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Chen Xiang had tried to refine a Relive Dan before, but without succeeding, it was difficult to continue. He could only do it twice now, and in his opinion, he would need to do it at least four times before he could continue refining the Relive Dan to the peak. /:

Now, he could only try to use the method of refining Qi Shen Dan!

He had already collected the three main ingredients for Relive Dan, Returning herb, White jade lotus seed and Nine Primordial Flower long ago. With the exception of creation divine liquid, he could make a lot of them.

In the sealed room, Chen Xiang quickly took care of all the medicinal ingredients and threw them into the Yanlong furnace, injecting them inside. Afterwards, he released his divine power, wanting to try and see if he could enter into the interior of the medicinal ingredients and communicate with them, so that they would not become so stubborn!

If it was like when he was refining the Qi Shen Dan and he could see the inner world of the spirit herbs, then it would be very easy for him, and now he could only use the old method, Foreseeing Alchemy!

"I can barely activate the third stage of Foreseeing Alchemy now. Let's see how long I can last!" Chen Xiang's foundation was not bad. Although he had tried a method to refine a Qi Shen Dan, it did not burst, and after that, according to the situation in the furnace, he started to use the Foreseeing Alchemy.

With three levels of Foreseeing Alchemy, he simultaneously simulated three different paths of this cauldron in his mind. After that, he combined the three paths and obtained the most accurate result, and then used this correct result to continuously correct his mistakes!

was extremely proficient in using the dual Foreseeing Alchemy s, but now that there was only an additional layer of the three stages of Foreseeing Alchemy, it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially with such a shocking amount of calculation. In every second of calculation, he had to pay attention to countless other details, and even fuse the three stages!

In just a split-second, many things appeared in his mind. If he wasn't used to it, his head would start to hurt from the pain. If it was severe, his head would be paralyzed!

"Persist!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes tightly. At this moment, he felt as if his entire head was trembling crazily, the scene of his brain refining a pill had appeared out of nowhere and then quickly fused together again. As long as he found anything wrong, he would immediately adjust the fire inside the furnace to prevent it from failing!

Su Meiyao had said before, that the third layer of Foreseeing Alchemy was enough to refine a high grade Ground level pill. Although it was only an additional layer, it was still very deadly.

"No!" If I continue like this, even if I can produce just one pill, I won't be able to obtain any guarantee of its quality. "I need at least three pills, or else I will be unworthy of this batch of medicinal herbs!"

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, and shouted loudly. In his mind, an additional scene of calculation appeared.

I have divine soul, my divine power is so thick, I can definitely hold on for a while. Previously, I did not try, but because I was scared, because of fear, I kept thinking about slowly leveling up from the second stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, but I was wrong!

Chen Xiang had already found out why he couldn't level up in the Foreseeing Alchemy, precisely because he was too afraid of this heavy Foreseeing Alchemy. It was because he had previously tried three levels of the Foreseeing Alchemy, but in the end, he was unable to hold on because he felt that his foundation wasn't sufficient. Even when he was more than ten levels away, he already felt extremely powerless, because the third stage was already so powerful. The later stages would be even more difficult!

Of course, because the Heavenly Alchemy was also one of the reasons, he kept having the feeling that he could rely on it to replace the! Although Heavenly Alchemy could refine many unique pills, it was just a regular pill that couldn't.

"If you don't learn the Foreseeing Alchemy well, from today onwards, you will not be able to hold the Heavenly Alchemy in your hands either! The Foreseeing Alchemy is the foundation of the Heavenly Alchemy! "

This would allow him to refine Relive Dan s without making any more small mistakes. This way, it would not cause too many Medicine aura to be lost, and would allow him to use a portion of the ingredients to the limit, producing more pills and higher quality pills.

Sure enough, it was as he had expected, the pressure on the brain was about the same as the pressure on the third stage of the Foreseeing Alchemy. Although it was very difficult for many people to practice the fourth stage of the Foreseeing Alchemy, before they could grasp the third stage, if they tried to practice it easily, they would only end up suffering a headache or their own sea of consciousness being damaged!

"Potential!" I am a spirit cultivator, and I have a lot of potential. In terms of multiple Foreseeing Alchemy s, I am definitely above average, but I need to dig it out myself! "

Chen Xiang realized that although it was very difficult to execute the fourth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, the situation was similar to that of the third stage!

"Fifth stage!" Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, and an additional scene of training was recited silently in his mind.

From the second stage to the fifth stage, Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was unceasingly churning as his divine power rapidly drained. However, this was exactly the effect Chen Xiang wanted, as only then would he be able to unceasingly unearth the potential of his divine power!

Although he cultivated his mind, the divine power he obtained from cultivation would usually be used in a state where he used it to the limit, resulting in the Divine Sense Sea's tempering to be very little. But now, he allowed his Divine Sense Sea to be the same as his physical body, undergo a cruel baptism, in order to make his divine soul stronger!


The Yanlong furnace trembled slightly, and Chen Xiang immediately fainted as well. The divine power in his mind had already dried up, and just now, he had been continuously using the fifth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, but he did not know how to use it, which resulted in his divine power being drained crazily.

When Bai Ziqian came out of the ring, he saw the unconscious Chen Xiang bleeding from her eyes and couldn't help but frown. Then, he took out some water to help him wash his eyes.

"Is he okay?" Bai Youyou asked.

"It's nothing. I just expended too much energy. I really don't know what he's doing. It's just forging a cauldron of pills, isn't it?" You made yourself into this! " This was the first time she took so much care of a man.

"Hey, don't take advantage of my man!" Su Meiyao shouted.

"Will I take advantage of him? What's so good about him? " Bai Ziqian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She was currently taking care of Su Meiyao, but she was actually being suspected by Su Meiyao, which made her a little angry.

She reached her hand into Chen Xiang's clothes and pinched the pea in Chen Xiang's chest: "Stinking brat, back then you squeezed me so hard!"

Just then, Chen Xiang opened his eyes and saw the scene before him, he screamed!

"Pervert, what did you do to me?" Chen Xiang was like a girl being violated, cowering in a corner.

She was purposely provoking Bai Ziqian just now. If she hadn't said that, Bai Ziqian wouldn't have pinched the beans on Chen Xiang's chest out of frustration!

Bai Ziqian's cold and beautiful jade face slightly flushed, but she was, after all, a Ten Thousand Year Demon Girl, so she said with a heavy face: "You fainted, and I was only worried for your safety, so I took the chance to take care of you for You You You!"

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