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Chen Xiang took out the Ice dragon sword and casually threw it to Long Huishan, saying: "You can relax now!"

He actually did not plan to use the Ice dragon sword! Long Huishan who had just received the Ice dragon sword was also startled. She pulled out the Ice dragon sword and confirmed that it was real, everyone could feel the cold Qi!

Long Yu secretly cursed in his heart. He had spent a lot of effort during this month to practice methods and techniques of restraining the Ice dragon sword, but Chen Xiang suddenly said that he didn't need the Ice dragon sword.

"How arrogant, this is a life-and-death battle, you don't have to use Ice dragon sword, you can die faster!" Long Yu looked at the Ice dragon sword. "Not only do I want to obtain the Ice dragon sword, I also want to chop you into pieces. Of course, if you kneel down and beg for forgiveness, I might spare your life! "

Chen Xiang ignored him and walked into the Contest Ring. Long Huishan had already sent a sound transmission to him earlier, where the head of the Sacred Dragon Mountain was right around the corner.

"Long Yu, you just said that you want to kill me. At that time, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Chen Xiang secretly became ruthless. Even if Long Yu's father was nearby, he would not hold back.

Long Yu also walked into the Contest Ring, after which a few elders laid down a barrier to prevent it from being spread outside during the battle inside.

"You all should know the rules, right? Let's begin now!" Long Huishan said.

Long Yu slowly pulled out the Fire Dragon Sword s, red flames continuously coming out from the sword sheath, and the sword body was covered with dense flames.

When the Fire Dragon Sword was completely unsheathed, it immediately spewed out a wave of heat that spread out in all directions.

Although it was not as powerful as the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, but Chen Xiang was impressed with it in his heart, and that sword could really suppress the Ice dragon sword s, and could even defend against their Icy cold power!

After seeing the true face of the Fire Dragon Sword, the spectators on the plaza all sighed in admiration. This was because it seemed like he was much stronger than the Ice dragon sword, and his aura was stronger than the Ice dragon sword's.

Everyone thought that if the legendary divine weapons did not appear, it would be difficult to find a weapon that could compare to Fire Dragon Sword.

Chen Xiang's cultivation was lower than Long Yu's, and since Long Yu was from the Sacred Dragon Mountain and had the bloodline of the Holy Dragon, it would not be easy for him to win this fight empty-handed.

Chen Xiang didn't plan to fight with Long Yu empty-handed. He had practiced for more than a month with this iron hammer, precisely for today.

Thus, under tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, he took out the black hammer!

Seeing this black hammer, everyone's eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly fell out of their sockets. They thought that they had seen wrongly!

"Hammer... Hammer! Is there something wrong with this brat? Does he want to compete with other people's Fire Dragon Sword with hammers? "

"He can't be serious!"

"It looks like he's really serious!"

Li Baojun and Du Hai were also shocked, the fact that Chen Xiang used a hammer to fight was beyond their expectations!

"Sister Xiangyue, what is Chen Xiang doing?" Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue who had disguised themselves were hidden in the crowd.

"How should I know? This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d never told me that he would use a hammer to fight, but looking at his serious look, he shouldn't be joking! " Hua Xiangyue said.

Long Huishan stomped his feet on the ground anxiously: "d.a.m.n brat, you don't need the Ice dragon sword, yet you use a broken hammer, what are you doing? It will definitely kill you, is the Ice dragon sword not as good as your broken hammer? "

Chen Xiang really wanted to tell her that Ice dragon sword could not compare to this hammer. If he had sufficient strength, he could probably smash the Ice dragon sword with his hammer.

"Elder sister, just watch!" This hammer of mine is a G.o.dly hammer, you should be worried that I might smash that Fire Dragon Sword to pieces. " Chen Xiang replied with sound transmission. He himself was worried about this.

Long Yu thought that Chen Xiang was belittling him after seeing him fight with a broken hammer. Although he was a little angry in his heart, he started laughing loudly, "If you're not courting death, you won't die! Who do you think you are? Would any one of them be able to beat me? Isn't it just luck that allowed you to pull out Ice dragon sword, do you really think you're the Immortal King? "

"Using a Fire Dragon Sword to kill you is truly an insult to this sword!"

As soon as Long Yu finished speaking, his entire person released a golden-red flame, like a burning dragon, he soared and danced towards Chen Xiang, at the same time, he waved his sword fiercely, the moment he pulled out his sword, it was extremely shocking, the dense The power of the holy dragon transformed into a gold flame that erupted from the Fire Dragon Sword, igniting a golden-red flame, instantly enveloping the entire Contest Ring.

This sword was very, very strong, like a golden bolt of lightning, striking towards Chen Xiang's head!

Chen Xiang bellowed, he raised the black divine hammer with all his might, and swung it towards the Fire Dragon Sword. His speed was not slow, it had to be known that he had worked hard to practice wielding the divine hammer, he had cultivated it countless of times, as long as he thought about where the hammer was going to go, the hammer in his hand would instantly follow his will!

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In the instant that the Fire Dragon Sword slashed down, the divine hammer suddenly smashed over, the violent collision actually caused a heaven shaking explosion, the Fire Dragon Sword was struck by the divine hammer and burst out into sparks, it was as brilliant as fireworks!

This was the first time Chen Xiang had used his divine hammer in a battle, and furthermore, he had not imbued it with any power, he had only used his flesh power to wield the hammer.

The Fire Dragon Sword almost flew out of Long Yu's hands due to the burst of power from the hammer strike. Everyone could see that if not for Long Yu suddenly holding onto it with both of his hands, the Fire Dragon Sword would have fallen out of his hands.

"So powerful, I feel like I can smash this Fire Dragon Sword!" Chen Xiang suddenly had this impulse, when he felt the power of the hammer, he wanted to crazily destroy it until it shattered.

The entire plaza became as quiet as a graveyard. That lousy hammer was actually this powerful?

Now, no one mocked Chen Xiang for using this broken hammer to fight anymore. This hammer was hacked ruthlessly by the Fire Dragon Sword, and not a single spark jumped out.

"The Fire Dragon Sword is only so-so!" Chen Xiang's face was full of disdain. This time, it was his turn to attack, as he directly traveled through s.p.a.ce, appearing behind the frightened and furious Long Yu.

Chen Xiang raised the Divine Hammer, and smashed down fiercely towards Long Yu. Long Yu did not expect Chen Xiang to appear behind him in an instant, so he immediately dodged, but Chen Xiang's hammer still smashed onto the arm that was holding the sword heavily.

That strike, would never be forgotten by the spectators for the rest of their lives. After Long Yu's arm was smashed, it was forcibly torn apart by that wild and violent power, turning into mincemeat that splattered out.

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