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"Pride of the World Pill G.o.d 1119 _ Pride of the World Pill G.o.d."

Long Huishan smiled at Chen Xiang, and her eyes became gentle and spirited again. The ice dragon armor on her body had also become a set of snow-white long skirt, making her look extremely refined and refined. Baidu Search .13800100 Read the latest chapter

"Scared me to death!" Chen Xiang laughed and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. No matter who it was that was being watched by a powerful Ranker, they would not be able to do it easily.

"Big sister won't eat you, what are you afraid of?" Long Huishan laughed like a silver bell, her mood extremely good. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang here, she would have found it hard to contain her oppressive aura and would have definitely charged out to find Long Song for revenge. She would definitely go to the Long family to exterminate all the elders who colluded with Long Song.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought that since Long Huishan had obtained the Ice Dragon's inheritance, and the Ice Dragon had very rarely mentioned it in the Imperial Dragon Clan's inheritance of memories, and even more so, did not use any Ice Dragon's technique. If Long Huishan could pa.s.s some of these techniques to him, he would have another powerful cultivation technique in the future.

"Sister Long, the Ice Dragon's inheritance that you've obtained, do you have any powerful martial skills?" Chen Xiang shamelessly asked, after all, asking others about their cultivation technique was not a very polite thing to do.

Long Xueyi had said that the majority of dragons cultivated the G.o.ds, so he could use Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra to exchange for them. Moreover, Long Xueyi herself also wanted to learn the Ice Dragon's technique, so even though she was a White Dragon, she knew how to use other cultivation methods.

"Yes, you want to learn it? I can teach you! " She did not see Chen Xiang as an outsider at all. She even thought that Chen Xiang was an envoy sent by the Ice Dragon, if not she would not have been able to obtain the Ice Dragon's inheritance so smoothly.

"The first style is called Icewind magic kungfu …"

"I have this, I didn't expect it to be for the ice dragon!" Liu Meng'er had already pa.s.sed this information to him, but he did not learn it. Instead, he wanted Bai Youyou to learn it.

"You actually know the Icewind magic kungfu … The other method is called 'Frozen Under Heaven', which in theory can freeze anything and is extremely powerful. Our Long family's current techniques are all based on this adaptation, but it's too weak! "

Long Huishan thought for a while, then said: "Only these two sects can be pa.s.sed down to you, the others can only be used if you have the Ice Dragon's bloodline … This is a spirit cultivation item. Elder sister, I am also a spirit cultivation person now. "

Chen Xiang had already guessed that Long Huishan would definitely become a spirit cultivator after obtaining the Ice Dragon's inheritance. He never thought that this could actually be pa.s.sed on.

"Then does Sister Long have any spiritual cultivation technique?" asked. If not, he would pa.s.s the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra to Long Huishan.

It's called the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, but you need the divine soul. It's very difficult for humans to cultivate divine soul, if I didn't obtain the inheritance of the Ice Dragon's Ancestor, I don't know how long it would take me!

This ice dragon's spiritual cultivation method was actually Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra! Chen Xiang was only able to grasp a bit of it at the moment. Even the White Tiger and Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then were unable to completely unearth the essence of the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"Relax a bit, I'll pa.s.s down the Frozen End World technique to you!" As Long Huishan said this, she pointed her jade finger at Chen Xiang's forehead. Without waiting for Chen Xiang to prepare himself, she directly pa.s.sed on the Frozen End World Confining Technique to him.

At this time, Long Huishan astonishedly discovered that Chen Xiang actually had a Divine Sense Sea. Although it was much smaller than hers, they had already condensed a Ocean Subduing Pearl, which wrapped around her divine soul!

After being discovered, Chen Xiang felt a little awkward and couldn't help but blush.

Frost Sealing World was powerful, but Chen Xiang didn't have the time to learn it yet, and Long Huishan was also in a hurry to go back and take revenge.

"So you are a spirit cultivator too!" Seeing Chen Xiang's face blushing, Long Huishan laughed and scolded: "You really have a lot of secrets on you. Don't worry, big sister won't blame you."

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I originally planned to pa.s.s the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra to you, who would have known that you would already have it."

"You've helped me so much, it's nothing if I give you the method of freezing the world. Don't take it to heart. What's more, who will follow who!" Long Huishan laughed and pinched Chen Xiang's face like a big sister.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Let's get out of here quickly. I know you can't wait to get revenge on those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds."

Long Huishan was really anxious, she anxiously pulled Chen Xiang and walked to one of the walls of the hall, her jade palm pressing on the wall, releasing a burst of strong coldness here, only to see a small door suddenly open, there was actually a secret door!

Entering the secret door was a long path, but after Long Huishan obtained the inheritance of the ice dragon, his strength and speed had increased by leaps and bounds, pulling Chen Xiang along as he rushed through the path. Chen Xiang felt that the originally gentle and kind Long Huishan had now become a female tyrannosaur, her entire body filled with killing intent.

This secret door was something that Long Huishan learned from the Ice Dragon's inheritance. Furthermore, she also knew some of the Ice Dragon's secrets, those were all equivalent to inheritance memories. She quickly pulled Chen Xiang out of the Dragon Cave and arrived at the mountain top above the Dragon Cave.

What they did not expect was that Long Song had actually brought people to guard outside!

Seeing Long Huishan suddenly appearing at the top of the mountain above Dragon Cave, Long Song and a few other elders all revealed looks of shock. Although this had always been a legend, the Long Family still firmly believed that as long as they could get close to the Dragon Cave, most of them, who had the bloodline of the Ice Dragon, could feel the summons coming from the depths of the Dragon Cave.

Long Huishan had appeared, and judging from her aura, her strength must have increased by a lot. She glared at the group of people below her, and anger surged in her heart.

Although he was a little afraid of Long Huishan, who had the inheritance of the Ice Dragon, he still had to eliminate Long Huishan first. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to sit still in his position as the Long Family Patriarch.


Long Song bellowed as he transformed into a streak of light, and in the next moment, he was even stronger than Long Huishan. At the same time, he swung his Mountain Splitting Axe with an extremely strong force, slashing down ferociously, causing the entire ice ground to shatter, and large and small pieces of ice cubes to jump about from the impact.

After Long Huishan threw Chen Xiang far away, a white light flashed from his body as that domineering ice armor appeared. Then, with a vigorous wave of his hand, he used the st.u.r.dy ice armor on his arm to sweep across fiercely, breaking the attack of the pair of huge axes. The force that was released almost made Long Song's huge axes fly out of his hands, and the huge axes were also covered with ice!

"You go, I can handle this!"

Long Huishan sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, and at the same time, the few powerful old men all rushed towards Long Huishan to attack him, with their swords and sabers striking from all directions.

A few people who were watching below knew that they could not get in his way, and thus kept their distance from the battlefield, but they noticed that Chen Xiang was slipping away.

"Pride of the World Pill G.o.d 1119 _ Pride of the World Pill G.o.d."

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