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Chen Xiang pulled off his bedding and realized that he was completely naked. He anxiously took out his clothes and put them on.

Lv Qinlian walked over and sat on the side of the bed. With a guilty look, he looked at Chen Xiang and said gently, "You should have rested well. I am truly sorry. "I love your mouth."

When he thought about the feeling that he was about to die, Chen Xiang no longer had any vicious thoughts towards Lv Qinlian. After cultivating in the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, neither the Magical corruption gas nor the Drunk G.o.d scent could do anything to him, but he was almost killed by the spirit demon's aroma.

"Sister Lian, you are much stronger than any Drunk G.o.d scent." Chen Xiang laid down. His body was still soft at this moment, and when he thought of the frightening feeling from before, he couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

Although Lv Qinlian had such a powerful Poisonous scent, he also had something like a Holy Lotus Seed, which was difficult for Chen Xiang to understand.

"You're very strong too. I thought I wouldn't be able to save you, but your body is much stronger than I imagined. I really don't know how you managed to refine it … In my opinion, I should reach the realm where my Immortal Devil Body reaches large success. "

After this matter, Lv Qinlian realized even more clearly just how powerful Chen Xiang was.

"Your body is hiding endless fire energy, but I can't see what exactly your Fire Soul is. The fragrance that is being released from my body is able to make the stable fire energy in one's body become many times more violent."

Chen Xiang now understood why he was unable to control his own body previously. Whether it was the Divine Sense Sea or his dantian, the various energies in his body were all berserk, losing control, constantly releasing energy. At that time, he tried his best to control his own body, and it was also like that, which allowed him to regain his life.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't do it on purpose … "When I get excited, I will release that fragrance, but if it's not strong enough, it will have no effect on people, and I was too close to you then …" Lv Qinlian said in a low voice.

"Aren't I fine now? It's all in the past … And it taught me a lesson. " Chen Xiang didn't dare to have any more thoughts about Lv Qinlian in the future.

Seeing Chen Xiang's frightened expression, Lv Qinlian could not help but laugh, "Are you afraid of me now? You don't dare to have any other thoughts."

Chen Xiang nodded honestly: "I won't, it's deadly."

Now, he didn't dare bring up the matter of kissing Lv Qinlian to him. If Lv Qinlian became excited and spat out that kind of Poisonous scent, it would be a kiss of death.

Lv Qinlian let out a faint sigh, "You have the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, yet you're unable to suppress this poison. It seems like no one will want it in my lifetime."

Chen Xiang said anxiously: "Who said I can't control myself right now, but that doesn't mean I can't in the future."

Lv Qinlian chuckled and said, "You're the first one to survive after being infected by this poison. Now that you're fine, I'm relieved."

"Where did you get that Drunk G.o.d flower? Is there more in that place?"

Chen Xiang took out another one, and said: "I've taken out all the Drunk G.o.d flower at that place. I have quite a few here, so I can refine many of them."

As he said that, he took out a Storage bag, and inside was the Drunk G.o.d flower that he had previously installed. In the future, the safety of the Chen Martial Continent would depend on Lv Qinlian's protection, so Chen Xiang spent a lot of effort on it.

Lv Qinlian spat out a lotus seed that was shining with a green light from her mouth. "Now, I can only use this to exchange for it."

It was another Holy Lotus Seed. It had been ten thousand years for Lv Qinlian to be able to bear a single one.

"Sister Lian, you should keep it for yourself. I still have the one you gave me last time." Chen Xiang had the creation divine liquid, he could reproduce a lot of them.

"You are a Alchemist, so you will need it sooner or later. This is the best thing I can take out, I am a lotus flower myself, I do not lack this kind of thing." Lv Qinlian grabbed Chen Xiang's hand and placed the holy lotus seed on his palm. "Although the Poisonous scent that I release is very powerful, I still can't control it;

Lv Qinlian looked at the Storage bag and saw the number of Drunk G.o.d flower inside. He was shocked, there were actually three hundred of them, one or two of them being a rare poisonous flower, it was already considered good.

She kissed Chen Xiang's cheeks and said gently: "Rest well. After you've recovered, go and take a look at those profoundbing."

After Lv Qinlian left, Chen Xiang's back was still feeling cold. Although Lv Qinlian kissed his face, it made him feel like his life was at stake.

"I almost died. This seductress is so powerful. Where did she come from? At the same time, she has such a powerful poison on her, but she also has a Holy Lotus Seed. What a contradictory woman." Chen Xiang muttered.

Little Scoundrel, let's see if you still dare to be so dishonest in the future. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou who were inside the ring had almost appeared before, they were too worried about Chen Xiang, and only after seeing that he was fine did they feel more at ease.

Chen Xiang said: "sister Meiyao, this is none of my business, I just caught it the moment I smell the fragrance, there's one thing that I think is weird, it's Sister Lian. She said that the poison can make the energy in a person's body go berserk, but I think it isn't just that."

"Indeed, it's not only that. At that time, the power in your body was rapidly increasing. Although that power was very violent, you were several times stronger than before." Bai Youyou's ice-cold voice came out.

"That's right, so I feel that Sister Lian's Poisonous scent can either release all the hidden powers in the human body, or increase its power by multiple folds. If I can control her poison, my strength might suddenly increase by several folds."

"No, this is dangerous, don't act recklessly." Bai Youyou said in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang only thought about it, because it was different from the other things. In the past, his cultivation would be more painful, but it would not be fatal, but this almost caused him to die.

Two days had pa.s.sed and the hall where the profoundbing were sold was still sealed. This caused many people who wanted to buy the profoundbing to be very anxious, but they knew that the poison aura of the Black blood magic sunflower had appeared in this hall before.

There were many people outside waiting for the hall to open so that they could buy profoundbing s to break through. This was because Black blood magic sunflower s were the best things that could be obtained from profoundbing s in the Northern Goblin City. Although this was a matter of luck, many people still believed that the Heavenly Demon Pavilion profoundbing s had a higher chance of dropping a treasure.

Chen Xiang had already completely recovered. Right now, he and Lv Qinlian were in the sealed up hall, wanting to see through all of the profoundbing here.

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