the Immortal King using a lot of energy, sealing off the surrounding s.p.a.ce, so even if Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws, he would not be able to escape.

The moment Chen Xiang destroyed the Heavenly Spirit Mirror, the old man could tell that Chen Xiang knew some secret methods to travel through s.p.a.ce, which was why he immediately sealed it. He could not let Chen Xiang escape, because this was the best opportunity to capture Chen Xiang.

Previously, the old man was still a little worried, because there was a very powerful and mysterious Great Elder by Chen Xiang's side. However, he didn't need to worry about him now, because he was sure that the Great Elder wasn't present.

The rest of the people in the auction house were trapped here with Chen Xiang, and just when they were complaining incessantly in their hearts, the old man chuckled and said, "Friends, this old man swears on Fire Divine Palace that he won't let you hurt a single hair on your head. If our Fire Divine Palace is able to capture Chen Xiang today, then from today onwards, we will not decline your request."

"And right now, everyone can also immediately watch an intense battle, to witness the elegance of Dragon Subduing School."

Everyone could feel the powerful aura exuding from the old man. Although the people here were all heavyweights, when faced with an Immortal King, they were still nothing more than ants.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Right at that moment, the middle aged man in front of him suddenly attacked.

After receiving the orders from the powerful old man, he immediately took action. When his palm struck towards Chen Xiang, a few sharp blade tips suddenly appeared in his palm. If he were to be struck by the palm, his body would definitely be pierced.

The middle-aged man thought that Chen Xiang would dodge or block, but unexpectedly, Chen Xiang did not move an inch, and his body released a strong traction force that firmly sucked the middle aged man's hand onto his shoulder. When the knife on the middle aged man's palm stabbed onto Chen Xiang's body, it actually bounced off, as if he was stabbing a piece of Vajra with great force.

"With your little strength, you still want to kill me? Scram." Chen Xiang struck out his palm, striking the middle-aged man's face and sending him flying out. He crashed into a pillar at the auction house and after breaking the pillar, he fell to the ground spitting out blood.

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