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Many treasures were sold here and now that Liu Meng'er was no longer here, it was normal for people to set their eyes on him. But to dare provoke the Divine Weapon Sect, one would need to at least have a very strong power behind them, because the Divine Weapon Sect, Icy Wind Valley, Dan Fragrance Pure Land and Divine Weapon Sect were large alliances, even big powers would not dare to provoke them.

"Xianxian, do you need my help?" Chen Xiang was free right now.

"The people of the Ghost Killer and the Golden Sword Sect have come to us today to ask us to sell them the profoundgang's vein at a low price. That profoundgang's vein is the most valuable vein our Divine Weapon Sect controls, how could we give it to them?" Xue Xianxian's brows suddenly revealed a trace of killing intent, it was a rare sight.

"Are they that daring? Who lent them the guts? " Chen Xiang had already decided to help Xue Xianxian, he had long planned to exterminate this small force that was making a ruckus all day.

"Devil Race, those are the fellows from Devil Realm. Right now in that whatever Ancient Spirit Great Land, their strength is not bad, otherwise they wouldn't dare to do this to us. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they would bully our women. Leng Youlan said angrily.

"We have all learned good demonic techniques. If they chose to attack us, then they would be completely wrong." Xue Xianxian said.

Chen Xiang stretched his back and asked: "Are the people from the Ghost Killing School and the Jin Hao Sword Sect still in the city?"

Leng Youlan snorted: "Of course I am, I want to go and take care of this group right now."

Chen Xiang said: "Tomorrow morning, You Lan, bring me to negotiate with them. If they don't get along well, we can make a move, but if the Devil Race is involved, we can just start killing them directly. In any case, those fellows from the Devil Realm s and our own Human Realm s have a hard time getting along.

Leng Youlan was overjoyed. He looked at Xue Xianxian and said: "Senior Sister, what do you think?"

Xue Xianxian laughed: "We'll do as your brother says. If we don't show them some colors, how can we let them see? You think I'm not easy to bully? "

"Alright, I will go rest now and start a ma.s.sacre tomorrow!" Leng Youlan left excitedly.

Before the sky brightened, Leng Youlan had already rushed into Xue Xianxian's room. Just as Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian calmed their hearts, the bedding was pulled away by Leng Youlan.

Leng Youlan looked at the naked pair before him and said calmly, "Get up quickly, I'm worried that those guys will run away. We should go earlier!"

Xue Xianxian's face was flushed red as he scolded with a smile: "You Lan, be more polite next time. At least knock on the door!"

"Senior Sister, what are you shy about? I've touched your entire body and seen it before, what's the big deal? " Leng Youlan felt that this was not a big deal.

Leng Youlan stroke his white hair, looked at Chen Xiang who was huddled up in the corner, and laughed: "Brother, what are you shy about? "Are you worried that I'll steal your eggs?"

"Stupid girl, quickly turn around! Otherwise, today's operation will be cancelled! " Chen Xiang took out his clothes and quickly put them on.

Leng Youlan stared at him and said: "Even if I have to cancel it, I still want to go. What's the big deal? I don't want it even if you give it to me. It was said that when a man hung onto those two items and that item, didn't he feel it was a big hindrance when fighting? Will it hurt to be kicked? "

Chen Xiang said helplessly: "It will definitely hurt, and it will even hurt so much!"

Leng Youlan said naively: "Then it must be very troublesome, so we might as well cut it off! If I cut it off, it should be able to make it a lot easier for you guys.

Chen Xiang was driven mad in his heart, while Xue Xianxian was smiling with his face flushed red.

Youlan, although you're not a man, you'll know sooner or later that a man's treasure is very important to both of you women. After Chen Xiang finished putting on his clothes, he kissed Xue Xianxian on the cheek and left the Imperial Palace with Leng Youlan.

The sun had not risen, the dark city was very quiet. Leng Youlan slashed the gigantic White Jade Dragon Sword on his shoulder while Chen Xiang followed behind disguised as a follower.

"Youlan, do you know where they are?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Leng Youlan.

"Of course I know. Last night, when you were having fun in the room, I sent people from the Dark Hall to determine the location." Leng Youlan said.

"So the secret hall is an a.s.sa.s.sination organization like your Divine Weapon Sect?"

"Yeah, a.s.sa.s.sinations, investigation news and the like." Leng Youlan said, "This was established by Master a long time ago.

Chen Xiang suspected that the people in this secret hall all had things like Death-haunting arrow. Back then, Liu Meng'er said that he would create a batch for them to use.

"The Gold Armored Sword Sect, the Ghost Killer is a small power recruited by the Devil Race, and there are people here from the Devil Race." Leng Youlan brought Chen Xiang to the outside of a large house.

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi to use the Heaven tour method to check on the people inside, and lock on their locations.

Leng Youlan stood in front of the gate of the house and knocked on it very politely.

When the door opened, the old man saw that it was a white-haired beauty. His face was filled with fear, who in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country didn't know of Leng Youlan's name? And this white hair was her specialty.

"I'm here to negotiate with you. They will understand what I mean if you inform them." Leng Youlan said. Surprisingly, she did not barge in.

When Leng Youlan saw Chen Xiang's doubtful expression, he stuck out his tongue. "Senior sister had also said that you have to behave decently in your own territory and not cause any damage, don't underestimate me."

The butler brought Leng Youlan and Chen Xiang to a large hall and welcomed them. He had also instructed the servants to inform the people here.

"There are twenty in the Ghost Killer, thirty in the Gold Armored Sword Sect, and two in the Devil Race. However, the people from the Devil Race are relatively stronger, and the Devil Race should be the one directing them to do things here." Long Xueyi said.

Someone walked into the hall. It was two young men with dense demonic qi, one look was enough to tell that they were from the Devil Race. Behind them were two Golden Face Ghost Killer s and three middle-aged men with golden swords by their waists.

"A fellow like the Ghost Killer can also be washed clean now. He dares to appear in broad daylight, aren't you afraid of being killed? Right now, Ghost Killer is someone who needs to be killed. It's one thing for you to not keep a low profile in my territory, but you guys still want to force us to sell you.

Although Leng Youlan was impulsive, it did not mean that she was stupid. Otherwise, she wouldn't have such strength now.

When the two young Devil Race s saw this mighty white haired beauty in front of them, they revealed looks that seemed to want to take her for themselves.

The number of silver-faced Ghost Killer s were not many, and there were even fewer Golden Face Ghost Killer s. Now that they were all working for Devil Race, it could be seen how strong he was.

"We lack profoundgang. As long as you give us half of the lode, we will pay you the corresponding Spar! And you will even receive the protection of our Devil Race! Honestly speaking, both the Ghost Killer and the Gold Armored Sword Sect are under my Devil Race's control. We sent them here to discuss with you guys, but we did not want you guys to think that your Divine Weapon Sect and the Devil Realm were doing business. After all, Human Realm hates demons. " The man from Devil Race said. On his waist was a black jade pendant, it seemed to hold quite a high position.

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