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"Pride Pill G.o.d 1108-, prideful Pill G.o.d."

Not only Chen Xiang, many people were attracted by the contents of the notice and were even discussing it after they finished reading it.

"Isn't this Long Huishan actually the daughter of the Long family's patriarch? to actually want to recruit people outside to go with her to the Dragon Cave! "

"That's right, the Long family has so many experts, do we need to spend so many Spiritual crystal s to invite outsiders?"

"What is the purpose of this? Could it be that he had specially recruited someone to send them to their deaths? Who didn't know of the dangers of Dragon Cave? If we don't go in and out, even the most powerful Immortal King wouldn't dare to go in. "

Five hundred thousand Spiritual crystal per month, and there were even pills to provide on the way. To many people, this was indeed a enticing task, to have strength above the Nirvana Tribulation, one had to pa.s.s Long Huishan's personal test.

From the discussions of the crowd, Chen Xiang already knew what kind of place the Dragon Cave was. It was a dangerous place, where a dragon once lived, but it was very dangerous inside.

A dragon! This made Chen Xiang think of the dragon Chaotic Mountain had spoken of. It was this dragon that took away twenty-seven treasure chests, leaving behind only three. He guessed that the dragon that lived in the Dragon Cave before was this darned dragon.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed to the Long family's place that specialized in selling magic treasures. Because the a.s.sessment would take place right here, he didn't dare go to that place by himself.

Long Huishan guessed that since Long Huishan was the only daughter of the Long Family Patriarch, she would definitely protect him well.

Chen Xiang originally thought that he was the first person to arrive, but he didn't think that there would already be a large group of people queuing up here.

"Are these shameless fellows here to take a look at the Long family's eldest daughter?" Aren't they afraid of being despised if they fail the examination? " Chen Xiang really wanted to slap the thin guy in front of him flying.

Suddenly, a slightly angry but pleasant voice came from inside the shop, "Those who have yet to undergo the five Nirvana Tribulations are not allowed to come. If you don't listen to the warning, I will let him have a taste of the power of the fifth Nirvana Tribulation!"

While there were only three people in front of Chen Xiang, he could already see Long Huishan. Her figure was not bad, she was tall enough, with legs long enough, although her chest was not very big, but it was just nice, it was just that her face was covered by a white veil, and only her forehead, the bay's willow shaped eyebrows, and her pair of beautiful and intelligent eyes were visible.

"As long as you pull this sword out, even if you pa.s.s the examination, I will immediately arrange for someone to serve you!" Long Huishan wore a plain white dress, she didn't seem like a big miss at all.

She waved the golden sword in her hand, and the golden sheath released a faint golden light. It looked like this sword was not simple, it was actually very similar to the Holy Dragon Sword that he had obtained, this sword was being played with by Long Xueyi all day, but Long Xueyi disliked the Holy Dragon Sword being too weak, it could only be considered a toy.

"This woman has the power of an ice dragon. The people of the Long family should have the blood of an ice dragon … I actually can't remember there's a powerful ice dragon in the Imperial Dragon Clan! " Long Xueyi said: "She has the strength of an immortal. Be careful, don't let her see anything."

Chen Xiang looked at the person in front of him, his strength was not weak, he had endured the eight Nirvana Tribulations, when he picked up the sword, his hand actually trembled a little. Chen Xiang could clearly see a burst of cold Qi flowing out of the man's arm, this sword actually had such a terrifying Icy cold power!

The man hastily put down his sword, took a deep breath, shook his head, and turned away.

Chen Xiang suspected that the Dragon Cave must be an ice cave, if not this young miss Long would not test someone's ability to resist the cold!

"Mr. w.a.n.g? You are also interested in Dragon Cave? " Long Huishan said to the old man next to him, Mr. w.a.n.g should be famous, if not Long Huishan would not call him that.

"I've been wanting to go for a while now, but I can't find a good team!" The white-haired old man smiled and picked up the golden sheathed sword on the table.

"This old fellow is an immortal, and it seems like he's a Alchemist!" Long Xueyi said: "This sword should be an Ice dragon sword's sword without a mistake. I don't know much about ice dragons, all I know is that many years ago, the Ice Dragon Branch and the other dragons were at odds!"

Long Huishan's expectations for Mr. w.a.n.g was high, as expected, after the old man picked up the ice cold sword, he did not look like the previous person, but he still took half a cup of tea to stabilize his trembling arm, and dispel the cold energy in his body!

He slowly pulled the sword out, and only saw a cold glimmer on the sword's body, a gust of cold air immediately gushed out, causing the surroundings to be covered in frost. Chen Xiang was sure that the sword was a Holy level Dragon Artifact, like the Holy Dragon Sword!

"Mr. w.a.n.g, you've pa.s.sed. Please, come next!" Long Huishan was very happy, and said very gently, she really did not have any airs of being a young miss, which made the observing men exclaim in their hearts, because they usually only heard about the young miss of the Long family and did not show her face.

There was still another person in front of Chen Xiang, but this one was already frozen just now. After he dispelled the cold energy from his body, he quickly left!

"That guy is also an Immortal. Although he has just become an Immortal, he is still too useless. Why did he suddenly run away like that?" Long Xueyi snorted.

Chen Xiang's body was also covered in frost, but there was nothing happening inside his body. When the people behind him saw the sword, they all scattered, because the sword had not even been completely unsheathed, and he had almost frozen the deity to death. As people who had experienced the Nirvana Realm, how could they dare to touch it?

"Are you from the Nirvana Tribulation? You have already seen the power of this sword, so you should have retreated in the face of danger! " Long Huishan looked at Chen Xiang with a pair of beautiful eyes, her gentle eyes carried goodwill.

"I have just pa.s.sed the Nirvana Tribulation!" Chen Xiang said indifferently: "I think I can unsheathe this sword!"

Behind Long Huishan, there were two st.u.r.dy golden-armoured men, they were not weak either. Hearing Chen Xiang's words, they sneered.

"Even our Seventh Miss can't be completely pulled out, can you? Who do you think you are? " The big man couldn't help but sneer.

"That's right, this sword is very powerful, but I am not afraid of being taken away. The person who took this sword away must have frozen to death before he could even walk out of Holy City!" Long Huishan said as he nodded his head.

Chen Xiang really wanted to pick up this sword and run away. He wanted to see if he really could not leave the Sacred City, since this sword was a Holy level Dragon Artifact.

"What if I can pull it out?" Chen Xiang really wanted this sword: "How about you give it to me?"

Everyone immediately scolded him.

"If you can't pull it out then it's yours. If you can't, then leave. Do you have a white wolf in your hand? "

"That's right, even an immortal like old man w.a.n.g almost burped from the cold. Do you think you're an immortal king!?"

Chen Xiang did not care about these words, he only looked at the Golden-sheathed Sword on the table, wanting to see through it with his Divine Power.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 1108-, prideful Pill G.o.d."

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