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Chen Xiang had originally planned to register to work in this large pill shop, but did not expect that because he did not have a Alchemist level jade plate, the other party did not want it. This made him very depressed, so he could only use the last of the Spiritual crystal s to go to a huge city called Holy City. It was said that it was built on a very tall mountain, and could hold tens of millions of people.

This was the only place that could carry out the Alchemist's a.s.sessment. If Chen Xiang wanted to sell his pills at a higher price, he would need to be famous first.

Although the pellets here could only be sold for a high price, only then would people buy them, if it was Heaven level Pellets, it would be different, because there were not many of these pellets here, and even if the Alchemist s that could concoct Heaven level Pellets were not famous, but with their strength, Chen Xiang understood that many of the famous Golden Alchemist s would at most make some achievements in the area of high grade Ground level Pellets, but refining a Heaven level Pellet was not possible.

The people in this city all had decent strength. Chen Xiang noticed that there were a lot of Nirvana Realm people walking on the streets, and there were quite a few Immortal-ranked people.

After some investigation and inquiry, Chen Xiang found out that the main force who bought the pellets were at the Nirvana Realm. Someone with this kind of strength would be able to walk around safely and earn more Spiritual crystal s to trade for pellets, raising his own strength. Afterwards, there were some small and medium-sized forces who bought pellets to nurture their disciples. In this place where immortal beast frequently appeared, it was one thing for Nirvana Realm warriors to not be able to escape, so it was very dangerous for weak people to earn Spar.

"There is a shortage of medicinal herbs here, but when they are sold to the pill shops, the price is very low and there is no room for bargaining. Almost everyone who has the medicinal herbs in their hands sells them regardless of the quant.i.ty they have, because keeping the medicinal herbs fresh is also a very difficult matter."

Chen Xiang felt that many large pill shops had a powerful force behind them, and these powers had a large amount of medicinal ingredients, but would still continue to buy the medicinal ingredients on the market. In this way, they could monopolize the pill shops and make it impossible for the small pill shops to survive, those gold medal Alchemist s were probably made up by this group of people, if they wanted to become famous, they would need the help of these large forces, which was why many of the famous Alchemist s had opened their own pill shops, almost none of them were able to do so.

Spiritual crystal s had the same use as Spar s, but the Spiritual crystal had more energy and higher quality! Those large powers required a large number of Spiritual crystal, and they were usually used to lay down various large formations, using Spiritual crystal as an energy source.

Su Meiyao had already said that for the big powers in Heaven Realm, they would need a lot of time to speed up the formation so that they could grow some medicinal ingredients, and in order to guarantee the quality of the medicinal ingredients, they would need to use a lot of big array to nurture them. This required a lot of Spiritual crystal s, so many big powers tried their best to plunder these resources, ensuring that they could gather more and prevent the Spiritual crystal s from getting too many people.

In the past, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was able to support him and cultivate a powerful force, allowing him to conquer the nine heavens and the ten earth!

Therefore, many of the powerhouses were doing their best to develop their own forces just so that they could grasp more power. They could become the emperors that ruled the nine heavens and ten earth. This way, they could gather more resources and further enhance their strength!

"Looks like if I want to obtain the Spiritual crystal as soon as possible, I'll have to sell my good stuff, but these guys are all so unlucky, they definitely won't be willing to pay a high price, it's more like an auction or something." Chen Xiang was not willing to suffer a loss, so he would not sell high-grade medicinal ingredients with extremely low prices.

"Your strength is so weak, if you keep up such a high profile, you will definitely be targeted. I guarantee that you won't be able to sell anything, and there should be people of the same level as Super Yuan Sect Leader in this city, and there definitely won't be a lack of them! The Sacred Dan Realm on this side could be said to be a mini version of the Heaven Realm. "Without enough strength, you have stirred up the interests of those forces. Just wait to be dealt with!" Su Meiyao said. In a place where immortals were everywhere, Chen Xiang could not be reckless.

Forget about that, just by saying that the Dragon Subduing City Di Tian had attracted a group of people to surround and attack him, wasn't it because he had smashed someone's rice bowl? If he were to be discovered here by others with the potential to ruin someone else's life, he would definitely be killed.

To put it bluntly, it was because he did not have a backer!

"Power!" Chen Xiang secretly clenched his teeth. Without strength, he was just a piece of meat that anyone could slice through. If he had the strength of the White Tiger, what would he have to be afraid of! He would be able to run rampant like the White Tiger, and kill anyone who obstructed him.

Chen Xiang wandered around, and sold some of the high quality Goblin Pellets he had. However, their prices were still suppressed, but it allowed him to have around ten thousand Spiritual crystal s.

Just as he was walking around randomly, looking for an opportunity, a jade talisman suddenly shook, causing him to be surprised and delighted, because it was the jade talisman that was used to contact Bai Ziqian. In other words, Bai Ziqian found the Dark Mark he left behind!

"Who are you?" After Chen Xiang took out the jade talisman, he immediately heard Bai Ziqian's ice-cold voice. This Devil Scorpion Princess was extremely vigilant.

"Sister Ziqian, it's me, it's Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang anxiously replied.

"It's you?" You're actually still alive, and I thought you were beaten up by the Dragon Emperor! " Bai Ziqian said with some surprise.

"You know about me? Where are you? Your sister wants to see you! "

"I once eavesdropped on a few old fellows, so Dragon Emperor wanted to come over to take revenge for his son. They said that you were the one who killed Dragon Emperor's precious son."

Even though it had been a long time since Bai Ziqian last saw her, his name had always reached her ears, and she was extremely concerned about Bai Youyou, so she was very concerned about his safety. The reason why she went to various large cities to look for news about Chen Xiang, was because she never thought that Chen Xiang would come to this kind of place.

"I'm in Holy City, hurry …" The jade talisman suddenly lost its multicolored light, and Chen Xiang scolded this kind of inferior trash. Actually, this was because the distance was too far and too much energy had been gathered, causing the Spirit grain in the jade token to be destroyed.

After Chen Xiang told Bai Youyou about this, he made him extremely happy. She then had Chen Xiang immediately leave a secret pattern in the city and lead him to his residence. That way, they would be able to see Bai Ziqian very soon.

Chen Xiang rented a small house in a place where many poor people lived, and then waited for Bai Ziqian inside! He didn't expect that the giants would also care so much about him. If that was the case, he had to keep a low profile and not be targeted.

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