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Many people in the current Di Tian had heard of the matters regarding the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. However, the detailed history of the time when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord fell, and what happened after that, very few people knew that. After the fall of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, many things happened.

Although Di Tian had been reborn, it did not mean that he would continue to live. Perhaps he would end up like the past, shattering once again and turning into a low level little world.

Lv Qinlian held Chen Xiang's big hand and gently rubbed it, feeling the warmth from the hand, she who was immersed in her memories, looked far away and said: "Ninth Heaven and Ten Great Earth … In those nine days, there were already nine Emperors. They were known to be the kings of the land and the skies. Rumor has it that this was the history of those nine Emperors and the Ten Kings of the Nine Emperors … However, after the appearance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the unification of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth, as well as the establishment of Di Tian, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord still retained the authority of the Nine Emperor Ten Kings and let the Nine Emperor Ten Kings manage their respective territories. "

"So that's how it is. What exactly is the hidden meaning of that piece of history? That's why it didn't come down." Chen Xiang was very suspicious.

Lv Qinlian caressed Chen Xiang's handsome face with her somewhat ice-cold jade hand and said, "I'm not sure, because I only know a few insignificant things. Carrying on with the matter of the Ice Emperor, you should be able to guess right now, the Ice Emperor is one of the emperors among the ten kings of the Nine Heavens and is in charge of the Ice Heaven. The reason I call him a figure is also because I've heard about him.

"In short, back then the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord wanted to have a good order, and those who made him their enemy were mostly those who wanted to break the rules. And among the ten emperors of the Nine Emperor Empire, the strength of those emperors were not weak, it is normal for them to want to defeat the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and obtain the position of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord."

Lv Qinlian paused for a moment, before continuing, "Therefore, I feel that the Ice Emperor is not a good person. If he is allowed to revive, then Di Tian will be in great danger."

Chen Xiang naturally understood, but he now felt that it was very strange that there was any connection between profound Cold Ancient Realm and him. Ice Emperor could use those profoundbing s to revive, and Ice Emperor appearing in profound Cold Ancient Realm was clearly not a coincidence, moreover, the hidden dangers of profound Cold Ancient Realm, were things that could only be touched by people like the White Tiger and Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. It could be seen how mysterious profound Cold Ancient Realm was, Chen Xiang did not want to take any risks right now, because for someone with his strength, going to profound Cold Ancient Realm was simply courting death.

"Sister Lian, rest well. I will carry you to sleep tonight. Don't let out that Poisonous scent." Chen Xiang said smilingly as he looked at Lv Qinlian's better complexion.

Lv Qinlian pouted playfully, urged Chen Xiang on his chest, and shrunk into Chen Xiang's embrace. She closed her eyes and stabilized her injuries with the help of the holy lotus seed in her body.

Chen Xiang looked at the Goblin Beauty in his arms as he sighed in his heart. If it was before, many forces would take advantage of Demon Charming a.s.sociation and not dare to go against him, but it was different now. Lv Qinlian from Demon Charming a.s.sociation was severely injured, and he would not be able to recover to his peak condition in a short while.

At night, the insects in the forest chirped, and with the help of the breeze, Lv Qinlian slept even better. Chen Xiang carried her, and stared unblinkingly at her beautiful face, suddenly wanting to go over to her cherry red lips, but he didn't dare do so. If Lv Qinlian were to release those Poisonous scent s, he would be in trouble.

"This Poison Beauty's entire body is covered with thorns, sigh …" Chen Xiang sighed, but he still kept stroking his face that was able to cause people's divine soul to turn upside down.

Chen Xiang raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky through the gaps between the leaves, and thought to himself: "This is a new world, so it should be us newcomers challenging it. It seems like this is already destined to happen.

Lv Qinlian could be considered a completely old person here, as he could be said to have broken the balance of this new era. This made Chen Xiang feel that it was possible that this was deliberately arranged by someone, which caused the Evil Snake King, who was hiding in the shadows of Di Tian, to be subjected to this kind of thing.

The Evil Snake King was definitely in a tough spot, and he was definitely heavily injured. As for whether or not there were any other powerful existences in the new Di Tian, it was unknown, but Chen Xiang had to prepare in this regard.

