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Long Huishan had quite a few good pills, and she was a strong Ranker herself, so it wouldn't be long before she recovered to her peak.

"Miss Long, my strength is far inferior to yours. If your uncle sends someone, your strength should be about the same. When you and I are together, I'm worried that I won't be able to withstand their full strength. At that time, I might even implicate you!"

Chen Xiang did not retreat, but instead, he did not plan to walk together with Long Huishan.

Long Huishan nodded his head: "You are right, the person my uncle sent to kill me is definitely not weaker than me. If there were only a few of you, you would be in danger."

Chen Xiang said: "I plan to follow you in the dark. If you fight with those people, I can also provide support in the dark!"

Long Huishan immediately laughed softly: "What a good method to secretly support you, then let's make a deal, your methods are indeed not easy to use."

She already knew about Chen Xiang's Drunk G.o.d magical poison, but she did not ask or bring it up. She was very clear that Chen Xiang exposing this kind of thing was because he saved her. Even though Chen Xiang's strength was not strong, she was her savior and the only person she could trust. Before being poisoned, that was when she was at her weakest. Any one of them could have crippled her, but Chen Xiang did not do anything to her.

"Young Master Yun, I shall slow down so that you can keep up! You must be careful along the way. "

"If you use 80% of your speed, I can keep up." Chen Xiang was very confident in his own speed.

Chen Xiang maintained a distance with Long Huishan, dodging some of the nearby stealth and followed closely behind her. If Long Huishan chose to stay in the forest, it would make it easier for him to hide.

She thought that Chen Xiang would not be able to keep up with her, so she stopped for a while before receiving Chen Xiang's sound transmission. This made her a little surprised, as she could not understand why Chen Xiang was so weak, but had a higher concealment ability than her.

Chen Xiang had merged with a Caomu heavenly Dan before, and he had Gra.s.s Wood Spirit afterwards, which allowed him to merge with nature, causing others to not be able to sense his existence. He felt that after the Caomu heavenly Dan fused with his Gra.s.s Wood Spirit, it might become even more powerful, but that would still require more time.

"Young Master Yun, our Long family has domesticated a Spirit Beast called a Dragon Dog. This kind of Dragon Dog is not very strong, but its speed and final ability are very powerful, especially for those with the Dragon Bloodline!"

Long Huishan followed the imprint Chen Xiang had left in her sea of consciousness and transmitted sound. If it wasn't for that, she wouldn't have been able to find Chen Xiang.

"Then won't it be easy for them to find you?"

Chen Xiang was not worried that the dragon dog would notice him. Although he had a lot of dragon blood in his body, his concealment skills were very strong, so it was not easy to break through.

"My uncle will definitely ambush me on the way. As long as I am heading towards the Dragon Cave, I will definitely encounter an ambush on the way."

Chen Xiang made Long Xueyi execute Heaven tour method, and wandered around Long Huishan to prevent people from lying in ambush. If he could find them in time, he would use Death-haunting arrow s and Drunk G.o.d powder s to strike first.

"Something is coming!" Long Xueyi shouted, "It's a few dogs, they are fast!"

Chen Xiang immediately reminded Long Huishan: "The dragon dog is coming towards you, it's speed is fast, I believe that those people are nearby, be careful!"

Long Huishan was very surprised, the dragon dog's sense of smell was very sensitive, not only was its tracking ability strong, its concealing ability was also clever, but Chen Xiang could see that she really wanted to know the background of this "Young Master Yun".

"There are ten dragon dogs!" Chen Xiang then told it to Long Huishan.

"Ah... For all these years, the Long family has only nurtured ten. I never thought that all of them would actually make a move! " Long Huishan was already prepared for battle.

Long Xueyi said: "I'll go kill those dogs. Seeing the dragon blood on their bodies makes me feel uncomfortable."

Chen Xiang thought as he swam out and looked around him. Suddenly, he saw three figures flying over, looking like they had jumped from a very far distance, it was evident how powerful these three people were, following that were the ten dragon dogs pouncing towards him, the three old men and their ten big dogs surrounding Long Huishan!

Just when the three old men wanted to put the dragon dog back into the profound beast bag, Long Xueyi shouted, "Die!"

The ten dragon dogs suddenly howled and fell to the ground and died, Chen Xiang guessed that it was Long Xueyi's mental attack, so dealing with these Spirit Beast s would not be difficult.

"Kill her!"

The three old men were furious. The dragon dogs were a rare item, over the years, they had only grown ten, which had cost them a lot of resources. However, they were suddenly killed, and thought that Long Huishan had killed them.

Long Huishan was being attacked by three strong elders. Although she looked like she was being suppressed, she was not at a disadvantage, and could even make the old men's bodies get punched or two from time to time. Clang clang clang clang clang clang.

"No wonder Uncle Long Huishan was so worried about her. With her strength being so strong, she definitely has the qualifications to be the Patriarch of the Long family. Her strength should be the same as the Super Yuan Sect Leader, just a step away from becoming an Immortal King! "Although I am just a step away, there is still a huge gap in strength!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang watched from the side, waiting for the best opportunity to make his move. He had a lot of experience in sneak attacks, and there were countless people who had suffered from his schemes, and the majority of them didn't even know how they died, or who caused them to die.

"Then how did Super Yuan Sect Leader manage to kill that Three horns Dragon King? The Three horns Dragon King should be more powerful than the human Immortal King. The strength of the Super Yuan Sect Leader is not even on the Immortal King level. "

Chen Xiang had been wondering the whole time.

"There is only one possibility, Super Yuan Sect Leader used Drunk G.o.d scent! He is very familiar with that group of Primal Chaos Barbarians, so it is not strange that he could get his hands on Drunk G.o.d scent. Although Three horns Dragon King is a Poison Dragon, if he was facing a large number of Drunk G.o.d scent, he would still have to kneel. " Long Xueyi felt that this was the only explanation.

Chen Xiang had already condensed a crossbow arrow that contained a large number of Drunk G.o.d scent. These three elders surrounding and attacking Long Huishan were only slightly weaker than him in terms of strength, but if it was those Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and sage realm giants, they would definitely not be able to block ten moves.

The Sacred Dan Realm was indeed the same as the Heaven Realm. There were as many experts as clouds in the entire Long family.

"So what if you're an expert? Aren't you going to die because of me?"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and continued to gather his energy. He planned to shoot three arrows at a time.

"Miss Long, quickly dodge it!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Long Huishan, and this was also a good opportunity for Long Huishan to escape.

The moment Long Huishan dodged, Chen Xiang activated his Death-haunting arrow and released three arrows that pierced through the air. Although they did not hit the place Chen Xiang locked onto, the three crossbow bolts that contained a large number of Drunk G.o.d powder still struck the three elders.

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