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"Pride Pill G.o.d 1125 _ Pride Pill G.o.d."

"What kind of elder are you?" My Ice Dragon bloodline is not even of the same bloodline as yours, what right do you have to teach me a lesson? With your little strength, you're not even worthy! "

Long Huishan's cold voice was accompanied by waves of waves of cold air that enveloped the entire hall. She grabbed Long De's fist and twisted it fiercely, causing Long De's frozen arm to turn into ice and fall onto the ground.

Long De was shocked, his face changed and quickly kept his distance from Long Huishan.

"Go back and tell your brother that from today onwards, my Long family will no longer sell you our resources at a very low price. Also, if you dare to provoke my Ice Dragon lineage again, I will annihilate your Sacred Dragon Mountain!" Long Huishan pointed to the stairs, and said: "Before I have the intention to kill you, scram!"

Long De was furious in his heart, but he did not dare say anything more. He helped Long Zhi Yong, who was wounded by Ice dragon sword, up and left the Holy Dragon Tower in a hurry.

If it was the Ice Dragon Restaurant, she would completely fall out with the Sacred Dragon Mountain. If not for the events tonight, in order to stabilize the Long family, she would have continued to work with the Sacred Dragon Mountain. But since the Sacred Dragon Mountain was bullying her, she could not tolerate it.

Chen Xiang pulled out the Ice dragon sword, and after letting everyone look at it, Long Huishan announced that the banquet was over, and then returned to the Long family.

After returning back, Long Huishan and Chen Xiang chatted for a while before they went to rest, while Chen Xiang ran into the secret room.

With Long Huishan, the Female Dragon King, and the Sacred Dragon Mountain on top of it, Chen Xiang had to be wary of the Sacred Dragon Mountain secretly doing something, so he put aside other things and first refine a few more Drunk G.o.d powder.

He already had the two high-grade Ground level medicinal ingredients, Five Elements Profound Dan and Profound Spirit Beast, given to him by Long Huishan. He had originally planned to refine more in the next few days to increase his strength as soon as possible, but from the looks of it now, he had to help Long Huishan to take down the Sacred Dragon Mountain.

Amongst the Four Great Clans, although the Long Family had lost a Patriarch a while ago, and if there was an internal conflict, their strength would inevitably be weakened greatly. But after Long Huishan had obtained the inheritance of the Ice Dragon, his strength had explosively increased, and he was already on par with the head of the Sacred Dragon Mountain.

Chen Xiang was certain that the Sacred Dragon Mountain would collude with the other three great families and specifically deal with the Long family.

At noon on the second day, Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room, and Long Huishan coincidentally returned as well. She and Chen Xiang stayed in the same house because she wanted to protect Chen Xiang.

"Any latest news?" "You wrinkled that Long De last night, they wouldn't just let it go like this!" Chen Xiang poured the fragrant tea that Long Xueyi and the others brewed in the Serene Jade Ring for the Female Dragon King.

"The people of Sacred Dragon Mountain are not stupid, they did not make any big movements, and they know that if they were to fight with me now, even if they win, they will greatly damage their vitality!"

Long Huishan savored Chen Xiang's fragrant tea, and her mood immediately became much happier. Today, she had a meeting with the elders, and discussed many things, which made her head hurt.

"There is a small disturbance, they really want to get their hands on the Ice dragon sword, so they sent someone to challenge you, using this method they want to win the Ice dragon sword!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If there are benefits to winning, I will go!"

Long Huishan shook his head: "There are benefits, but it's better if you don't go. The people from the Sacred Dragon Mountain are indeed stronger, if you go, I'm afraid you'll reveal your true ident.i.ty. That Green dragon demon-slain broadsword of yours is much more precious than Ice dragon sword."

"What did they use to bet with me?" Chen Xiang had only wanted to ask casually, he did not plan to compete at all.

"It's a sword, called the Fire Dragon Sword. According to legend, every Dragon Ancestor had a sword back then, but I wonder where they got it from!" Long Huishan said.

Chen Xiang's ring had a Holy Dragon Sword in it, and now, he had a Ice dragon sword. If he defeated the fellow sent by the Sacred Dragon Mountain, he would have three of these swords!

"How many Ancestral Dragons are there in total in the Little Naughty Dragon?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

However, only Fire Dragon, Jade Dragon, White Dragon, Ice Dragon, Holy Dragon, Azure Dragon, Poison Dragon have these swords! Hmm, there are only seven of them called Seven Dragons Sword s. " Long Xueyi said.

"Poison Dragon is also a Ancestral Dragon? Isn't this fellow dead? "

The Poisonous Dragon is very powerful, okay? Furthermore, he is indeed the ancestor of the Poisonous Dragon Clan, and all dragons are bred by the world. Other than the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Five Elements Ancestral Dragons, there are also other dragons of different attributes.

With the Fire Dragon Sword right in front of his eyes, how could Chen Xiang not be moved? It was very likely that he had gathered all the Seven Dragons Sword.

Chen Xiang anxiously grabbed onto Long Huishan's jade hands and said: "I want to go, and help me agree to Sacred Dragon Mountain's request. Of course, my cultivation cannot exceed mine by much, and it is set to be in a month's time!"

"Aren't you afraid of exposing your ident.i.ty? My guess is that the people of Sacred Dragon Mountain will use the Fire Dragon Sword to fight with you, and they will be able to restrain the cold energy of the Ice dragon sword.

Long Huishan was very clear about Chen Xiang's strength, if she did not use other methods, Chen Xiang would not be able to win.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Big sister Long, you have underestimated my strength, right?"

Long Huishan said in a tender voice, "This is an honorable compet.i.tion. I know that on other occasions, Immortal Monarch would probably be killed by you, but this is different! Don't go, it's fine if the Ice dragon sword is won, but what if something happens to you? "

Chen Xiang suddenly spoke in a deep voice: "Sister Long, do you know why Dragon Emperor came today?"

"Because Prince Imperial Dragon was killed!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, Prince Imperial Dragon was indeed killed, but do you know where? To tell you the truth, I have a Holy Dragon Sword in my hand! You received the Ice Dragon's inheritance of memories, you should know about the Seven Dragons Sword s, right? "

Long Huishan instantly opened her beautiful little mouth wide, the Holy Dragon Sword was actually in Chen Xiang's hands!

"Prince Imperial Dragon was done by you?" Long Huishan sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, but then shook his head, the Prince Imperial Dragon must have been killed by Super Yuan Sect Leader, because the Dragon Emperor suspected Chen Xiang, but in the end someone pointed the finger at him. She believed that no one could deceive the Dragon Emperor.

The inheritance of the Holy Dragon was extremely difficult, especially for the Holy Dragon whose bloodline was extremely rare, so the Prince Imperial Dragon was extremely precious and he even obtained the Holy Dragon Sword.

Not only was the Prince Imperial Dragon eaten by Chen Xiang, it was also eaten by him. Although the taste was not good, it was able to increase his strength by a lot.

"I am a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School. I don't have the slightest ability. To be honest, that Drunk G.o.d scent was something I got from the Chaotic Mountain. "

Chen Xiang did not immediately tell Long Huishan that he was the one who killed the Prince Imperial Dragon.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 1125 _ Pride Pill G.o.d."

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