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Chen Xiang hid to the side and watched the battle between Long Huishan and that old man w.a.n.g. What he did not expect was that Long Huishan's strength was actually very strong, which made him feel that Long Huishan had faintly reached the level of that Purple Moon, causing this old man w.a.n.g to be unable to succeed for a long time.

The power that Long Huishan was using was actually the Dragon Power, and it was even an ice-cold Dragon Power. When the longsword was swung out, it could always set off gusts of cold wind, and if it was struck, it would definitely be extremely uncomfortable. However, that old man w.a.n.g could actually block Long Huishan's sword with a pair of flaming fists.

"This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a Alchemist, you better not tell me you have a Fire Soul …" Chen Xiang muttered in his heart: "Motherf * cker, there really is one!"

"White Fire Soul!" Chen Xiang was startled for a moment. This kind of Fire Soul was an abnormal Fire Soul.

"sister Meiyao, this white Fire Soul is obviously for you!" Chen Xiang took out the Death-haunting arrow, waiting for the chance to take action. He felt that he and Long Huishan were on the same side now, and if he wanted Old Man w.a.n.g's corpse, she would definitely give it to him.

Just as Chen Xiang had guessed, a change had happened to the Long family. Long Huishan's father, the Patriarch, had died, and according to the rules, the position should be given to the Patriarch's children. Other than Long Huishan, all of the other sons of the Patriarch had been killed.

In order to obtain the position of clan leader from his uncle, he wanted to kill Long Huishan no matter what, but Long Huishan was being protected by a powerful warrior from the clan, and that expert was obviously the one that Chen Xiang sensed earlier, he should be dead now.

"This girl is really secretive. She's trying to trick old man w.a.n.g into wanting to know who killed her great-uncle. Without even guessing, you can already tell that it's her uncle's group!" "If it's me, just kill those people if you have the strength to do so in the future. Stop wasting your breath on old man w.a.n.g right now." Chen Xiang could see the terrifying Dragon Power in Long Huishan's body.

"No, she seems to be poisoned. Even though she can't use her full strength, she still has to suppress the poison in her body!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the pellet Old Man w.a.n.g had given them, but Old Man w.a.n.g had said that it could quickly recover his strength, he did not expect it to be a poison pellet, but he remembered that neither he nor Long Huishan had eaten it and only kept it.

He immediately took out the poison pill and examined it carefully. He discovered that the poison was concealed on the surface, and any touch would result in poison!

"This old thing, I'll let him see what the most powerful poison is and how he dares to play this trick in front of me!" Chen Xiang decided to test the Drunk G.o.d powder using this Old Man w.a.n.g.

"Haha …" You must have already discovered that you are poisoned, you will definitely die today! " Old man w.a.n.g laughed.

"When did you poison it? This should be the Origin Sealing Poison! " Long Huishan's face turned ugly. If she was not poisoned, she would have killed this Old Man w.a.n.g a long time ago.

"When you took the pill from me, you were poisoned! "Don't worry, I'll send you to see that kid very soon. He died in such a pitiful way and I don't even know why he was killed by me." Although Elder w.a.n.g knew that Chen Xiang was not simple, he believed that if he were to use his palm, even Long Huishan would be heavily injured, let alone a poisoned brat.

"The Ice dragon sword and Jade Dragon Flower on him are mine now, haha …" Old man w.a.n.g fought with Long Huishan as he laughed loudly.

Long Huishan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Right at this time, Old Man w.a.n.g's palm landed on her abdomen, causing the poison in her body to spread even faster.

"Hmph, you want to fight for the position of the Long family's Patriarch with your master? You overestimate yourself!" Elder w.a.n.g took out a big blade, but he did not know that Chen Xiang, who was hiding in the treetop, was aiming at him with his Death-haunting arrow.

"An old fellow dares to kill a Leader like me? You overestimate yourself!" Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, took out a Drunk G.o.d powder, and let the transparent powder condense inside the crossbow arrow.

The crossbow arrows were condensed out of his powerful strength. Once the Drunk G.o.d powder was placed inside, as long as it pierced the enemy's body, the Drunk G.o.d powder would scatter inside, and the poison would spread at a rapid pace.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't get c.o.c.ky!" Chen Xiang steeled his heart and released an arrow.

Old man w.a.n.g immediately sensed it and instinctively released a barrier of light. However, a powerful Dragon Power condensed on top of the crossbow arrow and directly pierced through his barrier of light. The crossbow arrow accurately pierced into his heart from his back.

Old man w.a.n.g's body was extremely strong. The arrow exploded within his body, but it could not shatter his heart. He immediately howled, but his expression suddenly became very ugly.

Because he couldn't do it anymore, his entire body was soft and weak. He quickly discovered that this poison was not simple. It was very likely to be the kind of poison that was rumored to be found in legends.

"Drunk... "Drunken G.o.d …"

Chen Xiang did not let him speak, he rushed forward and waved his green sword, cutting off the head of the old man w.a.n.g. Then, he activated Devouring magic kungfu and started to absorb the white Fire Soul from his body, condensing it into a bead!

Long Huishan just sat on the ground and looked at this scene in shock. She thought that Chen Xiang had been killed with a single palm, but she never thought that he would actually appear and kill the old man.

"You should have the antidote pill, right?" Chen Xiang removed the old man w.a.n.g's Storage magic treasure s and took out a hundred thousand or so Spiritual crystal s and a bottle of that poison pill.

Seeing that Chen Xiang did not do anything to her, Long Huishan heaved a sigh of relief and took out an antidote pill to swallow. At this moment, she felt that the person in front of her was extremely mysterious, being able to easily pull out the Ice dragon sword, and furthermore, using the legendary Super Old poison s.

That sword was formed from Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, just so that it would not attract attention.

"Thank you!" Long Huishan took off the black veil, revealing a beautiful yet haggard face, giving people a shocking feeling. It was Chen Xiang's first time seeing her complete appearance.

"You're welcome. I just think that you have the chance to take back the position of Long family's head. If I wish you success, then I will be very convenient here in the future, no?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course, I need your help right now. If you can wish for my success, there will definitely be benefits!" She knew that Chen Xiang was a smart person and already knew the situation she was in.

If Long Huishan wanted to succeed, she would need to obtain the inheritance of the Ancestral Dragon from the Dragon Cave, which allowed her to obtain a very strong power!

"When I have fully recovered, we will immediately rush over. If this old man w.a.n.g fails, my uncle will definitely send someone to wait for us on the road to Dragon Cave!" Long Huishan sighed lightly. She felt that the whole journey would be very difficult.

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