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Just as Chen Xiang charged into the crowd, he instantly killed over ten people, all of them were not very strong, their reaction speeds were not as fast, like weeds, they were all killed by Chen Xiang, some of them had their heads chopped off, some of them were broken at the waist, the scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y, but compared to the intense killing intent that surged out from Chen Xiang, these people were nothing.

As the Killing-G.o.d heart jumped, an endless killing intent gushed out from it, causing Chen Xiang's strength to become even stronger, and made Chen Xiang's strength contain an unmatched killing intent.

This wave of killing intent enveloped everyone, causing them to feel that it was the most terrifying thing in the world.

"Don't be afraid of him, he's just bluffing." That middle-aged man roared loudly, making it so that their auras weren't that weak.

At this moment, only a few elders remained. They attacked one after another, throwing out palms and punches in unison. Waves of terrifying fire attacks struck out, actually slowly melting the huge ice barrier that was shrouding them.

The thing that Chen Xiang was least afraid of was fire, so no matter how many experts there were in Fire Divine Palace, he would not be afraid.

Just as he was about to attack, Chen Xiang was. .h.i.t back by multiple flame attacks.

"Your Fire Soul is not bad, and these flames have a certain degree of vitality, I will accept them." Chen Xiang laughed out loud, he opened his mouth and activated Devouring magic kungfu, locking onto the incoming flame power, and his Dantian also became a Fire Dan Tian.


Chen Xiang inhaled fiercely, and all of the flame energy that was attacking him once again entered his mouth. It only took a few seconds for it to be completely swallowed by him.

With his current strength, it would be a piece of cake for him to refine the flames that had been devoured. At this moment, his body was emitting a bit of fire qi, which was released when he was refining the flames.

Those people from the Fire Divine Palace were stunned, the combined attack just now, even if it was a Worldly Immortal, would not dare to face it head on. However, Chen Xiang was not only unscathed due to the attack just now, he was now consuming their flames.


The group of Fire Divine Palace s suddenly realised that Chen Xiang was also a strong flame user, they knew that Chen Xiang was a powerful Alchemist, but they never expected his flames to be powerful to such an extent.

The people from Fire Divine Palace wanted to escape, but the ice shields that the ice men had released became an obstacle in their escape.

"You must die." Chen Xiang roared in anger, and all of the Innate Qi within the thirty Heaven Pellets in his body gushed out, transforming into a berserk Dragon Power, causing a large piece of the ice plains to crack from the shockwave.

"Canglang Slash."

The force released by the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword surged like waves, suddenly rushing forward, the waves were as sharp as blades, and the waves also seemed to be formed from countless sharp blades, sweeping across in a formidable array.

"Ahh …"

As they screamed out miserably one after another, those from the Fire Divine Palace, in the face of Chen Xiang's full power attack, had no way out. They could only allow the blue wave blade to slash at them, as lines after lines of shocking b.l.o.o.d.y scars appeared on their bodies.

Now, there were only three people left. One of them was a middle-aged leader, and the other two were old people. Their entire bodies were covered in visible bone blades wounds.

Chen Xiang, who had experienced the Nirvana tribulation, was terrifyingly strong, and was not something an ordinary person like them could compare to. They truly regretted provoking Chen Xiang, and if not for that, they might have continued to lead that group of Ice Demons to sweep this field of ice.

Chen Xiang was unmerciful, he immediately teleported and leaped to the side of the three people. With a swipe of his claw, he pierced through their bodies and activated Devouring magic kungfu, absorbing their Fire Soul.

"You … You are engulfing our Fire Soul. " That Fire Divine Palace middle-aged man's face was filled with shock. It had always been only his Fire Divine Palace who plundered other people's Fire Soul, but now it was their turn to be robbed by others.

Chen Xiang remained silent as he pushed his Devouring magic kungfu to its limits and sucked all three people's Fire Soul out.

"Ah... "Ah …" Chen Xiang's way of plundering their Fire Soul was extremely barbaric, causing them to feel extremely miserable.

These were three cyan colored Fire Soul s, which had been merged by Chen Xiang and turned into blue colored Fire Soul.

