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The snake was about to be killed by Chen Xiang, and the group of female demons were cheering as they ran over, wanting to see Chen Xiang's true appearance at a closer distance.

"Ladies, all of you leave this place first. This place is currently very dangerous."

Chen Xiang looked at the few Goblin ladies in the distance, they were all being entangled by a group of powerful snake generals.

"Chen Xiang, these serpent demons all came from the Sky Demon Realm, I don't know when they moved to Di Tian, but they were very cunning and hid themselves until now. The strongest part of these serpent demons, is that they can withstand many strong poisons, but they themselves aren't good at using poison, because they don't have the patience to grow poisonous flowers or poisonous plants, so their goal is to swallow our Demon Charming a.s.sociation."

Lv Qinlian whispered to Chen Xiang from very far away, allowing him to understand the origins of these Devil Snakes. Perhaps, it would be of some help to him.

If it was a demon, even if their strength was stronger than Chen Xiang by a few levels, as long as Chen Xiang used his full strength, he would be able to shake him. Right now, he was holding onto the heavy Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and was sprinting towards another battlefield in the distance.

If it was a Worldly Immortal, Chen Xiang might not dare to rush over like that, but if it was a Demon or Demon Immortal, with his cultivation of Devil-suppressing holy power and the Demon Subduing Martial Arts, coupled with Holy Devil-suppressing seal and Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, these special tools to restrain demons, he would be able to fight with them.

The fighting Devil Snakes had already sensed a surge of energy that was extremely dangerous to them. Earlier, they felt that this wave of energy was still far away, but the speed at which it was moving was so terrifying that it caused them to tremble in fear.

Demon Charming a.s.sociation's Banshee Immortals also felt the strong sense of threat, but the aura of the power was not directed at them. Furthermore, they already knew that someone was helping them, but they did not care who.

"He's coming." A serpent demon shouted in shock, because Chen Xiang had suddenly appeared. Just a moment ago, he was still far away, but in the blink of an eye he had arrived in front of them.

They came, just as these two words were shouted out, a green arc of blade light appeared, slanting towards the back of one of the Devil Snakes. Although the Devil Snakes was not cut into two, the cut on its back was very deep, the bones on its back were almost cut, and the two halves only had a thin layer of flesh and skin connecting them.

Adding the Devil-suppressing holy power, even if the serpent demon didn't die, it was already extremely uncomfortable. That kind of power was like burning his soul, and his body was even tormented by that kind of power until it felt like it was in a blazing furnace.

Chen Xiang's arrival had pleasantly surprised the female demons of Demon Charming a.s.sociation, but those serpent demons were filled with anger and fear, especially the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that was radiating holy light. They hated and feared the aura that was being released.


A Banshee Immortal thrusted her sword out like lightning, piercing into the body of the Snake Demon that was just hacked by Chen Xiang, directly piercing through the Snake Demon's beast core.

"This d.a.m.nable fellow, everyone attack him together. Let's kill him first, otherwise we'll all die." A charming snake demon gritted his teeth and shouted.

"You won't succeed." One of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation's female demons shouted coldly. "Sisters, don't let them hurt Young Master Shen, you have to hold them back."

There were seven serpents, and five female Immortals. Therefore, it had been extremely strenuous for them. Some of the female Immortals had shocking injuries on their bodies, causing their hearts to ache.

They were even aiming at Chen Xiang. Looking at their aggressive appearance, it was as if they were planning to use all their strength to break through the defenses of the Banshee Immortals and then kill Chen Xiang together.

"Holy Dragon's Bind."

Chen Xiang said in his heart, and a burst of golden light suddenly appeared on the ground. Just as the Snakes stepped into the golden ground, they saw that a golden holy dragon had come out from the ground and wrapped itself around the legs of the Snakes, causing them all to stop moving.

It has to be said that after Chen Xiang refined the Prince Imperial Dragon into a Holy Dragon Pellet, he ate that Holy Dragon Pellet and allowed him to wield the The power of the holy dragon. This kind of power was the same as the Devil-suppressing holy power, it was extremely destructive towards demons.

