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Seeing Chen Xiang slip away now, the people who had followed Long Song all thought that his strength was not that great. He was just a lucky guy who managed to pull out the Ice dragon sword and shamelessly followed Long Huishan into the Dragon Cave. It must have been Long Huishan's protection that kept him alive until now. Baidu Search

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But when they saw that Long Huishan did not use the Ice dragon sword, they knew that the Ice dragon sword was still in Chen Xiang's hands. They thought that Long Huishan would not be able to pull it out, so they immediately chased after Chen Xiang.

"These idiots are really catching up! If this daddy wants to run away, even if you have eight more legs, you won't be able to catch up to me! " Chen Xiang snickered in his heart.

Long Huishan had already started fighting with Long Song and the others, Long Song was a Immortal King, and the elders were all close to an Immortal King, but even so, Long Huishan still had the upper hand.

They were all experts of the Long family and used Icy cold power. Now that the battle had started, waves of terrifying cold wind swept through the entire Dragon Cave like ice blades.

"Among them, two of them are Long Song's sons. Be careful, although they don't have Long An's strength, they're still very difficult to deal with." Long Huishan had no choice but to worry about Chen Xiang. Although she knew that Chen Xiang had a lot of methods, but Chen Xiang was surrounded by more than ten people, all of them were the experts of the Long family's younger generation.

"You can deal with those guys with ease. Don't worry about me!"

Chen Xiang could already see that among the people surrounding him, a few were Immortal Cultivators, while the rest had just crossed eight Nirvana Tribulations.

After Chen Xiang took out the Ice dragon sword, the howling, violent, cold wind actually avoided him. He never thought that the Ice dragon sword would actually have this kind of power.

"Do you want to attack together?" Chen Xiang shouted, "Come if you have the guts, but if it's like this, there's no use in s.n.a.t.c.hing my Ice dragon sword!"

"Wait!" A black-clothed man shouted at those who wanted to make a move. One could tell that he had a lot of power, and was able to intimidate these people.

"The Ice dragon sword is a Holy level Dragon Tool. If you can defeat me fair and square, the Ice dragon sword will naturally submit to you, but if you bully the less with numbers, if I die, the Ice dragon sword will also follow me! " Chen Xiang sneered: "Aren't you chasing this n.o.body just for the Ice dragon sword? I'm not afraid to tell you, the reason why Miss Long was able to enter the Dragon Cave was all because of this Ice dragon sword, and the fact that there are many treasures in the Dragon Cave! "

"As long as you can obtain the Ice dragon sword, you can freely enter and leave the Dragon Cave!"

If it was before, no one would believe Chen Xiang's bulls.h.i.t, but now, Long Huishan had obtained the inheritance of the Ice Dragon Ancestral Founder in the Dragon Cave, and was suppressing Long Song and a few elders, which made people unable to not believe him, because they previously thought that with Long Huishan's strength, it would be difficult to enter the depths of the Dragon Cave, because none of them could!

Long Huishan had succeeded after he brought in a nameless person who could pull out Ice dragon sword!

Now, Chen Xiang had said that the Dragon Cave still had some treasures, and that these were the most tempting things. The treasures left behind by the Ice Dragon's Ancestral Founder were priceless!

"The Ice dragon sword was something left behind by the Ice Dragon's Ancestral Founder. I will use my strength to prove that only I am worthy to have it!" The black clad man spoke in a very relaxed manner, as if he could destroy Chen Xiang with a single slap.

The cold wind blew much weaker than usual. As Long Huishan and Long Song fought, they went far away, and the people who surrounded Chen Xiang spread out, allowing the man to fight with Chen Xiang impartially.

"Long Yi, finish him quickly. Then we'll enter the Dragon Cave so we don't have to split the spoils with those old fellows." a man beside him urged.

Long Yi rubbed his fists together as he looked at Chen Xiang in disdain, "Even if he has Ice dragon sword s, I can defeat him easily. Just look at his aura.

This Long Yi was also very sinister. At first he looked very casual, but the next moment, he was as ferocious as a tiger, holding onto a large sword as he charged forward.

This was an immortal. No matter how powerful Chen Xiang was, there was still a huge gap in strength. It was difficult to make up for the disparity, but he still pulled out his Ice dragon sword and went forward to fight.

Dang, dang, dang!

After Chen Xiang clashed with Long Yi's broadsword a few times, both of his arms were numbed by the enemy's strong power, making him feel as if the bones in his arms were about to split open. However, Long Yi was extremely relaxed, the broadsword was only covered with a little bit of ice.

It's a pity that you're too weak. If you had my strength, I would have already been frozen by then, and the Ice dragon sword would be mine! "Ling Chen:" … …

Long Yi laughed out wildly. He wielded his sword with both hands and instantly appeared above Chen Xiang, slashing down with great force. His speed and strength had reached his peak.

While the people at the side were admiring the strength of the Ice dragon sword, they were also secretly shocked by Long Yi's strength.

"Haha …" Long Yi laughed loudly, because he believed that this strike would definitely injure Chen Xiang and then stab Chen Xiang to death.

Just when everyone was looking forward to the moment Chen Xiang was killed, Long Yi's wild laughter suddenly stopped, and his face was still filled with shock!

Chen Xiang's mouth curved up, suddenly he brandished his sword and thrusted out, the sword was so fast that no one could see how he did it, in a moment ago Chen Xiang was still standing there holding the sword in a daze, but in the next moment, the sword had already pierced Long Yi's throat, and Long Yi's sword had also slashed down, although it landed on Chen Xiang's shoulder, it did not cut into his flesh!

Everyone was startled and their bodies involuntarily trembled. This scene was too strange. The attack of Long Yi's peak level was unexpectedly not enough to cause a Nirvana Tribulation person to see blood. Instead, his throat was pierced!

The cold power released by the Ice dragon sword flowed from Long Yi's throat into his entire body, instantly freezing his blood and bones!

"You overestimate yourself!"

Chen Xiang's arm shook, causing hot steam to rise. With a berserk flame energy, it struck Long Yi's Dantian, causing the Heaven fire to enter Long Yi's body, and the cold energy was strangely absorbed by the flames, becoming even more violent. In a few moments, Long Yi was burnt to ashes.

There was still a Drunk G.o.d magical poison remaining inside the Ice dragon sword, and just now it drilled a little into Long Yi's body, so when Long Yi triggered the power in his entire body, he let the Drunk G.o.d magical poison quickly spread, causing the energy behind him to suddenly be anesthetized and then being pierced through by Chen Xiang!

It was too strange. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, the people around them definitely wouldn't believe that Long Yi would be killed like this. Not only that, he was even Long Song's son!

"You … Forget about the Ice dragon sword, kill this evil being. " Long Song's other son shouted, holding onto his sword, he and a group of people rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Arrogant Pill G.o.d 1120 - Arrogant Pill G.o.d -

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