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The Golden Ape King gave a pretty good impression, so the rhinoceros didn't pursue the matter any further. After all, the Little Ape King was also beaten badly.

"Father, this guy has a Black blood magic sunflower, he did not sell it to the Demon Empress." The Little Ape King changed back into his human form and glared at Chen Xiang as he spoke. His hand had already shattered and his body was covered in blood, but he could still speak.

"So what? Those are his things, not yours. If you dare to steal someone else's things again, I'll cripple you. Hurry up and apologize." Judging from his appearance, it didn't seem like he was acting. Moreover, his own strength wasn't weak, and if he wanted to kill someone and steal their treasure, he probably would have done so long ago.

Little Ape King clenched his teeth and apologized towards Chen Xiang and the rhinoceros. However, because he was not sincere enough, he was slapped by the Golden Ape King a few times, making his att.i.tude much better.

However, Chen Xiang and the rhinoceros both knew that this Little Ape King hated them to the extreme.

The Golden Ape King left with Little Ape King and the others. The rhinoceros immediately thanked Chen Xiang: "Thank you for your help, if not, the Little Ape King would not have been taken down so easily."

Chen Xiang laughed, "Big Brother Rhinoceros, there's no need to be so polite."

That rhinoceros asked: "Little brother, are you going to the profound Cold Ancient Realm?"

Chen Xiang asked: "That's right, big brother, you too."

The rhinoceros shook its head, "It's getting more and more dangerous inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm, it's just my home outside. If you go in by yourself, it'll definitely be very dangerous.

Chen Xiang did not expect the situation inside to be so dire. "Why would it become so dangerous inside?"

The rhinoceros replied, "Let's walk while we talk."

Chen Xiang and the rhinoceros walked towards the profound Cold Ancient Realm together, but the rhinoceros did not go in.

"There are many profoundbing in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, especially in the depths where we can find all kinds of strange and unique profoundbing, and it is very possible that those profoundbing are growing strange flowers and herbs, because this profound Cold Ancient Realm originally has high level strange flowers and herbs. If it was before, it would be safer to enter, but since a month ago, a group of ice men appeared, it has become extremely dangerous inside."

"I wonder what kind of power that group of ice men actually have to be able to control that group of ice beasts. Also, this group of ice men really like to eat human flesh. If they get caught, they will all be eaten."

Chen Xiang now understood that the reason the profound Cold Ancient Realm was in danger was because of that group of ice men.

The rhinoceros continued, "Those ice men are not only able to control ice beasts, but they also have a very powerful freezing energy. It is said that they can freeze people at will, and after some powerful weapons are frozen, they will break when they fall to the ground."

Chen Xiang followed the rhinoceros to a very high ice mountain. Standing on the top of the ice mountain, looking at the vast ice plains in the distance, the rhinoceros pointed at the vast ice plains and said: "That place is the profound Cold Ancient Realm, it is very safe outside. However, it is very difficult to find profoundbing, and one can only go deeper in, but the deeper regions are already occupied by the ice people.

The rhinoceros knew that Chen Xiang's strength was extraordinary, otherwise, it would not have taken down the Little Ape King so easily. Furthermore, Chen Xiang's att.i.tude towards entering the profound Cold Ancient Realm was very firm, so he did not try to dissuade him.

Chen Xiang bid farewell to the rhinoceros and stepped into the profound Cold Ancient Realm. After walking at a slow pace for half an hour, he had already felt that the's Icy cold power was very similar to the one released by the profoundbing.

Chen Xiang came here to find more profoundbing s so he could use them to refine pills. This was because the energy contained within the profoundbing was extremely strong and scary.

Previously, he had inquired about the method to find the Primordial profoundbing, which was to walk around randomly. If there was a profoundbing deep underground, one would be able to sense it while walking on it. This was because the cold energy released by the profoundbing was very special and strong.

Walking on the ice plains, Chen Xiang could see many deep craters in the ground. He now understood why some profoundbing were so expensive.

Some profoundbing would even be at the bottom of some huge crevices, which were difficult to dig. Chen Xiang had already pa.s.sed through a few of them, but he had not sensed any profoundbing at all.

It had already been two days since Chen Xiang entered the profound Cold Ancient Realm. It was like a large frozen ocean inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm, only that there would occasionally be a group of tall mountains, and most of them were flat ice lands.

"Truly amazing. There are many pitfalls." Chen Xiang saw that many of the pits had been dug very deep. It could be seen that this piece of ice was extremely thick, and the thing that was truly frozen should be located very deep in the ice.

"I think that a lot of profoundbing were broken by those powers, maybe some forces already got their treasures from the profoundbing, but they just did not announce it to the public." Along the way, when Chen Xiang saw those pits, he knew that there were many profoundbing that had been dug out.

There was no night in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, the sky was always covered by thick clouds, and from time to time, there would be a cold wind blowing. If someone without any power came in, they would definitely be frozen to death.

Until now, he had never seen those ice men and beasts.

After Chen Xiang wandered around here for five days, he finally felt the profoundbing. It was the cold energy unique to profoundbing, and anyone who approached it would be able to feel it.

Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised. He released his divine power and probed the exact location of the profoundbing in the depths. Naturally, he would not release it like the others did.

"I found it. There shouldn't be a problem with the distance, but this profoundbing is really big." After Chen Xiang locked onto the profoundbing, he used Form Displacement Transposition and used the power of the spatial laws to bring the profoundbing up.

This piece of profoundbing was very big, it was two people tall, round, and green. It released waves of green light, so it could not be considered a special profoundbing, because its shape was very ordinary, and its color and light were also very common.

After he took the profoundbing out from the depths of the frozen ground, the large amount of special Icy cold power released by this round ball of profoundbing quickly spread to its surroundings.

Very quickly, a group of over thirty people arrived in the distance. They were all wearing fiery red clothes, and Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that these were the Fire Divine Palace's clothes.

Fire Divine Palace did not suffer any serious losses, so the rankers hidden in the Fire Divine Palace were also unknown, it was just that Fire Divine Palace had been keeping a low profile during this period of time, so no one knew of his true strength.

Chen Xiang hurriedly put away the profoundbing, but the group of Fire Divine Palace people saw it from afar. It was so big, and also released a green light, it was always a normal profoundbing, and it was very easy for people to think that there was something inside.

Chen Xiang was not afraid of the people from the Fire Divine Palace, and he even liked these people from the Fire Divine Palace a lot. This was because all of them had Fire Soul s in their bodies, and from his point of view, these people had come to deliver the Fire Soul to him.

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