But if he had to deal with snakes, the The power of the holy dragon would be even more powerful, because snakes were even more afraid of dragons.

All of a sudden, she was entangled with this holy force that carried a dense dragon aura, causing all the Devil heart snakes to be extremely terrified. The female Immortal from the Demon Charming a.s.sociation was originally prepared to die together with the snake demons, but they did not expect Chen Xiang to have such a plan, causing them to be overjoyed, their killing intent became even stronger.

The five slim and beautiful female demons were emitting a strong killing intent as they arrived beside the serpent demons. They swung their swords and pierced fiercely, causing blood to spurt out of the serpent demons' bodies. The blood blossomed and danced with the elegant and graceful sword wielded by the fairy, causing the scene to be extremely beautiful but also extremely b.l.o.o.d.y, which was so strange that it caused one's heart to tremble.

It had to be said that these Devil Snakes were extremely powerful. Although they couldn't move, they used all their strength to protect their vital parts. Although there were many b.l.o.o.d.y holes on their bodies, they were still alive.

However, when they saw Chen Xiang who was standing not too far away suddenly walking over, their expressions became even uglier, they could already see the divine blade in Chen Xiang's hand killing them.

The Holy Dragon's Binding could not hold on for long, and the Devil Snakes still had a powerful force in them. While protecting themselves, they resisted the force that was binding them under their feet.

"Heh." Three of the Banshee Immortals seemed to connect their hearts together. As the Devil Snakes broke free from their bindings, they thrust out their swords, piercing through the defense of the Devil Snakes, and even the Heavenly Core of the Devil Snakes.

At this moment, the Devil Snake Sect was riddled with injuries and had no desire to fight. They only wanted to escape, but the Banshee Immortal would not let them escape so easily.

Chen Xiang did not dare to use his Devil-suppressing holy power on a large area, as he was worried that he would harm the female demons. Now that the situation had been completely reversed, he did not need to use any more strength.

"Weren't you planning to kill me just now? Why are you running now?"

Chen Xiang took a step forward, teleporting through s.p.a.ce until he arrived in front of the female serpent demon, his thighs condensed with vigorous Devil-suppressing holy power, he swung his leg towards the female serpent demon's face. What was most shocking, was that when Chen Xiang's leg landed on the female serpent demon's face, it caused several thunderous booms to ring out.

The Snake Demon cried out miserably as she was sent flying. Coincidentally, there was a Demon Charming a.s.sociation fairy waiting there, when she flew over, she swung her sword and struck down, breaking the Snake Demon's waist and even smashing the Heaven Pill on her feet.

As the number of Devil Snakes decreased, the Immortal Banshees grew more and more imposing, and soon, another two Devil Snakes were killed.

used the Shrinking step to quickly swim around the battlefield, and from time to time, he would attack the serpent demons, slashing across the mountain, kicking on the ground and punching on the ground, breaking the defensive capabilities of the serpent demons, while the female demons always worked together with Chen Xiang to eliminate the serpent demons after Chen Xiang attacked the serpent demons.

After a while, the ground was filled with the remnants of the Snake Demons. Chen Xiang released a flame and burned the b.l.o.o.d.y things on the ground.

Although the female demons were injured, it did not affect their charm and charm. Right now, all of their faces were full of flirtatious smiles as they shot glances at Chen Xiang. Two of them even ran over to ask if Chen Xiang was injured.

"What kind of deal does this Chen Xiang have with you two to actually stand up for you two? As far as I know, this kid does not lack women."

Evil Snake King's face became ugly, all the subordinates that he brought with him had all died, although he did not care on the surface, but his heart was in pain, because they were the elites of Evil Snake Mountain.

Lv Qinlian laughed out loud: You will never know what a friend is, Chen Xiang is my friend, so he will naturally help me, and he doesn't need anything in return. If he has any difficulties, I will also do my best to help him.

Humph, don't be arrogant. Do you think that I only have a little bit of strength? Do you think that I would not hesitate to use Dou Force in such a dangerous manner in order to stall you?

Evil Snake King channeled the dense demonic energy in his body, causing his palm to turn red all of a sudden, and released traces of red mist.

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