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Hearing this, Xiao Tian agreed in her heart, but she was worried that this honest looking uncle would be taken revenge by the Little Ape King. Previous Chapter

However, when she saw Chen Xiang straightforwardly giving her sixty billion Spar, she knew that this uncle wasn't easy to deal with. Even someone like Little Ape King wouldn't be so generous.

The Golden Ape Clan was one of the great powers in the Demon Realm. The demons inside were all Golden Apes, and they were not as barbaric as those in the Evil Demon. The Little Ape King was the son of the current Golden Ape King.

The faces of the Little Ape King and the Black Tiger were both ugly. This was because they had never been said in such a way by others, and this caused them to feel stifled anger in their hearts.

"Little girls, can you help me get rid of this profoundbing?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course you can!" Xiao Tian took out a very separated short blade and fiercely stabbed at the square shaped profoundbing.

When the profoundbing was attacked, it would immediately turn into powder, and at the moment, the hall was packed. They stared at the pile of powder, and their faces were filled with shock, because on the pile of powder, there was a black sunflower, although it was only the size of a palm, but it gave off a very dangerous feeling.

"Haha …" Who said just now that the profoundbing did not have anything? This is so funny! " Chen Xiang laughed out loud, while the expressions of the Little Ape King and the Black Tiger were ugly to the extreme.

Just a moment ago, they said that this profoundbing would definitely not have anything, that kind of self-confident look, in front of everyone was just a joke, it was as if they were slapped twice by Chen Xiang!

"What flower is this?" Do you know Miss Xiaoxi? It seems like the poison is very strong! " Chen Xiang held the black Sunflower and looked at it carefully.

Xiao Tian's face suddenly changed, and shouted in shock: "Big brother, quickly let go of this flower, if I'm not wrong, it should be a Black blood magic sunflower, this is a highly toxic poison!"

"Little Ape King, let's go." Black Tiger's face turned pale and he quickly left the hall. The other people inside knew how powerful the Black blood magic sunflower was and ran out in fear.

"I really don't know if this guy's luck is good or bad. He could get something out of the profoundbing, but he just foolishly took the Black blood magic sunflower in his hands. He's dead for sure!" Little Ape King said while gloating outside.

If he were to sell this Black blood magic sunflower to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation, he would definitely be able to make a huge fortune out of it. " The Black Tiger sneered.

Although Xiao Tian was a Demon Charming a.s.sociation Spirit Demon and was good at using poison, she did not dare go close, because the Black blood magic sunflower's poison was very strong!

"Black blood magic sunflower is known as the Hundred Poison Gentleman, and is ranked eighteenth on the Hundred Poison List. Because the top ten were all Super Old poison. Therefore, the poison in the top ten of the Hundred Poison List, is a highly toxic poison that would cause immortals to tremble in fear! " Xiao Tian hurriedly said: "Big brother, quickly put down that Black blood magic sunflower. Who knows, maybe you can still be saved!"

The poison flower that was ranked eighth below the Super Old poison, and it was even one that was not restricted from use. It was indeed incomparably precious, and Chen Xiang knew that the person who used it would definitely like it a lot.

"What are the symptoms of poisoning?" Chen Xiang asked, he gently pinched the Black blood magic sunflower, and saw it actually tremble, and release a burst of black Qi.

Xiao Tian was so scared that her beautiful face paled. She could not care less about her foolish big brother as she quickly ran away.

"The symptoms of poisoning is that your entire body's blood will turn black. After your blood turns black, it will quickly expand, causing your body to explode." The Little Ape King shouted, "Idiot, you're dead for sure!"

Chen Xiang really wanted to throw this Black blood magic sunflower into the Little Ape King's mouth, but he only curled his lips and said: "If I'm not it, how about you kowtow three times to me?"

This was unmistakable for the Black blood magic sunflower. Most of the demons in the Demon Realm knew about this poison, because the Demon Realm was rich in poisonous flowers and poisonous herbs. They often went out to avoid being poisoned, so they had to learn to recognize this poison.

"Everyone, no need to panic." Lv Qinlian's clear voice came out, as everyone opened up a path for her, allowing her to enter the hall.

When Lv Qinlian heard that someone had shown her an order badge, and that they had urgent matters to discuss with her, she knew that Chen Xiang had come. Previously, she had also heard about the affairs of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, so she thought that Chen Xiang should be in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country.

Of course, this was a great thing for Lv Qinlian. First, she had taken out a treasure from the profoundbing, which could make her profoundbing sell quite a lot. Secondly, the treasure she had taken out was actually the Black blood magic sunflower, causing Lv Qinlian to be extremely happy.

Chen Xiang kept the Black blood magic sunflower well, and told Long Xueyi to be more careful and copy one of them using the creation divine liquid. He was definitely going to sell them one by one to Lv Qinlian, and he was going to keep a single one for himself.

Even if he were to openly use this thing against others, he wouldn't be wanted by the nine heavens.

"I imagine that your esteemed self is also a congested person. I wonder if you will be willing to part with me?" Lv Qinlian pretended not to know Chen Xiang and asked.

Chen Xiang packed away those profoundbing and laughed simple-mindedly, "It's really an honour to see the Demon Empress' beautiful face! Can we find a convenient place to talk? "


Lv Qinlian made a gesture, then brought Chen Xiang out of the hall. At the same time, he ordered the hall to be temporarily sealed, seemingly to prevent the Black blood magic sunflower's poison from leaking, but in reality, the Demon Empress wanted Chen Xiang to carefully look through all the profoundbing inside, taking away the profoundbing with the treasures, leaving no treasures to be sold.

Little Ape King and the black tiger gritted their teeth because not only was Chen Xiang still alive, he had even befriended the Demon Empress. One must know that the Ape King of the Golden Ape Clan wanted to curry favor with Lv Qinlian, but in the end, he did not succeed.

Arriving at an elegant small hall, Chen Xiang crossed his legs and drank the fragrant flowery tea as he smiled: "Big Sis Lu, you're becoming more and more black-hearted, your profoundbing probably will make your move even if you double! I'm afraid that in the entire Northern Demon City, only you have produced such a good item. "

Lv Qinlian chuckled: "Your Little Fairy's wife has already been bullied by others, yet you still dare to cause trouble here with me? You're too heartless!"

Chen Xiang took a sip of the scented tea and said: "I just left the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country not long ago, I've been there all this month! Xianxian is also very powerful, there's no need for me to worry, but Sister Lian, those delicate Spirit Demons around here are always showing their faces, it makes one's heart ache. "

Lv Qinlian scoffed, "You playful little scoundrel, don't try to be naughty here, all the demons in my Demon Charming a.s.sociation are very pure."

Chen Xiang took out the Black blood magic sunflower, and laughed: "Sister Lian, I will take out a treasure from the profoundbing, you guys must return the sixty billion Spar."

"Of course. How are you going to sell it to me?" Lv Qinlian looked at the Black blood magic sunflower with a fixed gaze, as if he had seen his lover for a long time. That deep feeling also caused Chen Xiang to be a little dazed.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 1147-, prideful Pill G.o.d."

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