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Lv Qinlian said: "We'll first take a look at the profoundbing here and then head to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation. "Haunted jaw */*"

"What you think is good is just judging by the appearance. That's not accurate."

Suddenly, an eye opened up from between Chen Xiang's brows and shot out a beam of golden light, looking at a gigantic white profoundbing that was as tall as two people. The reason why this piece of profoundbing could be placed here, was because there were many natural patterns on the surface of this profoundbing.

Lv Qinlian shook his head: "That's not it, because the outer layers of profoundbing are transparent, and there are even some flowers and herbs sealed in the transparent outer layers. However, those are all low level spirit herbs, and there are a few transparent outer layers of profoundbing, as well as some frozen demon beasts' limbs.

"Then why don't you drive over and take a look?" Chen Xiang was suddenly curious.

I've opened a few, but none of them had any treasures, so I guess the other powers have one too, but up until now, they have yet to show it to us. It should be because they once obtained some treasures from these transparent profoundbing, and after knowing that you have the Chaos Divine Eye, I didn't touch them again, so when you confirm that the profoundbing s don't have any treasures, we can take them out to sell. Saying that, Lv Qinlian revealed a mischievous smile.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Lian, you are so evil."

Lv Qinlian laughed: "I learned all these from you."

Chen Xiang changed to another profoundbing and directly used the third one. When he looked at it, it was much faster, and there were more than ten of them in a row, but he still did not find any treasures.

After working for more than two hours, Chen Xiang had finished looking through all of them. Only one of the profoundbing had anything inside it.

"Not bad, one of the dozens of profoundbing has a treasure." Lv Qinlian said happily.

"Sister Lian, I only said that there is something inside, but not necessarily a treasure." Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said: "Don't blame me for not being able to see the treasure."

Lv Qinlian gently wiped the perspiration off his face and laughed: "Why would I blame you? You must be very tired from using the Chaos Divine Eye, I still need to thank you."

At this moment, Chen Xiang held his breath, and said in his heart: "This demon is so close, is she trying to kill someone?"

Once bitten by a snake, Chen Xiang would be afraid of gra.s.s ropes for ten years. After the previous lesson, Chen Xiang was extremely fearful of this delicate Queen of Banshees, especially when she approached him, he felt like there was someone holding a sharp sword at his throat.

When Lv Qinlian saw that the more she wiped off Chen Xiang's sweat, the more Chen Xiang kept on staying. She quickly understood why, and couldn't help but giggle, then walked over to the profoundbing's side.

Chen Xiang felt a sense of relief and said: "Sister Lian, hurry up and break this profoundbing."

Lv Qinlian extended her jade finger, her finger suddenly flashed with a dazzling light, it was as though a star was shining.

Her jade-like fingers lightly touched the profoundbing and it immediately shattered, turning into a small pile of ice crystals on the ground, shining with a sparkling and translucent light.

This profoundbing was very big, so there were a lot of ice crystals. Lv Qinlian waved his hand to let the ice crystal float in the air, and instantly saw a cyan stone the size of a watermelon.

"What is this?" Lv Qinlian controlled the limestone as he floated over and asked curiously.

"It looks like a demon beast egg, could it be an ancient beast egg?"

Chen Xiang put away the ice crystals. These conditions were treasures to him, and as long as he controlled the method to refine these ice crystals, he would be able to concoct a pill of high quality that could raise the power of ice, or a pill that could explode with a very strong power of ice in an instant.

"I will use the Chaos Divine Eye to look around."

Lv Qinlian nodded and placed the cyan oval rock on the ground.

The Chaos Divine Eye between Chen Xiang's brows opened and shot out a beam of golden light.

"Can you see anything?" Lv Qinlian asked anxiously, she was very curious about the thing inside the stone, because this was the first time she opened up the profoundbing, and gave out such a strange thing.

Hugging the stone far away from Lv Qinlian, he said with lingering fear: "Sister Lian, you have to control your emotions."

Just now, Chen Xiang had smelled that fragrance again.

"I'm sorry, I'll stay away from you. After that fragrance flips away, the poison is gone." Lv Qinlian also felt that this rock was like a beast egg.

Chen Xiang looked at it for a long time, his brows knitted tightly: "Strange, there is something inside, but this thing is very strange, why would there be such a thing inside, could I have seen wrongly?"

"What is it?" Lv Qinlian asked anxiously.

"A person, a very small person, only the size of a palm... Furthermore, it's a woman. From the contours of her body, her figure seems to be protruding from the front and back, and her figure is very good. Is there really such a small person? " Chen Xiang felt that this was unbelievable.

"I don't know. Can you move it away? Will you hurt her?" Lv Qinlian asked.

"Probably not, this stone should be there to protect the little guy. Moreover, there's a Spiritual Array inside the stone, it can absorb the energy from outside, and it can maintain the little guy's life while he's asleep. It might even be able to help her increase her strength."

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, shrunk it to the size of a dagger, and then carefully cut into this rock.

The stone was not very strong. Under the divine knife, it was cut open very quickly. As he cut it open, the green stone flashed with a green light.

Chen Xiang immediately felt the incoming danger and quickly teleported through s.p.a.ce, distancing himself from the rock.

Bang! With a loud m.u.f.fled sound, the stone exploded. A small ball of green light shot towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's Chaos Divine Eye was still watching, and with a glance, he could tell that the ball of azure light was the little person inside the stone. Moreover, this little person even had a pair of translucent wings on his back, just like the pair Lan Lan had used before.

"Little guy, don't be arrogant." Chen Xiang reached out his hand and grabbed the little person.

Chen Xiang grabbed onto the lower half of the little person. Upon closer inspection, it was indeed a little beauty with an extremely good figure. Her body was only wrapped in a simple piece of cloth.

"Yiyayaya …" The little fellow struggled in Chen Xiang's hands as he glared at Chen Xiang and shouted.

This little person was very small, was only the size of a palm, and could be held with one hand. It had an exquisite little face, jade-like skin, soft body, and Chen Xiang felt comfortable holding it in his hand. Furthermore, it was very cool.

"This …" Lv Qinlian's body flashed over as he said anxiously, "Hurry and give her to me. This seems to be a little demon fairy from the Primordial Era."

When the little demon girl saw Lv Qinlian, she immediately quietened down. Chen Xiang placed her in Lv Qinlian's palm and the little demon girl immediately danced on his jade palm, chattering away.

But when she saw Chen Xiang, she immediately stuck out her tongue and grimaced. She still held onto her small fist and waved it at Chen Xiang.

"What exactly is a little demoness?" Chen Xiang asked.

Lv Qinlian was very happy, with a sweet smile on his face, he played with the little demon girl on his palm with his fingers.

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