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Night time, Chen Xiang sat on the roof looking at the stars, just at this time, there was someone knocking on his courtyard door, he anxiously jumped down from the roof, and when he opened the door, he was immediately shocked!

The one who knocked on the door was Bai Ziqian, and he was not surprised, but the unexpected thing was that Bai Ziqian did not pretend at all. A pair of blue eyes, with a long braid hanging in front of his well-developed chest, and at the end of the braid was a terrifying purple poison hook.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to teach them a lesson, but seeing her beautiful yet ice-cold face, she could only quickly invite the Devil Scorpion Princess in. If they found out, it would attract a few Super Yuan Sect Leader s who would immediately rush over.

Entering the house, Chen Xiang immediately opened the array he had set up to prevent the Spirit Qi inside from leaking, to prevent anyone from hearing the conversation inside.

"If you dare to kill the son of the Dragon Emperor, what are you afraid of?" Bai Ziqian said coldly. She was just a little displeased with Chen Xiang, because when Chen Xiang fought with her, he had ruthlessly pinched the peaches on her chest, causing her to always bear a grudge. Furthermore, her little sister was with the bad guy all day.

"You You, don't come out. It's not safe here!" Bai Ziqian anxiously asked: "Did this brat bully you?"

"No, he was very nice to me!" Bai Youyou said softly, allowing him to let out a small sigh of relief.

"Devil Scorpion Princess, be a bit more respectful to my man. He did a lot of things for you two sisters!" Su Meiyao scoffed.

"What?" Your man? " Bai Ziqian's beautiful face immediately changed, "Little demoness, are you really having an affair with this brat?"

Although Su Meiyao looked to be a demon that was able to seduce her to the bone marrow, Bai Ziqian knew clearly that it was extremely difficult to move this kind of woman's heart. If Chen Xiang could take Su Meiyao down, then what about Bai Youyou?

"That's right, we've long been honest with each other..." Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "Hehe... "My man is amazing. You won't be able to find anyone better than him."

Hearing Su Meiyao's praise, Chen Xiang couldn't help but blush, but his heart was still filled with joy.

"You You, did anything happen between you and this little scoundrel? "Tell me honestly!" Bai Ziqian stood up and looked at him with a pair of ice-cold blue eyes.

"Yes, he did. Senior Sister even kissed him for a very long time." Su Meiyao laughed tenderly, making Chen Xiang want to drag her out and spank her b.u.t.t. To actually say such words, provoking the Poison Woman's anger, would be very troublesome.

"She volunteered!" Chen Xiang saw that Bai Ziqian was at the edge of exploding, and anxiously said.

"Sis, don't worry about me." Bai Youyou sighed.

Bai Ziqian took a deep breath, and the expression on her face eased up greatly, because she knew that her sister had gotten rid of the Ruthless magic. This was a good thing, but it was just that the little scoundrel Bai Youyou and Bai Youyou was falling for it, and it made her feel very uncomfortable.

"I'm doing fine too. Even though I'm wanted by the other worlds, I'll be fine!" Bai Ziqian said to Bai Youyou gently: "On the other hand, this brat, he managed to stir up Dragon Emperor!"

Chen Xiang anxiously tried to defend himself: "I'm also very safe, I made a plan to get a guy to help me take the blame, it's just that right now I can't find out what's going on over there."

"Sis, where did you get the Magical corruption gas? Why did you kill that Immortal King? " Bai Youyou's words were filled with concern, causing his heart to feel extremely warm. This was kinship, and although the two sisters did not often meet, they often missed each other.

"Who let him provoke me? Whoever provokes me dies!" Bai Ziqian snorted: "I got my Magical corruption gas by chance, just a tiny bit, and I spent all of it on that group of trash."

Bai Ziqian was a fanatic of the Magical corruption gas. She had collected some of them back then, but she had been forced to give up after that, so she would not care about anything else if she had the chance to obtain them.

Speaking of Magical corruption gas, Chen Xiang laughed. He had a lot of these things, and they were all in his body!

"Sister Ziqian, I know there are a lot of Magical corruption gas there!" Chen Xiang laughed: "It exists inside the Great Devil Mountains, but it's probably sealed to death."

"I heard that the Demon and Devil Sinkhole was sealed secretly by the people of that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. It's said that even Dragon Beijing cannot open the seal like that." Bai Ziqian shook his head, looking extremely regretful.

Chen Xiang knew that the Demon and Devil Sinkhole had been sealed, but he never thought that it would be the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace himself.

"My man has it, he can give you as much as you want. Little Scoundrel, don't keep me guessing. " Su Meiyao shouted out.

Bai Ziqian was shocked. She had suspected that Chen Xiang must have used some extraordinary thing to kill so many strong warriors. If it was a Magical corruption gas, then it made sense. But this was very dangerous. If he was wanted like her, he would only end up running for his life.

"Hmph, Devil-suppressing Golden Body, impenetrable! It seems like you've been under the Demon and Devil Sinkhole before! " Bai Ziqian looked at Chen Xiang with a bit of bitterness. This kind of guy with impenetrable was the bane of poison masters like them.

Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "Because you are a faint older sister, and he can give you … It's said that a woman like you who's covered with poison will die even if a man touches her, but my man is different. Devil-suppressing Golden Body, impenetrable … If you want to have a taste of a man, I'm afraid only my man can satisfy you, hehe. "

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang swept his eyes across the beautiful and ice-cold Devil Scorpion Princess, and couldn't help but let his imagination run wild.

"Humph!" Bai Ziqian snorted.

Chen Xiang hastily took out a jade box and handed it over to Bai Ziqian while grinning: "This is a present I gave to Sister Ziqian. I have greatly offended you back then, please forgive me!"

Bai Ziqian opened it only to see a few white flowers inside the jade box. But after she gently caressed it, her body suddenly trembled. As a female Poison Demon, she knew what these white flowers were, it was the Drunk G.o.d flower s, the Drunk G.o.d scent s that could make one of the Super Old poison s!

had both kinds of Super Old poison, so this lecherous brat was too dangerous. Since he was using impenetrable, he would definitely not have any qualms when refining the poison, and even she and the Demon Empress who used poison had to be careful when dealing with Super Old poison.

"At that time, I saw those guys directly burning the Drunk G.o.d flower to produce colorless and tasteless Drunk G.o.d scent, but I felt that the poison wasn't strong enough." Chen Xiang said, he also wanted to get stronger Drunk G.o.d scent.

"Of course not. You have to refine it before you can directly burn it. How much do you have now?" Bai Ziqian picked up a Drunk G.o.d flower and took a whiff. He frowned: "This Drunk G.o.d flower is indeed powerful, if a normal person smelt it, they would have already been drunk to death!"

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