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Chen Xiang tidied up his clothes, and snorted: "I'll take care of you, but there's no need to pinch me. You squeezed mine so easily, and even pinched mine!"

"You …" Bai Ziqian snorted, then entered the ring and stopped arguing with Chen Xiang. He was indeed very similar to Bai Youyou. "Look."

"Little Scoundrel, she took advantage of you. I'll help you teach her a lesson, and I'll help you get her back, hehe …" Su Meiyao laughed.

"This isn't fair, I'm the one who should pinch!" Chen Xiang said with jealousy.

"There will be a chance another time... It's fine if you pinch me, and you can kiss me … "

"d.a.m.ned seductress, it's really hard for people to concentrate!" Chen Xiang thought about Su Meiyao's beautiful jade body, and his heart suddenly moved. He had touched her body quite a few times before and even had a shower with Su Meiyao, he suddenly felt that it had been a long time since he had had a taste of her skin.

Su Meiyao and the others did not know that Chen Xiang had fainted because he had used the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, and Chen Xiang did not tell them that he wanted to surprise them.

It was normal for him to faint, so Su Meiyao was not surprised. Back then, it was the same for her as well, as Bai Youyou was always by her side to take care of her at that time.

Chen Xiang cultivated the divine way, and after he fainted, his divine soul quickly recovered, which was why he was able to wake up very quickly, and that was why Bai Ziqian had been so embarra.s.sed just now. Now that Su Meiyao was using this matter to tease her, his jade-like hands were still carelessly stroking Bai Ziqian's body, and the conflict between the two of them had already started to slowly dissolve.

"It looks like five stages of Foreseeing Alchemy is my current limit. Once I have grasped all five stages of Foreseeing Alchemy, I will proceed with six, seven stages … Otherwise, my divine soul will be wasted! "

Chen Xiang now realized that as a Spirit Cultivator, he should not only have such achievements in the field of alchemy!

However, with his previous experience, he knew how to control it cleverly. It would not cause the G.o.d Power to surge out endlessly, if not, he would have fainted again by then. If not for that, he might have already succeeded by now.

The three main medicines of the Relive Dan were not simple. It was difficult to burn them, and their self-defense was also very strong, so they would not easily open up the inner world to humans. They were also tightly guarded against it. In other words, the higher the grade of these medicinal herbs, the stronger their spirit!

His face was filled with pain, and his head was in extreme pain. He never thought that the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy would be so terrifying, especially when the Medicine aura was fusing with it.

This time, he still had a lot of divine power left, but he was unable to deal with the sudden large amount of information, which was the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy.

The Yanlong furnace exploded again! His vision became blurry and he was swaying. However, he did not faint this time. He only took a few deep breaths and his vision became much clearer.

"I will definitely be able to grasp the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy!" Chen Xiang felt that he was just a bit off, but this was all because he didn't have any experience. If he had known earlier, that the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy would explode with so many things at that time, he would definitely have been prepared.

However, he felt that this would allow him to grasp the fifth stage of the Foreseeing Alchemy even faster. As long as he refined all the high grade Ground level pills once, he would be able to break through to the Heaven level!

Now, he was not only learning how to refine higher level pills, but he was also learning how to refine higher level pills!

"The third time!"

After resting, Chen Xiang placed the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients into the furnace. At this time, the sky was already dark.

Although he failed again, he improved a lot, but this time, because he was too persistent, his own divine soul suffered damage, and he had no choice but to use a few days time to repair it. He also used these few days to condense his own creation divine liquid.

Although her impenetrable was not as strong as Chen Xiang's, her ability to resist poison was still very strong. However, when she was refining the Drunk G.o.d scent, she could not help but feel weak, and whenever this happened, the bored Su Meiyao would always come in and bully her. She would only use her fingers to poke her body a few times, but she would not dare to touch this poisonous woman, unless she also had Chen Xiang's body which was similar to Chen Xiang's.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had stayed in this room for more than three months. During this time, he did not refine another Relive Dan, but rather, started refining the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy. This kind of connection also helped him to a certain extent.

Bai Ziqian was indeed worthy of being called the female poisonous demon of this generation, her progress was much faster than Chen Xiang's. Two months ago, she had already refined the Drunk G.o.d flower into a very small, transparent powder. Previously, it was just gases, but once these powders were absorbed, they were truly huge amounts. A large amount of poison could increase the numbing power even more, and Chen Xiang also continuously used creation divine liquid s to duplicate many Drunk G.o.d flower s, allowing Bai Ziqian to refine a large amount of Drunk G.o.d powder s!

In this period of time, Bai Ziqian had already understood why Su Meiyao said that Chen Xiang was strong. That heaven defying creation divine liquid caused Bai Ziqian to be extremely envious, she also had some poisonous flowers and poisonous herbs that she needed to cultivate normally. If it wasn't for the fact that she had a lot of things to do, she would have pestered Chen Xiang not to leave this place and plant even more poisonous flowers and herbs.

Chen Xiang had also given some of his poison flowers and poisonous gra.s.ses to, allowing her to struggle against him. This made Bai Ziqian owe him more, causing him to yell all day about asking her to pay with her …

"I must succeed this time!" Chen Xiang felt that it was enough. When he used the Foreseeing Alchemy's five stages to refine the Relive Dan, he could make three pellets in a single furnace.

After placing the ingredients inside the furnace, Chen Xiang's expression was extremely calm. If it was before, he would have had a headache and his face would have turned ugly!

Five levels of Foreseeing Alchemy, the results of each instantaneous calculation had to be fused together, and then, the result of the fusion could be used for the next instant of tempering. With one level of tempering, it would be five different types of tempering at the same time.

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