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Chen Xiang's power was rapidly depleting. When he heard the sound of a "crack", both his and Long Xueyi's power had been completely depleted, and the Ice dragon sword's scabbard immediately became dimmer. He collapsed on the ground, and bit the Qi Shen Dan that was in his mouth.

"It's finally opened!" After Chen Xiang ate the Qi Shen Dan, after he recovered some of his energy and pulled out the Ice dragon sword, he saw that the Ice dragon sword's cold Qi had disappeared. It looked like a normal steel sword, and as expected, it had lost a lot of energy.

The next moment, they would be able to open one of the treasure chests. Chen Xiang, Long Xueyi, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were extremely excited.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths and then slowly opened the Treasure Chest. Inside the chest was a greyish iron hammer!

Chen Xiang was stunned!

He had ventured into the Chaotic Mountain, almost killed the Prince Imperial Dragon, played dirty with the Super Yuan Sect Leader, and was almost killed by the Dragon Emperor. After going through so many dangerous situations, he finally managed to get this treasure chest. Your sister!

This hammer was not the kind of mighty and domineering big hammer, which could be found in any blacksmith shop. However, when Chen Xiang picked up this hammer, he was stunned once again.

This hammer was very heavy, much heavier than Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, which made him very excited. Although he did not know what this hammer was, from this point of view, it was definitely not an ordinary item, at least it was not a cheat!

"This is not an ordinary hammer. If I fully recover, maybe I can pick it up!"

Chen Xiang's entire body was in pain, this was because he had borrowed Long Xueyi's power, just now, in order to open the treasure chest, he had exhausted all of his energy, but he still had a bit of energy, but he could not lift the hammer.

This treasure chest was also very surprising because it was very easy for him to pick up this chest. However, when he went to grab the iron hammer inside the chest, he couldn't lift it at all.

"It's not something to cheat others. It's something good. I just wonder what kind of hammer it is?" "In short, he's very powerful!" Long Xueyi carefully investigated it for a bit, and then he was not that disappointed.

Chen Xiang cut his finger and dripped blood on the black iron hammer, but it did not have any effect. It was obvious that this was not some treasure, but a hammer.

After two hours, Chen Xiang had recovered a lot. At this time, he could barely lift the hammer, but if he wanted to wield it, he needed to use the Dragon Power!

"This hammer is too powerful!" Chen Xiang's face changed slightly: There is a very terrifying fire attributed energy inside, it is suddenly very hot!

He had no choice but to put it back into the treasure chest.

"Could it be that I have to use the Innate Qi of the fire attribute to make it easier?"

Chen Xiang tried again. This time, he only used the fire attribute Suzaku genuine qi, but it was not easy at all. It was just that he could not feel the heat from the hammer.

"I think it might be that thing!" Su Meiyao said with a tone of disbelief.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi anxiously asked.

"Hammer of G.o.d! It was previously forged by the Four Symbols Divine Weapons! " Bai Youyou said: "Our master once told us a secret about this hammer!"

Su Meiyao continued: "I don't know what material this Hammer of G.o.d is made of to make it, but it is extremely heavy. Furthermore, it is fire attributed, and extremely st.u.r.dy.

Chen Xiang gulped his saliva. The G.o.dly blacksmith's hammer was actually in his hands, and it was something unremarkable!

The Four Symbols Divine Weapons was made out of this hammer, Chen Xiang found it hard to believe!

"You have the Suzaku bow's blueprint and now you have this hammer. In the future, you will have the chance to create the Suzaku bow and gather all the Four Symbols Divine Weapons!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang used his strength again to pick up the hammer. He suddenly had the urge to smash someone's head with the hammer, he wanted to know how powerful this hammer would be.

Although Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s were powerful, and could change into all kinds of appearances, but no matter what, they were all high-profile. However, this hammer was different, it was definitely the best weapon for family travel, murder and arson, to play the role of a pig and eat a tiger!

"If I use the Dragon Power, I should be able to move it, but it will be much slower!"

Chen Xiang started to lift and lift the hammer to train his arms. He needed to get used to the powerful hammer in a short amount of time, it would be a sharp weapon for him in the future.

Chen Xiang stayed in the secret room for an entire day, and he had even consumed all sorts of body strengthening pellets. In a short span of one day, he was already able to barely wield the hammer without using the Dragon Power.

"Kid, if it's convenient, then come out. Big sister has something to talk to you about!" Long Huishan knocked on the door. Chen Xiang remembered that the other three great clans had already sent people to congratulate him.

Chen Xiang then remembered that he had forgotten to bring the herbs. He quickly left the secret room.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked. When Long Huishan saw that he was covered in sweat, he knew that he was cultivating.

"There are some fellows who want to meet the Ice dragon sword, especially that fellow from Sacred Dragon Mountain, who seems to be blaming me for handing the Ice dragon sword over to outsiders." Long Huishan's face carried a trace of anger: "That Sacred Dragon Mountain guy is really annoying. When my father and the others were killed earlier, these guys didn't pay any attention to anything, and just watched from the side. But after I killed Long Song and the others, they scolded me for being ruthless, internecine, or whatever."

Long Huishan had clearly come to explain her grievances to Chen Xiang, because she only had that kind of tender feelings of a woman before when she was in front of Chen Xiang.

"What is the Sacred Dragon Mountain?" When Chen Xiang heard the two words "Holy Dragon", he had a kind of inexplicable hatred. Long Xueyi was also the same as him.

"It's the Long family of the Sacred Dragon bloodline, they are just like us, human beings, but they have the blood of the Holy Dragon, they think that they are of a higher rank than us, and their strength is also very strong, but they are not like us, just that they are not from the Ice Dragon bloodline, otherwise they would have built a great power, but now it seems like they want to annex us!" Long Huishan was a little angry as he said: "If you anger me, we will start a ma.s.sacre tonight!"

In the past, the Chaotic Mountain had hidden a treasure, and the Sacred Dragon Bloodline definitely had a part in it, which was why they kept their bloodline here!

"Isn't it just looking at the Ice dragon sword? "Let them see then. If they dare to s.n.a.t.c.h it, I will chop off their hands." Chen Xiang said: "Wait for me for a moment, I'll go wash myself."

"Do you want me to help you wash it?" Long Huishan smiled coquettishly.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang shamelessly nodded.

"Hurry up and wash, those guys are waiting to see the Ice dragon sword! I'll help you wash it when I have time again. Looking at your appearance, you really are a little scoundrel! " Long Huishan said with a red face.

"If it's the next time, sister, you will bathe with me!" Chen Xiang said very seriously.

"Don't be so talkative, go quickly!" Long Huishan turned and left.

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