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Chen Xiang looked around vigilantly and whispered, "Sister Lian, is it safe to stay here. "I love your mouth."

Seeing Chen Xiang being so cautious, Lv Qinlian must have something important to do, so she anxiously set up a barrier, isolating the hall from the outside.

"I really need this Black blood magic sunflower. Name a price." Lv Qinlian was a little worried that Chen Xiang would not sell it to her, because Chen Xiang also liked using poison.

However, Black blood magic sunflower could be used in public. At the very most, he would just be scolded by others, and wouldn't be hunted like how the Magical corruption gas was used.

"Sister Lian, it's so unpleasant to hear whether or not you're selling it. I'll just give it to you." Chen Xiang laughed and directly handed the Black blood magic sunflower over.

Lv Qinlian anxiously took out a jade box and placed it inside, she was extremely happy, and revealed a sweet smile: How can I take your things for nothing, how do you want me to thank you, as long as I can do it, I will agree to it.

Chen Xiang licked his lips and gathered up his courage to say, "Kiss me …"

"Little Scoundrel, stop messing around." Lv Qinlian spat out lightly.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Sister Lian, how about you give me some of the powerful Poison Flower Poison Gra.s.s that you have mastered and we can exchange it on the same level … Sister Lian's kiss is so precious, how can Black blood magic sunflower be exchanged with it, right? "

Lv Qinlian scoffed, "Little scoundrel … "Take it."

Chen Xiang borrowed a jade box from Lv Qinlian and opened it. Inside the jade box, there was a Plum Blossom that looked like it had been grinded out from a red crystal.

"What is this?" Even though Chen Xiang had the impenetrable, he did not know that these poisonous flowers and poisonous gra.s.ses, if it was anyone else, would have probably been poisoned long ago.

"Raging Flames of the twentieth rank on the Hundred Poison List." Lv Qinlian leisurely said: "This is the best poisonous flower that I have right now. I have a few, but it's very difficult to grow."

Chen Xiang closed the box and asked, "What will happen after I get poisoned?"

Lv Qinlian said: "As long as you touch it, the Fire Poison will enter the body, and through devouring the energy in the body, it will spread throughout the body, and if you do not quickly expel the poison, the poisoned people will feel as though they are in a furnace, their entire body will feel hot pain, and then their body will slowly turn into ashes."

"Of course, they are definitely not as powerful as the Magical corruption gas. As long as the Magical corruption gas enters the human body, it would be very difficult for even the Immortal King to quickly get rid of it. Although it can be controlled immediately, it will be very difficult to expel it from the body and it will take a very long time to force out the poison.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then it's because so many people are afraid of your Demon Charming a.s.sociation's Spirit Demons, so there are actually so many powerful poisonous creatures. Even if they don't die, they will not be able to live a comfortable life for the rest of their lives."

Lv Qinlian smiled sweetly and nodded: "Now we have the Black blood magic sunflower, it is the eighteenth ranked poison on the Hundred Poison List. I didn't expect it to actually be obtained from the profoundbing, I am truly grateful to you."

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose: "So what if you're ranked eighteenth on the Hundred Poison List, and you can't exchange it for Sister Lian's sweet kiss, what's so amazing about that?"

Lv Qinlian rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang: "You little scoundrel, you're getting more and more dishonest, to think that you would keep having these bad thoughts about me, Big Sister. This is not good."

How could a beauty not like him, especially a Spirit Demon Empress like Lv Qinlian. However, Chen Xiang was only joking right now, but Lv Qinlian had taken it seriously, because when she was in the Sacred Dan Realm, she knew that there were many girls who had a good relationship with Chen Xiang. Furthermore, they were all extraordinary, especially girls like Yan Zilan and Long Huishan who could compare to her, who could even maintain a good relationship with her.

Previously, Lv Qinlian had viewed Chen Xiang as his number one enemy, but he never thought that their relationship was so close.

"Sister Lian, how did you get the profoundbing outside?" Chen Xiang wanted to go to the profound Cold Ancient Realm to see where all the profoundbing were.

Lv Qinlian smiled slightly: "In the depths of profound Cold Ancient Realm … To be honest, they were s.n.a.t.c.hed by us Spirit Demons. In profound Cold Ancient Realm, they were surrounded by a group of very strong people, but after those Spirit Demons used poison to counterattack and killed those guys, they casually brought them over. "

Chen Xiang said: "So that's how it is. Sister Lian, what's the rank of the Magical corruption gas on the Hundred Poison List?"

Lv Qinlian said in a low voice: "Rank 7, the top 10 poisons on the Hundred Poison Rankings are all prohibited. Those are all called Super Old poison s."

Chen Xiang took out the snow-white Drunk G.o.d flower and smiled: "This."

When Lv Qinlian saw the Drunk G.o.d flower in Chen Xiang's hands, he was not very sure at the beginning. However, after seeing the smile on Chen Xiang's face, he immediately confirmed it was one of the Super Old poison s, the Drunk G.o.d flower s.

"This is …" Lv Qinlian's face changed, and he immediately shut his mouth, because the Drunk G.o.d flower had another name, the Drunk G.o.d scent s, and it would be extremely toxic just by smelling the fragrance, and even if it was not absorbed into the body, the fragrance would seep into the skin, causing people to be poisoned.

"Sister Lian, don't worry, the Drunk G.o.d flower will only release its power when it is burned. However, the effect will be even better if the Drunk G.o.d flower is refined into powder."

Looking at Lv Qinlian's nervous expression, Chen Xiang knew that Lv Qinlian was inferior to him in terms of poison use.

Lv Qinlian heaved a sigh of relief. At the moment, her face was filled with excitement, although this was a prohibited item, but she was extremely pa.s.sionate about it, she never thought that Chen Xiang could not only get a large number of Magical corruption gas, he actually had a Drunk G.o.d flower too.

One person possessing two kinds of strange poisons, if word of this got out, all the Rankers in all of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth would catch Chen Xiang even if he were to bombard the heavens.

"When did you get it?" After Lv Qinlian confirmed that the Drunk G.o.d flower would not poison, he immediately moved closer to Chen Xiang and carefully looked at the Drunk G.o.d flower in its hands.

Right now, Chen Xiang was greedily sucking on the intoxicating fragrance of Lv Qinlian's body. Just as he was greedily sucking in the fragrance of Lv Qinlian's body, he suddenly felt that he was in a daze, and his body was extremely hot. He felt that there was an extremely violent flame in his body, if he did not release it, he would probably explode.


Lv Qinlian's face changed, he immediately controlled himself, and did not let the rich fragrance escape, following that, he took out a small lotus flower petal and placed it into Chen Xiang's mouth.

At this time, Chen Xiang's body was completely red, his eyes were swollen and bloodshot, and from his pores, blood was seeping out waves after waves of terrifying heat, burning his clothes.

After eating the petals that Lv Qinlian took out, Chen Xiang gradually returned to his original state. He became much more clear-headed, but he was still in a daze.

When he woke up, he found himself lying on a soft bed. He could smell the fragrance that almost killed him.

Only now did he know that the fragrance that was being released by Lv Qinlian's body was definitely capable of being ranked in the top ten of the Hundred Poison List.

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