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At this time, Xue Xianxian was concentrating on looking at the profound Spirit grain on the blueprint, and he was even using his fingertips to release a bit of white cold air, condensing into threads, using them to draw the Spirit grain.

On the other hand, Leng Youlan first used the brush to draw and familiarize himself with the Spirit grain.

Although Xue Xianxian looked like an otherworldly fairy, she was somewhat innocent. After sensing a trace of Qi, she suddenly turned around and pulled out a longsword that was made of white jade dragon bone and pointed it at Chen Xiang.

If not for that familiar handsome face of Chen Xiang, she would have already thrusted her sword over, and Leng Youlan would also anxiously take out that large sword.

"Brother … …" You're sneaking around, you must be looking for a beating! "

When Leng Youlan saw that it was Chen Xiang, he laughed out loud, and the big sword suddenly slashed down, with a bit of dragon qi, although Leng Youlan tried his best to conceal his own Dragon Power, Chen Xiang could feel it.

Chen Xiang knew that Leng Youlan was sparring with him, and immediately slammed his palm towards the great sword, causing the Heaven Blasting Palm to explode and the entire house to shake. A huge explosion resounded, Leng Youlan's arm was also numb from the impact as he retreated a few steps.

"Stop messing around, do you want to destroy this place?" Xue Xianxian looked at Chen Xiang reproachfully. He knew Leng Youlan liked to fight, but he still tried to please her. This would only arouse Leng Youlan's fighting spirit.

Sure enough, with a mighty shout, Leng Youlan pounced over like a fierce leopard. That large sword was not sloppy either, and with a swoosh, it swept up a terrifying gust of cold wind.

The huge and sharp greatsword was accompanied by a biting cold wind as it violently slashed down, causing people's hair to stand on end as it whistled through the air. It was extremely terrifying. Chen Xiang anxiously used the Heaven fire in his body to form a palm, and fiercely struck the sword, causing the large sword to hum, and then quickly struck at Leng Youlan's chest, setting off a red fire wave that engulfed Leng Youlan.

Leng Youlan did not dodge, but roared instead, her body suddenly burst out with white flames, covering her fiery-red clothes, and the jade palm also condensed with white flames, striking straight towards Chen Xiang's palm!

Two palms of fire clashed together, causing the ground to shake, a wave of terrifying fire was just about to burst out, but right at that moment, Xue Xianxian suddenly took action, with a wave of her hand, a white mist, visible to the naked eye, enveloped the two palms of fire!

The arms of Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan were filled with frost. It could be seen that Xue Xianxian's Icewind magic kungfu was extremely powerful, it could actually instantly cool down the scorching energy produced by the collision of the two types of terrifying flames!

"You siblings, fight as soon as you see each other!" Xue Xianxian pouted.

Leng Youlan wanted to see how big of a difference there was between his and Chen Xiang's strength, and Chen Xiang also wanted to see how strong Leng Youlan had become after his White Dragon Vein had awakened.

What surprised Chen Xiang the most was that Leng Youlan could actually use that kind of white flame. He seemed to have heard Long Xueyi say before that it was the fire of a white dragon.

Leng Youlan shook his beautiful white hair, and laughed: "Isn't it just two moves? "Brother, you're not bad at all. No wonder you dare to draw aggro."

"You Lan, you have improved a lot! Seems like you will be able to go to Heaven Realm very soon. " Chen Xiang smiled as he walked over, and gently caressed Leng Youlan's cold and beautiful face.

Xue Xianxian walked over, held Chen Xiang's arm and asked softly, "Husband, are you not busy yet? You came here, is there something you need us for? "

Chen Xiang kissed Xue Xianxian on the forehead and said smilingly: "I have some time now, and I want to see how my Little Fairy and Little Demon Girl manage Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Icy Wind Valley."

"What's the use of management? "Normally, I would leave it to the elders. As long as I can learn array formations and refine weapons, I'll be able to lay down some powerful array formations. Now that Senior-apprentice Sister and I have teamed up, this will not be difficult for us!"

Leng Youlan's face was filled with excitement, it seemed like he really wanted to fight with Chen Xiang.

"You husband and wife haven't been together alone for so long. I should leave now!" Leng Youlan suddenly thought of something, threw those words and ran.

"This girl, if you know about it, don't say it!" Xue Xianxian said with a red face and laughed.

Chen Xiang looked at Xue Xianxian's blushing face, and thoughts of past days surged in his mind. He suddenly hugged Xue Xianxian's waist, and bit her charming lips, his tongue extending into her fragrant sandalwood mouth, and touched her soft and fragrant tongue.

It had been a long time since she had such a intimate relationship with these two people, and they kissed very quickly, while Leng Youlan watched from the side. She remembered that she had kissed Chen Xiang before.

After a while, Xue Xianxian looked at the place Leng Youlan was hiding with a flushed face and muttered in a low voice: "This good little sister of yours, looks at the side for a long time."

Leng Youlan who was hiding in the gra.s.s shouted anxiously: "I didn't see anything."

Xue Xianxian laughed, "It would be weird if I believe you!"

Chen Xiang carried Xue Xianxian and sat on the lawn, allowing Xue Xianxian to lean into his embrace.

Xue Xianxian leaned into Chen Xiang's embrace, and like a little bird tying to a human, she softly said: "It's not hard, You Lan also said just now that many of the things are managed by the elders, we just need to put in some effort in big matters."

Although Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian had not reached the peak of Nirvana Realm, if the two of them were to work together, their powers would still be very strong, especially when they both cultivated the Icewind magic kungfu, which allowed them to have the Divine Veins of ice and fire. Furthermore, they had been together all year round, and with their tacit coordination, their fighting strength was still impressive, especially after Leng Youlan's White Dragon Vein had awakened.

At least, right now, Chen Xiang was unable to see through the true strength of the delicate little fairy in his arms. He kept the feeling that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were hiding very strong powers, it was just that they were extremely low-key and rarely used.

"Master asked me to tell you, that he hoped that you could have some peace and quiet in your cultivation. After going to Heaven Realm early, and to there too, you have to obediently increase your strength. The situation above is very complicated." Xue Xianxian stroke Chen Xiang's handsome face and said faintly.

"It's such a pity that I didn't see her before the Elder Sister Meng'er ascended!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"There will be opportunities in the future, but then again, Master's parents are very powerful. If you knew about the relationship between you and her, you definitely wouldn't be able to take her in so smoothly." Xue Xianxian ridiculed.

"Ah... Did the Elder Sister Meng'er tell you about this? " Chen Xiang also felt that taking in master and disciple was not appropriate, the parents of Elder Sister Meng'er would definitely oppose it.

"I've already talked about it. I didn't expect that when Master talked about it, he would be as shy as a little girl. You little scoundrel, back then you were really bad to Master, bullying him like that. " Xue Xianxian giggled and pinched Chen Xiang's face a little.

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