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"Pride Pill G.o.d 1115 _ Pride Pill G.o.d."

Ice dragon sword s were the keys to the three Treasure Chests. Even if Long Huishan wanted to return it, he would absolutely not return it. 13800100.

"Of course not, Ice dragon sword are actually not suitable for battle, but they are very scary. Back then, my grandfather used this sword to scare a lot of strong warriors, and like I said before, if you can pull it out, I will give it to you! "Don't think so little of me."

As the daughter of the Patriarch, Long Huishan definitely had a lot of good things on her. Furthermore, she was very strong, and might even be the Patriarch of the Long family in the future. She was also an Immortal King.

After entering the Dragon Cave, a burst of cold wind suddenly blew, as if it had penetrated Chen Xiang's body, causing him to feel as if his insides were frozen, even the Divine Sense Sea seemed to have been frozen over.

On the other hand, Long Huishan was fine, at least Chen Xiang's physique and various protective measures were extremely heaven defying, but right now his entire body was shivering, and he had no choice but to use the Heaven fire in his body to defend against the cold.

"After my Long family's bloodline became an ice dragon, I heard that the Ice Dragon's Ancestral Founder and a dozen or so human girls had gotten along well in order to have my bloodline, but after inheriting it for so long, the bloodlines have become very thin. Even the purest of bloodlines, up until now, only a few can awaken the Ice Dragon's bloodline, and I'm one of them. Long Huishan narrated the history of the Long family.

Back then, my father knew that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d might usurp the position and use all sorts of methods to buy back some of the clan's elders. My father was outnumbered, and later on because my brother and brother were captured and threatened, he was distracted during the great battle and was eventually killed, and my brother and brother were not spared either!

When Long Huishan talked about these things, she was abnormally calm. She was already able to control her emotions, but that did not mean that she was not angry.

"You have always been hiding your strength, and your uncle knew that you possess the Ice dragon sword, so he planned to keep it for you. On the way, he would also use your value to marry you to a disciple of some power, and try to establish a relationship with you!" Chen Xiang guessed.

"That's enough, but after he found out I was going to the Dragon Cave, and was worried that I would obtain the inheritance of the Dragon Cave, and adding that I gave you the Ice dragon sword, he took action against me. But there was an elder protecting me in the dark previously, and this elder had been unable to break through for many years, so he was already burnt out.

The elder protecting her was already dead, and if she wanted to take back the Patriarch's position, she needed to have super strong strength to intimidate the entire Long family, kill all the elders who colluded with her uncle, and her hope was the Ice Dragon's inheritance in the Dragon Cave!

"This Dragon Cave is where the Ice Dragon Ancestral Founder lived all those years ago. We don't know whether he pa.s.sed away or not, but my grandfather said before that there is something here that the Ice Dragon Founder left for us, and that we can only obtain it if we possess his bloodline. But over the years, the number of experts the Long family have entered the Dragon Cave, and most of them returned seriously injured, unable to go any further!"

Long Huishan looked around carefully along the way. On one hand, he had to protect Chen Xiang.

"It should be the Sea Suppressing Blood Bead that the Ice Dragon left behind. It contains the inheritance memories and the Ice Dragon's purest bloodline, and even the Dragon Pearl is fused inside. If the girl can obtain it, her power will definitely increase by leaps and bounds, and you might even find out from her what dirty deeds the Ice Dragon has done." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang also had a Ocean Subduing Pearl, and inside his Divine Sense Sea, his divine soul was wrapped within the Ocean Subduing Pearl, so he was a little doubtful about this: "The Ocean Suppressing Orb was left behind? Could the ice dragon be dead? Isn't the divine soul inside the Ocean Suppressing Orb? "

"Who said there can only be one Pearl of the Sea? There were still two Dragon Pearls from the Prince Imperial Dragon. There were quite a few powerful Primordial Dragons, Sea Suppressing Pearls and Dragon Pearls, but there were also some that were very large. For example, that poisonous dragon. Back then, the Ice Dragon couldn't find another female dragon to inherit its bloodline, so it had no choice but to find human women. These human women must be very strong, or else they wouldn't be able to stand him! "

Hearing Long Xueyi's words, Chen Xiang immediately said indignantly: "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d ice dragon, actually harmed so many women, it's really not a thing!"

The Dragon Cave was deep inside the ground, and this place was extremely cold. Chen Xiang felt that this kind of coldness was not caused by an ice dragon, but a natural one.

The entrance to the Dragon Cave was very big, but it gradually decreased in size later on, but it was still very wide, able to pa.s.s through dozens of people at a time. The pa.s.sage spiraled downwards, and at first the pa.s.sage was surrounded by ice, but after reaching the bottom, the walls were filled with rocks, only very smooth, with some traces.

"Isn't the Dragon Cave in danger? On the other hand, this Icy cold power is very strong. If ordinary people were to enter, they would have been frozen to death at the door. " Heaven fire were moving inside Chen Xiang's body at any time, in case he got frozen.

Chen Xiang realized that the You Ming Deep Abyss that imprisoned the Super Old Fire Beast also had this kind of terrifying cold energy, and this place was much more powerful than the You Ming Deep Abyss.

Long Xueyi said: "The big lion was indeed sealed by this ice dragon, I really don't know the reason but what I can confirm is that this ice dragon is Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's friend. After Ten Heavens Supreme Lord died, the Ice Dragon Gang Ten Heavens Supreme Lord did a lot of things, such as placing the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword inside, and even created a pa.s.sage leading to the core of the earth.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "He even took twenty-six treasure chests. Oh right, the Icy cold power here does not have the aura of a dragon, how do you know that the You Ming Deep Abyss's cold power is very similar to this place? "

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Are you doubting my feelings? I can tell you, the frost power here has a special attribute! I think this ice dragon definitely knows how to extract the energy inside the profoundbing, so it must be very dangerous for him to build this Dragon Cave! "

Last time, Chen Xiang melted those profoundbing that were turned into powder together and even lost control! If not for the sudden appearance of the White Tiger, if it were to erupt at that time, the people in the entire city might have been in trouble.

In the dark pa.s.sage, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a dangerous aura, and anxiously grabbed onto Long Huishan's jade hands, pulling her back with force!

"What's wrong?" Long Huishan was also shocked by Chen Xiang. He immediately took out a long blade and looked around vigilantly.

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and then, prodded it forward. A translucent white light screen suddenly appeared in front of them, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was immediately covered with a kind of light purple frost.

"It really is this kind of thing!" Chen Xiang pressed his palm against the blade of the sword, and the ice on the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword immediately turned into powder, becoming exactly the same as those Primordial profoundbing.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 1115 _ Pride Pill G.o.d."

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