Chen Xiang killed the two old ones, then used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the middle-aged man's memories. He wanted to know how the Fire Divine Palace controlled those Ice Demons, as well as a few things related to the Fire Divine Palace's activities in the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

"Soul Search... "A spell." The middle-aged man felt his memories being p.r.i.c.ked by someone as he shouted in fear.

"You can die now." Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to carry out a soul attack and directly erased the middle-aged man's soul.

Chen Xiang was extremely excited when he found out about this explosive thing.

"I never thought that the Fire Divine Palace would have been here already. Many people were killed by them in secret and a large number of profoundbing were taken by them. Those Ice Demons were let out by them from the profoundbing and they used a secret technique to tamper with the Ice Demon's soul while the Ice Demon was sleeping, allowing them to control a large number of Ice Demons."

"Does this Fire Divine Palace want to rule over the profound Cold Ancient Realm?" Su Meiyao asked.

"That's not it, profound Cold Ancient Realm is still very powerful deep inside, they don't dare to go deep there either. However, they used these Ice Demons to find a large number of profoundbing. I know where they stored them."

This made Chen Xiang excited, because he no longer needed to look for profoundbing s aimlessly. As long as he finished looking over the places where s were stored, he would be able to obtain a large amount.

Now, Chen Xiang knew that all those Ice Demons were from the Primordial Era and were let out by the Fire Divine Palace. Furthermore, the Fire Divine Palace knew that the Ice Demons existed within the profoundbing, and in order to enlarge the Ice Demon Legion, they wantonly swept through the outer circle of the profound Cold Ancient Realm, trying to get as many of them as possible.

As for these ice beasts, they were all native to the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and it was unknown when they came out of it and continued to reproduce until now, but they were still quite powerful. However, these ice beasts did not have much intelligence and could not defend at all against sudden sneak attacks.

Chen Xiang ran up the profound Cold Ancient Realm alone. According to the memories he found, he was rushing to the base the Fire Divine Palace set up here.

The big shots of the Fire Divine Palace seemed to know the uses of these profoundbing. Not only did they gather the treasures inside the profoundbing and the Ice Demon, they were also doing other things as well.

According to the middle-aged man's memories, when the Fire Divine Palace gathered a large number of profoundbing together, it could produce a very strong Icy cold power. This kind of Icy cold power was extremely special and came from the profoundbing, as for what uses it had, the middle-aged man had no right to know either.

The place where the Fire Divine Palace s were stored was deep underground. They had built an extremely large underground palace there, and over the years, the Fire Divine Palace had kept a very low profile, but the secret was that the profound Cold Ancient Realm was able to control such a powerful force. If Di Tian fully recovered his powers in the future, then among the Di Tian, the strongest person would be the Fire Divine Palace.

Fire Divine Palace's way of keeping a low profile was smarter than those ancient powers. When Chen Xiang found out about this, he couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine.

Travelling through the night, he took three days to arrive next to a huge ice mountain. At the side of the ice mountain, there was a cave that he could enter, but the security was very tight, so it wasn't easy to silently enter.

Such an important place must definitely be guarded by a very strong person. If he were to face the siege of those kind of Worldly Immortals or Immortal Monarch s, it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to resist, so he planned to quietly enter that underground palace and steal away the large amount of profoundbing that were stored inside.

"Now is the time to test the Art of Change." Chen Xiang saw snow falling from the sky, and the snow was being blown everywhere by the strong wind.

"The cave entrance is only guarded by the Ice Demon and Fire Divine Palace's fellows. There aren't many people in the depths, and it's very dark." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, turned himself into a thumb-sized drop of snow, and floated towards the cave. If he became a b.u.t.terfly or something like that, it would definitely arouse suspicion, and right now, there was already some snow that was as big as a goose feather blowing towards the cave. Chen Xiang had sneaked into the snow and entered the cave along the wind.

After entering, the lump of snow that was formed from Chen Xiang rolled on the ground for a bit, and under the watchful eyes of the group of Ice Demons and people, it easily entered the depths of the cave, and successfully dove in.

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