On the second day, when Lv Qinlian woke up, her body was no longer cold, but the profoundhan poison s in her body had not been completely expelled. This profoundhan poison was not the type to immediately cause her death, however, at that time when Chen Xiang had not used his own blood to help Lv Qinlian, coupled with the fact that Lv Qinlian had a certain resistance to poisons, she would have been poisoned to death by the cold poison long ago.

Although Lv Qinlian looked fine now, the cold poison in her body made it impossible for her to unleash a strong power. When she used her poison to attack, she needed a very strong power to inject the poison into the enemy's body.

After Lv Qinlian recovered, her delicate and refined face revealed a smile that she never had before. Her pair of beautiful eyes revealed a strange l.u.s.ter, and she looked like she liked to be more lively and gentle than before.

At this time, Chen Xiang's heart was heavy. Without the Demon Charming a.s.sociation, he had to come up with many new plans to protect the Dragon Subduing City or ally with the Chen Martial Continent.

Seeing his expression, Lv Qinlian immediately pouted and said, "Little guy, big sis is so energetic, why are you so unhappy."

Chen Xiang came back to reality and smiled at her: "Of course, because I can't carry you anymore. I really want to hug you like that every day."

Lv Qinlian said in a tender voice, "Little Scoundrel, you're being dishonest again. Don't tell me you forgot about the matter of the Poisonous scent I carried last time."

Although she said this, she was smiling inside.

"I would be willing to be poisoned to death." Chen Xiang laughed shamelessly.

"Heh heh …" Lv Qinlian lovingly snorted a few times, before sighing softly, "Chen Xiang, I promised to help you protect the Chen Martial Continent, but now … I'm so sorry. "

Lv Qinlian felt extremely guilty. She had done what Chen Xiang had done to her, but now it had become like this, making her hate herself, hated herself for being too weak to fight against the Evil Snake King, resulting in this situation.

"Don't mind it." Chen Xiang didn't blame Lv Qinlian in the slightest. He said in a serious tone: "Sister Lian, don't feel guilty. If you feel that you owe me a lot, promise me one thing."

Seeing Chen Xiang being so serious, Lv Qinlian asked anxiously: "What's the matter?"

"That is to have the Demon Charming a.s.sociation withdraw from Di Tian's dispute. I feel that this place is not suitable for you all for now."

Lv Qinlian was very smart, and would very soon find out Chen Xiang's thoughts. She let out a light sigh, and suddenly nodded: "I'll listen to you."

Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian found those Fey and Fairies and Fairies who came with them. Since Chen Xiang didn't have any other urgent matters at the moment, he started to speak amicably with those Fairies and Fairies in front of Lv Qinlian.

What made Lv Qinlian grind his teeth in anger was that, not only did Chen Xiang use his words to tease these Spirit Demon beings, he even made his move. He either rubbed his thighs, or rubbed his chest, or pinched his cheeks, and that group of Spirit Demons was very happy.

Once news of Lv Qinlian's heavy injuries got out, the Spirit Demon beings of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation would probably be in big trouble, so Lv Qinlian immediately gathered the Spirit Demons of other places and transferred all the businesses back to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation. Originally, she wanted to give it to Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang didn't.

In just ten short days, all of the Spirit Demons of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation in various places of Di Tian had disappeared.

The rumors about Lv Qinlian and the great battle of the Evil Snake King spread out. Of course, the fact that the Evil Snake King had profoundhan poison s was also known by many.

Now, many great powers had adjusted their original plans. Because the Chen Martial Continent had lost the protection of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation, those powers who had always regarded the Chen Martial Continent as their thorn were all ready to make a move.

The reason why the Chen Martial Continent was so important was because the Chen Martial Continent might very well become the center of New Imperial Heaven World. This meant that there was a high chance that new dragon veins would appear in the Chen Martial Continent, something many old fellows of the Heaven Realm had predicted.

Of course, right now, they were not foolish enough to have any powers immediately attack Chen Martial Continent, because no one was sure if the Demon Charming a.s.sociation would really stop protecting the Chen Martial Continent. Moreover, who didn't know the relationship between Chen Xiang and the Chen Martial Continent, and that this young "brat" was the nightmare of many old fellows, who would dare to provoke him?

Although it was the Dragon Subduing School, if someone offended him, that person would not be reduced. They would be exterminated, abused, and slaughtered.

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