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Outside the door was a beautiful middle-aged woman. When she saw a man in the courtyard, she couldn't help but be surprised. However, upon closer inspection, she realized that this handsome and charismatic man looked very familiar.

Dragon Subduing School of the Dragon Subduing School, Chen Xiang!

Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang's wife and Leng Youlan was Chen Xiang's recognized sister. Everyone knew that, so it was normal for Chen Xiang to be here.

"You Lan, calm down!" Xue Xianxian pulled Leng Youlan and said to the beautiful middle-aged woman: Sister Ci, send the people from the secret hall to investigate, and at the same time remove the people from there, then send a few experts to pretend to be normal disciples. See if we can lure those people out! If they discover the presence of the Ghost Killer, let the people of the Dark Hall kill them all, and do not leave a single one alive. "

Chen Xiang had also fought with the Ghost Killer before, so he was a group of people who used extremely strong hidden weapons with poison.

"Alright, I got it. I have the latest news. I will report back!" This beautiful woman called Sister Ci looked at Chen Xiang and quickly left.

"I have killed ten silver-masked Ghost Killer s before, do you want me to help? If you go against Divine Weapons Heavenly Country in Chen Martial Continent, it would be equivalent to going against Super Martial School and Dan Fragrance Pure Land. It should be a sect with a bit of power. " Chen Xiang said.

"Bro, bring me along!" Leng Youlan was extremely furious: "You actually dare to make a move on our Divine Weapon Sect members, I'll definitely let this group of fellows die a horrible death."

Xue Xianxian said: "You Lan, investigate who did this first! That place is so big, if you go there, you'll scare them away. Where are you going to find those bad guys? "

Chen Xiang patted her head and said: "That's right, we'll listen to Xianxian. When we can make a move, she'll definitely go with you."

"En!" Leng Youlan nodded, then said: "Big Brother, Senior Sister and I are busy with research on formations, you should go play somewhere else first, and come back tonight."

"Good girl!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Chen Xiang left the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and came to the Super Martial School through the Transmission array. What surprised him was that the Super Martial School's Leader had already changed, and it was no longer Gu Dongchen.

The new Super Martial School was called Chen Jiutian. He looked like a middle-aged man, but he was a warrior who had just undergone the Nirvana tribulation. He recognized Chen Xiang, who had already entered the Super Martial profound Realm when he was still a little kid.

"Elder Chen, I never thought that you would become a Leader, haha!" Chen Xiang patted Chen Jia Tian's shoulder.

Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and the others from the older generation were definitely going to ascend, so when they transferred the position of the Leader, the other sects were also going to ascend.

"Kid, you're Leader's, and you're much more famous than me." Chen Jiantian laughed.

After chatting with Chen Jia Tian for a while, Chen Xiang went into the Super Martial profound Realm.

Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were currently cultivating in a forest. The moment Chen Xiang came in, he could feel their auras and then came over.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, your body smells like a woman. Where did you come from?" Huang Jintian suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang and punched him heavily in the head, causing him to grovel on the ground and howl.

Although Chen Xiang's strength had increased by a lot, he was still struck by Huang Jintian's fist. It could be seen how strong Huang Jintian had always been.

"Master... "You old monster." Chen Xiang scratched his head and cursed. Originally, he thought that he was pretty strong after facing the Nirvana Tribulation. However, Huang Jintian's sneak attack was still unavoidable.

"Humph, without strength, how can I teach a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you a good lesson?" Huang Jintian stared at Chen Xiang and bellowed: "You made such a huge ruckus in the Sacred Dan Realm, you actually stole all seven Chaos Fire Token s."

When Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen heard that Chen Xiang had arrived and came out of the forest, they couldn't help but laugh when they saw that their Junior Master had been taught a lesson by this old lunatic Huang Jintian.

"It's dangerous, you know?" Huang Jintian seemed to know some things about the Chaos Fire Token.

"Of course I know. Isn't it just summoning a Nine Heaven Devil Palace or something?" Chen Xiang stood up and muttered.

"Isn't the Nine Heaven Devil Palace powerful? Even the Immortal King and the Devil King had to die inside, this is a very harmful item, you know it, just don't get it out! " Huang Jintian reprimanded her in a serious tone.

Gu Dongchen laughed. "Junior Master, we will ascend very soon, and at that time, Master Ancestor will come with us as well. It's rare for you to come here, he will definitely seize every moment to teach you a lesson, in case you become too strong in the future, and lose to you."

"I guess so!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we will be leaving soon. Can you hold on here? Is the Grand Elder by your side reliable or not? Did you spend a lot of money to get to the front door? And then he left? A guy with that kind of strength will definitely not stay for long. " Huang Jintian said. He also felt sad to be leaving this land that he had stayed in for many years.

"No problem!" Chen Xiang said confidently. As the leader of the new generation, he wasn't afraid of being threatened at all.

Huang Jintian said, "The Great War between Three Realms will officially start after we leave. The Evil Demon devils can't endure it any longer and they all fought to the end, so it's hard to persuade them to return. All we can do is to eliminate them, our Chen Martial Continent's strength is still very strong, so you don't have to worry about that.

"After we go up, we'll all be a bunch of small fries. It's like starting from the beginning. Fortunately, your eldest senior brother has a pretty good foundation up there, so we'll be able to make a good living, so you don't have to worry about us. As for the matters of the Super Martial School, you don't need to care about it. You should properly stabilize your Dragon Subduing School, since I am very clear on the capabilities of your Dragon Subduing School.

Chen Xiang nodded: "Got it! I'll come and find you soon. "

After chatting with Huang Jintian and the others for a while, Chen Xiang left with a melancholy mood and came to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land. Right now, Wu Qianqian was the Leader, and he should be flying high in the Sacred Dan Realm.

Hua Xiangyue had given her quite a few high grade medicinal herbs, and she was also very rare, hence she did not dare to be careless. Furthermore, previously, even without Hua Xiangyue, Dan Fragrance Pure Land was still able to function normally, and Wu Qianqian did not have to meddle in too many matters either.

After Chen Xiang entered the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, he immediately went into the cave that only the Leader could enter.

Chen Xiang looked at the abandoned medicinal ingredients on the table and asked: "Are you planning to use the abandoned medicinal ingredients to refine your hands?"

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