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"Pride of the World Pill G.o.d 1124 _ Pride of the World Pill G.o.d."

Chen Xiang was a little worried about the Ice dragon sword, because he had just used it to open the Treasure Chest, the energy inside was completely gone. As he was washing his body, he held it in his hands and channeled energy into the Ice dragon sword.

It did not take long for the Ice dragon sword to have some cold Qi, at least it did not look as bad as before. If it wanted to recover to its previous state, it would need a long time to channel energy.

Chen Xiang followed Long Huishan to the Holy Dragon Restaurant. On the way, Chen Xiang found out that when the Holy Dragon Pavilion was first named, it was because the people from the Sacred Dragon Mountain had requested for it to be named as such.

Right now, Long Huishan was a girl that could control such a huge Long family, it was normal for the people of Sacred Dragon Mountain to become jealous. In the future, there might be even more troubles.

On the third floor of the hotel sat a group of richly dressed people, both male and female, young and old. When they saw Long Huishan bringing Chen Xiang over, they knew that they would be able to see the unsheathed Ice dragon sword tonight.

"Is the Ice dragon sword given to this person?" A middle aged man dressed in gold robes swept a cold glance at Chen Xiang, his face was filled with annoyance, a Ice dragon sword was something that he had been staring at for a long time.

"It's not for you! It's for you!" This Ice dragon sword is not something that anyone can pull out, only people who have fate with it can do it. Young Master Yun is destined to be able to pull out Ice dragon sword, that's why I gave it to him. This way, I can rely on Young Master Yun to enter the depths of the Dragon Cave and receive the inheritance of the Ice Dragon Ancestor! "

Even though Long Huishan's voice was very gentle, everyone could hear the extreme dissatisfaction in her voice, as if it was a warning!

The middle-aged man who spoke earlier was the second strongest warrior in Sacred Dragon Mountain, and now that Long Huishan dared to treat him like that, it made him extremely unhappy. In his eyes, Long Huishan was just a little girl!

This guy is called Long De, the second strongest warrior in Sacred Dragon Mountain. You have to be careful of him. Long Huishan whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out the Ice dragon sword. The reason he was called over was to show the Ice dragon sword, he did not want to stay for too long, in order to not reveal his ident.i.ty.

Long De walked in front of Chen Xiang and stared at the Ice dragon sword and said: "So it's fated if you pull it out? "What if I pull it out?"

Chen Xiang said: "You're so strong, of course you can pull it out!"

Long De turned around and waved at a golden-robed youth. "This is my nephew, Long Zhiyong. He is also the son of my brother. He has just crossed the nine Nirvana Tribulations and has just become an immortal. He should be able to try, right?"

The son of the strongest warrior in Sacred Dragon Mountain! Although he had just become a Worldly Immortal, he was definitely not weak. Looking at Sacred Dragon Mountain's att.i.tude, he wanted to walk the Ice dragon sword.

"Give it to him. You've talked to the ice dragon before, and the body of the ice dragon only recognizes you and Long Huishan. Just you wait and see him make a fool of himself!" Long Xueyi said.

Although Long Zhiyong was the son of Sacred Dragon Mountain's master, he did not have that kind of arrogant aura. His handsome face had a faint smile and his deep eyes were filled with wisdom.

"This person is good at hiding his true self. He is a shrewd individual who will definitely become a big shot in the future!" This was Chen Xiang's evaluation of Long Zhiyong.

"Let me explain this in advance. Don't blame me if there are any problems. Quite a few people died from drawing their swords." Long Huishan said solemnly.

"Then if Zhi Yong is able to pull it out, should we give the Ice dragon sword to him?" Long De seemed very confident.

"Of course I will give it to him! "Catch!" Chen Xiang very casually threw the Ice dragon sword over.

Long Zhi Yong immediately became excited, because he had hidden a lot of power, causing others to think that he was just a Worldly Immortal that had just stepped into the Immortal Realm, but he was already a Immortal Monarch! He believed that he definitely had the strength to pull out the Ice dragon sword, and his Sacred Dragon bloodline had a secret technique to restrain the ice dragons.

However, what they did not know was that this Ice dragon sword had already changed greatly. The ice dragon's external body that was hidden inside had already been activated by the ice dragon!

At the moment, Long Zhi Yong held onto the sword sheath, feeling the Icy cold power surging out, making him immediately use the The power of the holy dragon to resist, he held onto the sword hilt, slowly pulling it out, but just as he revealed a bit of the sword body, a burst of powerful Icy cold power burst out, and fiercely drilled into his body!

"Ahh …" Long Zhi Yong shouted in shock. He had to use his true strength to resist the cold, otherwise his arms would be frozen!

Long De was also surprised, he anxiously took a step forward and slapped away the Ice dragon sword, then pressed his palm on Long Zhiyong's arm, transferring his The power of the holy dragon to help Long Zhiyong drive out the cold air.

Chen Xiang picked up the Ice dragon sword and said with curled lips: "I'm not ashamed. Just now, I even said that I was a Worldly Immortal, but this aura is at the level of a Immortal Monarch. I never thought that a dignified Sacred Dragon Mountain like you would be so shameless."

When Long Zhiyong used the strongest The power of the holy dragon, all the experts present could see that. They were secretly looking down on the people of Sacred Dragon Mountain, but they didn't dare to say anything.

But, Long Huishan was very angry!

Her beautiful face was currently covered in frost, and her eyes shot out a true cold aura, causing Long Zhiyong's entire body to involuntarily tremble.

"How dare you lie to me!" Long Huishan clenched his fist and shouted: "Get lost!"

Being yelled at like that by a little girl to scram, Long De immediately angered him, "Long Huishan, don't think that just because you're an Immortal King you can be so arrogant. No matter what, I'm still your elder!"

Long Huishan said coldly: "Long Song is also my elder, but his head has also been cut off by me? Do you believe that I can cut yours off as well? "

Seeing Long Huishan this kind of Qi Shi, the surrounding experts were all startled. This little girl actually had such power, to actually dare say such words to the Sacred Dragon Mountain's second strongest warrior, caused them to be shocked in their hearts.

Long Huishan had always hated the people of the Sacred Dragon Mountain. The people of the Sacred Dragon Mountain had always wanted to annex the Long family, she suspected that the reason Long Song could successfully kill her father was because of this Sacred Dragon Mountain.

Chen Xiang had just heard Long Huishan mention that the Long family was able to sell some things to the Sacred Dragon Mountain at a very low price every year.

"To be disrespectful to one's elders, I will teach you a lesson today!" Long De became angry and punched towards Long Huishan. He actually planned to form enmity with the new Long Family Patriarch!

Today was a celebration of the new Clan Master of the Long family, it was within Long Huishan's expectations that someone would provoke her, she felt that this would help her establish her might!

's hand was like lightning, grabbing Long De's fist in a split-second. A thick layer of ice immediately sealed Long De's hand, and that thick layer of ice even quickly spread towards Long De's arm!

"Pride of the World Pill G.o.d 1124 _ Pride of the World Pill G.o.d."

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