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Chen Xiang had only come to the Devil-subduing College to take a look at Zuo Zhenxuan's current situation. This Devil-subduing College had more and more disciples, and their scale was getting larger and larger.

However, at that time, because of Di Tian, he did not choose to ascend, but chose to stay instead. Now, he continued to be the Princ.i.p.al of the Devil-subduing College, teaching him the Demon Subduing Martial Arts, and at the same time protecting the Devil-subduing College from the attacks of the demons.

"Elder Zuo, are you feeling a lot of pressure now?"

Chen Xiang and Zuo Zhenxuan were on a tree-lined path within the academy. At this moment, the entire Devil-subduing College was extremely tense, because every day, there would be a group of people leaving the place, heading towards the place where the demons had invaded the worst case scenario.

What I am worried about is that a powerful fellow will appear from the Demon and Devil Realms. Right now, the more powerful one might be the Great Clan Elder from the Dragon Subduing School, but everyone can guess that the Great Clan Elder would be very powerful, so he will not stay in Di Tian for too long. Therefore, your Dragon Subduing School will also be in danger.

Everyone knew what kind of strength the White Tiger had, and everyone knew that this kind of ranker would only come out to help the Dragon Subduing School temporarily, but would never be able to hold on for a lifetime, but currently, no one in the Dragon Subduing School dared to move, because no one knew if the Great Clan Elder was still around.

"This group of demons have all lost control, they are savage and savage, many of the big heads in the Demon and Devil Realms can't do anything about them, but the big powers in the Demon and Devil Realms are also very happy to see such a thing, because those big powers can fish in troubled water, and get a lot of benefits out of it!" Zuo Zhenxuan already knew that some of the powers in the Demon and Devil Realms were doing something.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, Devil Race had sent people to attack Divine Weapons Heavenly Country earlier, and wanted to buy more than half of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's profoundgang mines with a low price.

Currently, all of the people who came to cause trouble in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country had been killed by Leng Youlan, and their heads were hung on top of the city gates. Everyone in the south had heard of this matter, and they were extremely concerned about it as they thought that the Devil Race had openly attacked the forces of the Human Realm.

I will arrange for some time to gather some of the big shots of the big powers to discuss about this matter. Right now, the losses of the Human Realm are already very heavy, and although the fierce demons have suffered a lot of casualties, they do not care, as there are many brainless fellows in the Demon and Devil Realms. Zuo Zhenxuan was helpless towards such a thing, even the fierce demons were inciting him.

Chen Xiang said, "I will make a trip to the profound Cold Ancient Realm to find the Demon Empress and ask her about the situation. I will see if she has any way to control the Evil Demon s."

Chen Xiang was teleported from the Devil-subduing College to a large city that was relatively close to the profound Cold Ancient Realm. Although the large city was located in the Human Realm, it was established and managed by the Demon Charming a.s.sociation because it was very close to the Demon Realm.

There were a lot of demons in the Northern Demon City. These demons were different from the Evil Demon, they were all the more kind. As long as they were not provoked, they could live in harmony with humans!

When the Northern Goblin City was attacked by the Evil Demon, the ones who contributed the most to the battle were the powerful Demons inside. When Chen Xiang was in the city, he could smell the strong smell of blood, and outside the city, a big fire was burning down the rotten corpses.

This place was closest to the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and was also rather cold. Many people who wished to enter the profound Cold Ancient Realm would either come here to make preparations, or to search for a group to enter.

And the reason why Chen Xiang came here, was on one hand to greet Lv Qinlian so that she could look favorably upon the Chen Martial Continent, and that Lv Qinlian had also promised Chen Xiang before.

Of course, Chen Xiang also came here to sell his Drunk G.o.d flower, he had condensed creation divine liquid for a month and brought out a lot of them, planning to trade with Lv Qinlian for some good things. Even if Lv Qinlian didn't have anything good, it would be good if he could exchange it with her.

The Demon Charming a.s.sociation was a profound Realm. Although the profound Realm was very big, there were not many female Goblins in there. Chen Xiang had heard from Lv Qinlian that the Demon Charming a.s.sociation would take out a large area of land to cultivate some Poison Flower, Poison Gra.s.s or even some pellets for alchemy. This profound Realm was a little special.

Lv Qinlian was a demon formed from a lotus, so he had a natural advantage over plants and flowers.

In the Northern Demon City, the most common things that came here were the things from the profound Cold Ancient Realm s. profoundbing were the most common, and the majority of the people that came here wanted to try their luck and get something out of the profoundbing s.

Other than that, there were also many other items of the icy attribute sold here, such as ores, exotic flowers, herbs, weapons …

And Demon Charming a.s.sociation's biggest business here was selling strange flowers and herbs. Although the Demon Charming a.s.sociation Fey all used poison, they never sold Poison Flower Poison Gra.s.s, but they did sell antidote ingredients. Many Alchemist s who refined antidotes came to this place to look for some herbs.

At the same time, the Demon Charming a.s.sociation also sold Primordial profoundbing, but the profoundbing they sold were all very expensive, because these profoundbing came from the depths of the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and their shapes were strange as well.

The Sky Demon Pavilion was the Demon Charming a.s.sociation's shop in the Northern Demon City. It was huge, almost like a manor.

After Chen Xiang arrived at the Sky Demon Pavilion, he quickly discovered the reason why business was booming here. It was because there were many bewitching fairies here, and many people came to see these beautiful fairies.

Even though they were watching, no one dared to lay a hand on them, or else they wouldn't even know how they died. It was said that in the past, there were people who took liberties with these imps.

Previously, Lv Qinlian had invited Chen Xiang to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation to take a look at some of the profoundbing, so he gave him an order badge.

Chen Xiang came to the front desk and displayed the order badge to the mature and charming woman, then said: "I have something to find her for, see if it's convenient for her now!"

"Please wait a moment, I'll go inform them right away." The lady anxiously said, she was extremely polite to Chen Xiang.

"I'll take a walk around here first!" Chen Xiang was extremely interested in these profoundbing, he came here to get some profoundbing to study, because these profoundbing contained a very terrifying and mysterious cold energy.

"That Golden Ape came again. This guy spends all his time here looking at profoundbing s, but rarely buys any. Even if he buys anything, he won't be able to get anything out. This guy can't be trying to seduce the spirit demon here, right?"

"Shh, lower your voice. The Golden Ape Clan is very powerful!"

After Chen Xiang heard the discussions of the Golden Ape, he looked towards the hall displayed by the profoundbing. Only the strong people could enter, otherwise they would not be able to resist the intense coldness inside.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 1145-, prideful Pill G.o.d."

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