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"Little Ape King, what is the meaning of this? Don't think that just because your father is the Golden Ape King, you can randomly steal other people's things."

Hearing that, Chen Xiang immediately understood that Little Ape King and his group were plundering other people's things, but he was very strong, so he did not give in, but chose to clash with Little Ape King and the rest.

Chen Xiang had long since disliked the Little Ape King, he did not expect to meet her here. At this moment, he had already swam over and was looking down from above.

As expected, the Little Ape King was with the Black Tiger, and they even brought eight people with them. Looks like they were planning to enter the profound Cold Ancient Realm to search for profoundbing.

The one they s.n.a.t.c.hed from was a big bearded middle-aged man, he was tall and st.u.r.dy, one head taller than Little Ape King and the rest. Although his clothes were tattered, he did not sustain any injuries.

"Old Rhinoceros, as long as you hand over that Holy Dragon's Scale, we'll spare your life." Little Ape King held a golden blade in his hand, surrounding the bearded middle aged man.

was shocked. He had previously heard that someone had pulled out a gigantic beast scale from a very large profoundbing, but he did not expect it to be a dragon scale.

Although it was just a single scale, a powerful holy dragon was extremely large. That scale was at least the size of a courtyard and was enough to build several sets of armor. It was simply a priceless treasure.

Of course, Chen Xiang did not care about this kind of thing. He had the profoundwu diamond armour, so he was much stronger than the Holy Dragon's Scales.

"Keep dreaming. Even if you die, this daddy will not let you steal away a Spar. You son of a b.i.t.c.h, you have completely lost your father's face."

The man roared, took out two large blades, and rushed towards Little Ape King, his aura extremely fierce, with every step he took, he caused the ice on the ground to crack, and even created a burst of powerful energy, causing the ice on the ground to shatter.

Little Ape King quickly retreated and shouted, "Quick, stop this old rhinoceros."

The others had already started to attack the burly man, but his defensive capabilities were extremely powerful. Black armor suddenly appeared on his body, and as the weapons slashed down, sparks burst forth.

"This old rhinoceros is really powerful." Chen Xiang exclaimed and immediately rushed over.

Little Ape King was chased by the big sized man until he was running for his life. The people following closely behind, no matter how they attacked, could not make the big sized man slow down at all.

This man was made up of an old rhinoceros and could be considered a demonic beast. His strength was not bad, especially his defensive energy. Even after being attacked for so long, he was still able to move as if he was flying.

Using the coordination of the Shrinking step and spatial travel, Chen Xiang caught up to Little Ape King in an instant and suddenly appeared beside him.

The sudden appearance of a person made the Little Ape King pale in fright, and the big sized man behind him along with the others did the same.

"You … It's actually you. " Little Ape King was even more surprised and shouted.

Because the appearance that Chen Xiang was using now was the disguise of the Black blood magic sunflower.

Chen Xiang only laughed, then took out the Black blood magic sunflower, and waved at the Little Ape King: "I also gave good stuff from the profoundbing, do you want to rob me too."

"Die." When Little Ape King saw the other party take out a poisonous substance like the Black blood magic sunflower, although he was terrified, in order to prevent the other party from using poison on him, he did not care about the big man chasing behind him, and slashed his blade towards Chen Xiang.

The blade used by the Little Ape King might be a good weapon for others, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was just like a piece of sc.r.a.p metal.

He used his fist, which was wrapped in the White Tiger glove, to hook towards the edge of the blade.

With a "weng" sound, the large blade vibrated, and unexpectedly burst open from Chen Xiang's fist.

Little Ape King was shocked by Chen Xiang's punch. He immediately felt that Chen Xiang's strength was strong enough to break his blade with one punch.

"Hmph." The man who was chasing behind him snorted in anger, and suddenly rushed over, smashing his head fiercely into Little Ape King's chest.

Kacha! The golden armor on Little Ape King's chest shattered, and he flew out, crashing into the ice mountain.

"Kill them." Little Ape King shouted in anger. Although he was. .h.i.t by the big sized man, he did not die. After all, he was the son of the Ape King.

"Brother, you deal with the one in the back, leave this Little Ape King to me."

Chen Xiang told the big sized man, he then locked onto Little Ape King and used Form Displacement Shadow to teleport him over.

Before Little Ape King could understand why he suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang, his face was fiercely punched by Chen Xiang.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Little Ape King was once again sent flying, cursing loudly. His body flashed with a gold light, and soon after, it became a giant golden ape the size of two people.

Transforming into his original body would allow his strength to increase by a lot, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, this was much easier to attack.

Although his body had become a lot larger, his speed was not slow. In a few steps, he had already arrived in front of Chen Xiang. His fist was as fast as lightning, bringing a gold light with it, it struck towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang jumped and dodged, his fist smashing into the ice ground and Little Ape King's other long and big arm also swung towards Chen Xiang, the huge palm seemed to be able to slap Chen Xiang into a knead, the power behind it was extremely terrifying, even the ground was trembling slightly.

"The power of ten thousand mountains." Ten thousand tall and majestic ice mountains suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang. This ice mountain diagram only flashed by, but it gave Chen Xiang a huge amount of power.

Chen Xiang used the Ground killing, allowing him to wield the power of the earth.

When Little Ape King's palm pressed towards him, he saw a translucent giant palm charging over, smashing into his Golden Ape giant palm.


A loud sound shook the forest, and Little Ape King's gigantic body was blasted flying. The gigantic palm that was attacking Chen Xiang was filled with cracks and b.l.o.o.d.y scars.

Seeing this scene, the people that the Little Ape King had brought no longer fought with the burly man and rushed towards the Little Ape King. If the Little Ape King died, they would all die.

"Great Void Stellar Seal."

A star map suddenly appeared in the sky and fell down fiercely, like countless powerful meteors landing, smashing onto Little Ape King's body with rumbling sounds, causing Little Ape King to wail in pain as blood and flesh splashed out.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to continue his attack, a roar came from the horizon.


Just as Chen Xiang appeared, a ball of golden light fell from the sky and landed beside Little Ape King.

"Little Brother, this is the Golden Ape King." The big man's face was solemn as he shouted to the Golden Ape King in the distance, "Golden Ape King, how did you teach your son? This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually wants to kill me and take my things!"

"Brother Rhinoceros, I'll apologize to you here. I promise there won't be a next time. If there is a next time, I'll personally punish this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d myself." The Golden Ape King said,

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