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Seeing that the Super Old Fire Beast was so angry, Chen Xiang did not plan to tell the story of how the ice dragon had forgotten about him, in case the big Flame Lion went crazy.

"Do you understand?" Seeing Chen Xiang in a daze, the Super Old Fire Beast asked loudly.

"Got it." Chen Xiang came back to reality and replied.

"Don't think that it's too simple. The Core is no longer what it was before. Di Tian's Core temperature is very high. Moreover, after going through a violent collision in the Core, there might be dangerous situations that have never happened before!"

The Super Old Fire Beast said in a serious tone: "Also, after you find the Earth tree, you will need to destroy that array. That array is not easy to destroy, with your current strength, it might take a period of time. It will take a flame to destroy that formation. This is also the reason why I gave you the Tianyang fire soul before. "

Chen Xiang left the cave and walked on the familiar path. He had come to You Ming Deep Abyss a few times already, but there were no changes here. He quickly found the door leading to the core of the earth. When the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword opened it, a scorching wave of air surged out, causing Chen Xiang's skin to burn with a wave of pain.

"This core is indeed getting hotter and hotter!" Chen Xiang was horrified. This door was a long distance away from the Earth Core, but the acc.u.mulated heat was so strong, that the Earth Core could be imagined.

Previously, the reason he was able to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard was through the core of the earth, but at that time, the core of the earth was not as terrifying as it was now, and he didn't know if he could make it through. After all, this was a place that could grow Earth tree, and it was also possible that this was the center of the New Imperial Heaven World.

The temperature of the earth's core would inevitably rise. Chen Xiang was glad that he was able to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard to obtain the dragon vein faster from the earth's core. If he still had a bit more time, perhaps only someone like the ice dragon could resist the terrifying temperature of the earth's core.

Although it was hot when he entered the pa.s.sage to the Core of the Earth, Chen Xiang could still endure it. He had previously trained his body in this pa.s.sage before too, so he wanted to see how strong his own body was.

Just as the Super Old Fire Beast had said, the temperature of the earth's core was getting more and more terrifying. Chen Xiang had only walked half a distance before he could not take it anymore. He felt an excruciating pain all over his body, if he continued like this, he would be severely injured.

"I wonder if we can make it to the Earth tree!"

Only now did Chen Xiang feel the difficulty of the mission. Not only did he have to find the Earth tree, he also had to find a tree hole in it and destroy a powerful formation inside.

"The inside of the Earth tree should not be that hot, right? Otherwise, the fire essence from the earth's core would have burned that formation long ago. I wonder what technique the ice dragon used to set up such a powerful formation in that place!"

Chen Xiang quickened his pace, he could feel that the temperature of the earth's core was increasing every second!

Such a terrifying core was the key to Di Tian's growth. This was also equivalent to Di Tian's source of energy. A large amount of spiritual energy was evaporated from this core.

After going forward with great difficulty, Chen Xiang finally arrived in front of a cave entrance that was flickering with fire. There was an array formation at the cave entrance that could prevent the fire droplets from flowing in, but humans could easily walk out of the cave entrance and enter the core of the earth!

Chen Xiang rested for a while, took a few deep breaths, stepped out of the cave and entered into a sea of fire, the surrounding was filled with a fiery red liquid, the temperature was extremely high, and furthermore, it was difficult for him to advance, even with the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, he was penetrated by the terrifying heat wave, his entire body was scorched.

In this kind of place, it was hard for Chen Xiang to move an inch, and the s.p.a.ce here was also extremely firm. With his current strength, it was difficult for him to move the s.p.a.ce here and travel through it.

If he had no other way, he could only withdraw and enter when he had enough strength. But at that time, the earth's core would become even more terrifying.

Back then, the reason the Super Old Fire Beast was so sure that Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed through the Nirvana Tribulation and entered the earth core to save him was because he had not taken the matter of Di Tian's rebirth into consideration. Therefore, the terror of the core far exceeded the expectations of the Super Old Fire Beast from back then.

"Fire Dragon Sword! Didn't you previously use Ice dragon sword s to resist the cold air or something? Try using the Fire Dragon Sword! " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang anxiously called out the Fire Dragon Sword, and then, something unexpected happened, the Flame Essence that was tightly wrapped around him suddenly retreated, and was originally compressed to the point that it made it hard to breathe, but now, with Fire Dragon Sword as the center, everything around him, there was no Flame Essence, not even a little bit of hot air!

"This Fire Dragon Sword is indeed powerful. Not only does it have the mysterious ability to control flames, it can also restrain ice. No wonder that fellow from the Sacred Dragon Mountain had such confidence in defeating me!" Chen Xiang praised, but Green dragon demon-slain broadsword did not have that ability.

"I heard that the Fire Dragon was bred from the Earth's Core, and the Fire Dragon Sword's forging materials came from the Earth's Core as well!" Long Xueyi said.

"Little Naughty Dragon, what about your White Dragon Sword? Do you know where it is? " Chen Xiang was suddenly very curious, he had seen the might of other Seven Dragons Sword, Ice dragon sword and Fire Dragon Sword, but Holy Dragon Sword was also not bad, it could allow the user to release a very powerful The power of the holy dragon, and could increase it by many times.

"I don't know, but I have some clues. When you go to Heaven Realm in the future and see if you can find it again, I will tell you that our White Dragon Sword is very powerful." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang still didn't know what kind of special power the White Dragon had, but from the looks of Long Xueyi's current situation, he seemed to be slightly stronger than other dragons, because Long Xueyi could also use many types of energy.

With the help of the Fire Dragon Sword, it was very convenient for Chen Xiang to walk around in the heart of the earth. Originally, he wanted to go to the bottom to take a look, but after he had been sinking for a period of time, he felt the Fire Dragon Sword trembling, and did not dare to continue.

The Earth tree was in the direction where the Super Old Fire Beast was trapped. As long as Chen Xiang could confirm the direction, find the Earth tree and then find the tree hole on top of it, he would have completed most of the work.

Relying on the protection of the Fire Dragon Sword, Chen Xiang ran like the wind in the earth's core. Not long after, he found that extremely huge Earth tree.

Chen Xiang was worried that the tree hole was at the root of the tree, and that the root was a very deep place. Even if he had a Fire Dragon Sword, he wouldn't be able to go to that place.

The location of the tree hole was not deep inside. It took Chen Xiang an entire day to find it, and this made him feel a lot more at ease.

After entering the tree hole, it was indeed a very cool place. It was filled with the icy aura unique to Ice Dragons, and there was also a lot of frost. The red light from the hole made the ice even redder.

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