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Leng Youlan nodded and said, "They went. Originally, it was master and Warm Moon Sis who ascended, but for some reason, a very large spatial rift appeared, and then they flew up together."

"Although Jingjing hasn't reached the realm of ascension, she ordered me to follow her aunt, so she went over as well. Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, the mother and daughter pair felt that there was nothing much to miss about Di Tian's Peach Blossom Imperial Land.

"Then what about Yan Zilan and the other four sisters? It's over? " Chen Xiang never thought that these girls would actually go to the Heaven Realm together.

At this time, the White Tiger said, "I was the one who suggested Bai Xing go to the Heaven Realm. For these girls, going to the Heaven Realm together is not a bad thing, as it gives them enough strength to protect themselves."

"Yanyao going to the Heaven Realm is good too, since the Sacred Dan Realm is so dangerous now!" Du Hai sighed.

"Elder Du, are you going to follow us to Di Tian?" Li Baojun invited again.

"No, I still plan to stay in the Sacred Dan Realm. I'm used to staying here, maybe I'll take a look in the future." Du Hai waved his hand.

Chen Xiang's heart was filled with unexplainable worries, but he could not rush too, he had to consolidate Di Tian's foundations!

"Go, let's go to Sacred Sacrificed Alter! The demons from the Saint Devil Realm and the Saint Demon Realm are going to destroy the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. We have to move quickly, and it would be best if we gathered the others as soon as possible. "

When they were coming over, Du Hai had already sent someone to inform Huang Jintian and the others that he believed they would be able to reach Sacred Sacrificed Alter soon.

With the White Tiger here, he should be able to open the Sacred Sacrificed Alter and return to Di Tian.

They all received the notification from Huang Jintian and the others, so they immediately rushed over. In the short period of time they had spent in Sacred Dan Realm, they had also fished out a lot of things, but those demon leaders were not that happy, because they did not receive a large amount of resources.

"We've been tricked by those ancient powers!" The patriarch of the Devil Race scolded.

"Those fellows are all dead. They have occupied the most resources in Di Tian. As long as you guys have the strength to return, you can annihilate their homes. As long as it doesn't harm the commoners, you can take the resources!" The one who spoke was the patriarch of the Lan Clan.

"They should be here soon. Are we the only ones who can open the altar?" An old man asked.

"Leave that to us!" Chen Xiang said.

Who didn't know that the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School was very strong? Furthermore, the White Tiger had also said that he could open the Sacred Sacrificed Alter and return to Di Tian!

There were many people on the way back, but there was less than half of them.

Just when everyone was waiting for the White Tiger to activate the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, a group of demons suddenly appeared in the distance. These demons looked ferocious, and roared as they charged forward, with the leaders of the demons being extremely powerful.

"It was that guy who injured me!" Lv Qinlian pointed to the leading man in white robes.

"It's a Saint Devil! I didn't expect you to survive!" The White Tiger took a deep breath.

Saint Devil!

Previously, the White Tiger had said that Saints were existences between G.o.ds and immortals, and some of the experts here also knew about the Sage Devil's existence. Hearing the White Tiger's words, everyone was astonished.

When the white robed man saw the White Tiger activating the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, a ray of black light shot out from afar. It was extremely terrifying.

The White Tiger let out a loud roar and shot out a black light from its mouth, directly dissolving the white-clothed man's attack.

"Who are you?" The white-robed man was extremely surprised. As a Saint Devil, his attack had been easily neutralized.

At this time, the Sacred Sacrificed Alter was already flashing with multicolored light. The White Tiger did not reply him, and with a m.u.f.fled cry, it completely opened the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, leaving the Sacred Dan Realm!

Everyone let out a long sigh of relief, but they were even more shocked by the White Tiger's strength. It could actually fight with the Holy Demon King, and at this moment, everyone was even more afraid of the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School!

After a white light flashed in front of their eyes, they arrived at the Sacred Sacrificed Alter outside.

However, this Sacred Sacrificed Alter was currently surrounded by a large group of Evil Demon and demons!

We will return to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation first, they won't be able to stop us. Lv Qinlian said to the two mature beautiful women beside him, then leaped into the air.

At this moment, everyone had already returned to their respective forces because the demons had attacked them. They were in a hurry to return and see what was going on!

"Master, you have to help Xianxian and the others more. They just took over Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and the others." Chen Xiang said to Huang Jintian.

"Brother, right now, I'm the Leader of the Icy Wind Valley, you don't have to worry about me." Leng Youlan's face was filled with the light of slaughter.

"Husband, I will look after her. You don't have to worry about us, but you have to take care of yourself. The situation is so complicated. When demons attack Human Realm, they would definitely want to s.n.a.t.c.h your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, in case you cause too much damage to them. " Xue Xianxian said with concern.

"Xianxian, you've grown up a lot." Chen Xiang caressed Xue Xianxian's mature and elegant face, and laughed.

Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan, Wu Qianqian, these three women followed Huang Jintian and left, returning to the Chen Martial Continent.

Now, many demons had rushed up to the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, but Chen Xiang, Li Baojun and the White Tiger were still up there.

"I didn't expect it to change so fast!" Looking at the demons that were charging towards him from all sides, the White Tiger couldn't help but sigh and say, "Evil Demon has the most people, and they are also the easiest to incite. I didn't expect the entire Heaven Thunder City to fall into enemy hands!"

Not only was that group of traitors wiped out the entire Sacred Dan Realm, they even brought all of the powerhouses of Di Tian's forces to the Sacred Dan Realm, causing them to be unable to find any powerful warriors there. That's why the Demon and Devil Realms got the chance. Although Li Baojun's plan in the Sacred Dan Realm was broken, he still reaped a lot of benefits, especially from Du Hai's pointers.

It was the same for Wu Qianqian and her brother. Both of them had received Du Hai's guidance, which helped them avoid taking many detours.

Amongst these Evil Demon, there were quite a few who were holding on to broken limbs and were rushing over.

Chen Xiang shouted angrily: "These people!"

The furious Chen Xiang clenched his fists, suddenly a translucent white light barrier appeared, enveloping the surrounding Spirit Demon beings of Sacred Sacrificed Alter, his body rippling with extremely strong spatial energy!

Li Baojun and White Tiger only knew that Chen Xiang had the ability to travel through s.p.a.ce after fusing with a spatial profound pearl, and didn't know how strong his attack power was. They had thought that the spatial profound pearl didn't have any attack power, but it seemed that his attack power wasn't weak at all!

"s.p.a.ce, separate!" Chen Xiang bellowed, his body erupting with a burst of extremely berserk spatial energy, the sinister bodies of the demons that were enveloped by the light barrier that he had released, suddenly crumbled into multiple pieces.

All the demons and monsters that were rushing over were instantly sliced apart by Chen Xiang's spatial energy.

Li Baojun and the White Tiger were secretly surprised in their hearts. An attack using the power of s.p.a.ce was actually this powerful.

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