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"Alright, I'll help you arrange it!" Long Huishan took her hand out. She had been caressed by Chen Xiang, so she pouted playfully: "Little scoundrel, you dare to take advantage of me!"

"Patriarch, someone is looking for you. He's very strong!" The jade talisman that Long Huishan placed on the table suddenly released a sound.

Long Huishan rolled his eyes at the grinning Chen Xiang, and asked: "Who is it?"

"She said that her name is Lv Qinlian and she comes from the Heaven Realm. She wants to discuss some business with you."

The Little Demon Empress Lv Qinlian actually came here, but this was a good thing. With the relationship he had with Lv Qinlian, he could definitely make Lv Qinlian and Long Huishan friends.

"Ask her, is there anyone else?" Chen Xiang whispered to Long Huishan.

"Is there anyone else?" Long Huishan asked as he held the jade talisman.

"Yes, two old men and two beautiful women."

Chen Xiang felt that he should have known those two old men and the two women before: "Get someone to bring them here, I know that Lv Qinlian, she is very strong, and an expert in poison, she is also a Spirit Demon King!"

"Demon King? And it's even poison! " Long Huishan looked at Chen Xiang strangely. The Goblin King who used poison was very strong, even she was wary of him, yet Chen Xiang recognized him.

Long Huishan immediately instructed his men to bring Lv Qinlian and the others over.

They arrived here very quickly, and Chen Xiang also knew who the two old men were. It was Du Hai, the elder of the Dan Immortal and his own Dragon Subduing School, Li Baojun!

And the two women were the charming and beautiful Hua Xiangyue and the elegant and refined Wu Qianqian! Since they were here to forge pills, it wasn't strange for them to be here.

Of course, they didn't recognize Chen Xiang, but Hua Xiangyue was a little suspicious. She was Chen Xiang's female slave, had once had a relationship with him, and had a very intimate contact with him.

Upon entering, Hua Xiangyue looked at Chen Xiang, and this caused Lv Qinlian to gently pull her away, indicating that she should not be so rude, because when they came, they had already investigated the person who was being close to Long Huishan.

Chen Xiang naturally knew that Chen Xiang recognized these people. Chen Xiang's concealing ability was indeed strong, if she wasn't able to recognize Chen Xiang, then this n.o.ble and charming absolute beauty in front of him, who had looked at Chen Xiang the moment he entered the room, had obviously seen through something. From this, Long Huishan was able to conclude that this incomparably charming beauty definitely had a good relationship with Chen Xiang!

After Long Huishan dismissed the servants, Chen Xiang immediately burst out laughing.

"Little Scoundrel, it's really you!" Hua Xiangyue took a step forward, tugged at Chen Xiang's ear, and snorted: "You're so worrisome, hiding here is so dishonest!"

Lv Qinlian, Du Hai, Li Baojun and Wu Qianqian were stunned for a moment, but they quickly realised that the person who helped Long Huishan become the Female Dragon King was actually Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang changed back to his original appearance and shouted, "Little girl, I am your Junior Master Uncle, don't be rude!"

Hua Xiangyue released Chen Xiang and let out a charming snort.

"We're all acquaintances, no need to be so polite. Sit down and talk." Chen Xiang laughed: Elder Li, don't pretend to be an old man. You aren't me, what are you afraid of?

Li Baojun laughed: "I'm used to it, how can I be as good-looking as you? You look like a prost.i.tute everywhere."

After Chen Xiang introduced the person, he asked: "Big Sis Lu, what business do you have with Female Dragon King?"

Lv Qinlian and Du Hai were very strong. One of them used poison, and the other was a Dan Immortal.

After the death of Super Yuan Sect Leader, Du Hai no longer had any enemies left, he had previously promised Chen Xiang that he would help him find his friends, and after he went to Zi Lan Mountain Valley, he saw those girls, but amongst the girls, only Wu Qianqian, Hua Xiangyue and Lv Qinlian came over, as they were looking for a large amount of medicinal ingredients.

"I just feel that we're all women, and that it's easier to get along with them, especially in matters of cooperation!" Lv Qinlian laughed. She was dressed in a light green dress, making her look extremely beautiful.

"Since you are this brat's friends, then you are mine as well!" Long Huishan treated Chen Xiang extremely well, because without Chen Xiang's help, she wouldn't be who she was today.

"We need to find some medicinal herbs..." Lv Qinlian looked at Du Hai and said: "This requires the help of a huge power to make it easier to find."

Long Huishan nodded his head straightforwardly: "No problem, write a list for me. I will have someone to look for it, I will do my best to help you!"

Lv Qinlian and the others admired Chen Xiang at this time. He had actually hooked up with the Female Dragon King, and their relationship was so good.

Long Huishan took the list that Lv Qinlian and the others had given her and went to arrange things for them. Those medicinal ingredients had some poison, and there were also Heaven level medicinal ingredients used in pill refining.

"Is Xianxian and Youlan with you guys? Why didn't you come together! " Chen Xiang was a little disappointed.

"They are busy! Meng Er and Warm Moon are about to become deities, and they probably don't plan to return to Di Tian. That will affect their future growth, so they will be going to Heaven Realm with them. I want to go with them! "

What Hua Xiangyue had said, was also within Chen Xiang's expectations. These were women who were closely related to him, and he was very happy that they could safely pa.s.s through the Nirvana Realm and become deities.

Heaven Realm was a place to become a ranker, and was also a place he would go to in the future!

"Xianxian and You Lan will both become Leader s of Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, but they also seem to be in a hurry to go to Heaven Realm, so it looks like Super Martial School will be handed over to Super Martial School to take care of them!" Hua Xiangyue said again.

Chen Xiang looked at Wu Qianqian. Wu Qianqian's strength was not low either, she had previously had a fortuitous encounter, and obtained a type of flower, which caused her strength to increase very quickly. From the looks of it, she was also someone who was rushing to the Heaven Realm!

"Well, sooner or later I have to go too! "It's just that I won't be able to do well when I get there." Chen Xiang sighed.

"Don't worry, Meng'er's parents are very powerful and their strengths in Heaven Realm are pretty good too. At that time, Xianxian and You Lan will also be very good in Heaven Realm!" Hua Xiangyue laughed. "In short, we will meet again at the Heaven Realm."

Li Baojun said, "Those traitor powers have given up on Di Tian, but in the future, once they ascend to heaven, there will definitely be a b.l.o.o.d.y storm. If we continue to stay in Di Tian, it will be hard for our powers to increase.

Lv Qinlian said as he nodded his head, "What you need to do is to stabilize the foundation of your forces after leaving Di Tian!"

Chen Xiang felt that he could still stay in Di Tian for a while longer. Before he ascended to Heaven Realm, he had to remove all the hidden danger.

When they returned to Di Tian, it would be the era of their new generation!

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