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When Chen Xiang saw this group of people work together and immediately ran away using the Shrinking step, there were quite a few Immortal-ranked beings amongst them, and he immediately ran out of Ice dragon sword s. If he used Magical corruption gas s, it would be very easy to find them, even if these people were to be poisoned, they would not immediately die, but instead run away using the Shrinking step, and at that time, they would harm Long Huishan.

The people behind chased after him while attacking, causing waves of true power. Chen Xiang dodged left and right, almost getting hit every time.

"These guys..." Chen Xiang was very angry, he immediately released a few illusions, they looked exactly the same as his real body, allowing the illusions to run separately at a very fast speed.

The people who were chasing after Chen Xiang were stunned, Chen Xiang actually ran while becoming six, they did not know which one to chase after!

"Split up!"

There were not many people here in the first place, only around ten people. Now that they were separated, there were only two or three people in a group. Chen Xiang looked at the group that did not have any Immortal powers, and immediately went to the back of the group to take out Ice dragon sword s to stab them.

With a swoosh, he thrusted a dozen times. This sudden attack was something the three of them did not expect. Their bodies were pierced into a hornet's nest!

Then, Chen Xiang followed suit, specially looking for the people who were separated to attack, in a few short moments, when those people had just reacted, he had killed the target!

Right now, there were only three immortals left with power. After they realised that Chen Xiang had tricked them with his Phantom Shadow, they were enraged, and ran over to the real Chen Xiang!

However, Chen Xiang released another ten illusions, the three immortals could not feel the Qi, nor did they know which one was real. They did not know which one they should chase, and all of them looked to be real.

While the three of them were stunned, the illusions were already far away, but Chen Xiang was still near them, turning into a rock.

"Don't split up, this guy is too weird!" His strength is definitely inferior to ours, otherwise he would have attacked me long ago! " Long Song's son said. The weak ones were killed by Chen Xiang just now, and Chen Xiang took so long to make a move on them, clearly considering their strength.

Chen Xiang really wanted to kill the three of them, but he was not strong enough, if he were to attack, he would definitely not be able to kill them in one strike, and he might even be counterattacked by the three of them, unless he used a Chaos Fire Token, but wasting a Chaos Fire Token on them was not worth it.

"I have an idea!" Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"This won't do. I don't want to borrow your strength. Every time I finish borrowing your strength, I feel uncomfortable!" Chen Xiang said.

"It's not that I'm borrowing my strength, it's that I have to personally take action. As long as I can stop them and give you some time, you can kill them all!" Long Xueyi said.

"Is that okay?" Chen Xiang was a precious white dragon after all. She had been hiding and not daring to come out because she was worried that she would be discovered.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine soon!" Long Xueyi said: "Even though I am not very strong right now, if I were to run, you would still not be able to compare to me."

"Alright, be careful!" Chen Xiang was already prepared.

After Long Xueyi replied, he immediately turned into a streak of white light and shot out from the invisible Dark Jade Ring on his finger. He turned into a thick white rope, and wrapped himself around the three people! Her strength was strong to begin with, so using all her strength to bind the three immortals was no problem for her. It could help Chen Xiang buy time!

The three immortals suddenly felt a strong force locking them in place. When they realized that he couldn't take their place, their faces suddenly changed!

When Chen Xiang saw that Long Xueyi had succeeded, he immediately teleported to the side of the three men, summoning his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, he slashed horizontally at the three men, although the armor on their bodies released an invisible force, when the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword slashed towards them, it was as though he was cutting through tofu, and the three men's heads were instantly chopped off!

"Phew …" I'm so tired! "

Long Xueyi anxiously ran back into the ring, while Chen Xiang was covered in sweat. Just now, he could clearly feel the three terrifying powers condensed within the bodies of the three immortals, if Long Xueyi could not hold on, he would have been blasted flying.

Chen Xiang's side was already done, but Long Huishan's side did not. The battle was extremely intense, and the entire ice plains were destroyed. Chen Xiang did not dare to approach, afraid that he would be implicated, lest he dragged Long Huishan down!

He was extremely confident in Long Huishan, and from the Qi he could feel that Long Huishan's aura was stronger than Long Song's group. Furthermore, Long Song's group was two less people!

Chen Xiang patiently waited for six hours, only to see Long Huishan gently flying over from afar. The ice armor on her body had more cracks on it, and a lot of fresh blood was splattered on it, although her face was haggard, it was filled with excitement. In her hand was a human head, it was Long Song's!

"Are you okay?" Chen Xiang and Long Huishan asked at the same time.

After asking, the two of them laughed, it was just that Long Huishan's laugh was a little sad. Although she could kill Long Song, although she was a Immortal King and had powerful strength, she could not let her family live again!

Long Huishan put away the b.l.o.o.d.y head and said: "After I recover from my rest, we will return to the Sacred City!"


Long Huishan and Chen Xiang arrived at a secluded little valley. Long Huishan had already put away that ice armor.

Ever since he had obtained the Ice Dragon's inheritance, Long Huishan's entire being became very big, and was no longer as gentle and kind as before. Now, she had become even more mature, and her entire body became much more stable.

However, she still treated Chen Xiang the same, talking and laughing, extremely gentle, just like how she treated her own little brother.

"When we return to the Long family, there will definitely be people who won't accept it. There will also be people who will have to be wiped out." Long Huishan's eyes became extremely cold. Back then, when her family members were killed, there were still a lot of people involved.

Chen Xiang was no longer surprised by this, in order to fight for the highest authority, it was normal for brothers to become enemies with each other. Although he was an Immortal King, if he could become the Patriarch of the Long family and control a huge family, he could obtain a large amount of cultivation resources and it would be the best way for the strong warriors to quickly raise their strength.

In the Sacred City, the security inside was still very tight, because the person who killed the Sacred Dan Realm's invigilator had not been found. It was Chen Xiang who had done the deed, and now that he had Long Huishan's backing, he felt that if he were to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment, there definitely would not be anyone who would interfere.

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