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Only a few people knew that the Prince Imperial Dragon was truly killed by Chen Xiang, and Du Hai was very clear of this fact.

Dragon Emperor and the rest also immediately left the Sacred Dan Realm. They heard that Dragon Emperor had even obtained a treasure chest from the Chaotic Mountain's place. The treasure inside was extremely precious, no wonder the Super Yuan Sect Leader would silence them.

At that time, the Super Yuan Sect Leader also thought that he had killed the Prince Imperial Dragon, so he did not refute her and was directly killed by the Dragon Emperor.

Although Chen Xiang escaped this calamity, there was no absolute truth in this world. He was still on guard against this matter being exposed, because the Prince Imperial Dragon was eaten by him and the dragon blood.

Now, those traitors and powerhouses in the Heaven Realm had all given up on Di Tian, because they really wanted to send their experts to Di Tian. That place was not their place now, and demons would definitely erupt into a huge war there, so they took Ji Meixian away. They could only raise the power of the Heaven Realm to an even higher level. When they were able to go to Di Tian in the future, they would launch an invasion to suppress the local powers of Di Tian and divide Di Tian up!

Two months later, Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed through the sixth Nirvana Doom, and every Beast statue in his body had six pellets of Heaven Pellets. These were all the rewards he had gained from consuming the Little Sacred Dragon Pellet, allowing him to breakthrough in an instant.

Chen Xiang returned to the cave and took out the three Treasure Chests he got from the Chaotic Mountain!

Very quickly, the mountain was destroyed, but Chen Xiang continued to curse.

"I still can't get my hands on them. These broken boxes are way too powerful!" Chen Xiang looked at the three black boxes and felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. He clearly knew that there were very powerful treasures inside, but he was unable to open them.

"We can only look for Elder Sister Meng'er and Warm Moon in the future! I really miss them. I wonder how they are doing now? " Chen Xiang kept the three Treasure Chests, and then left the ruins. Although he did not sense the power of the Dragon Emperor right now, he was afraid that Ji Meixian's plan would fail, so he did not dare step into the Sacred Dan Realm on the other side to prevent himself from being discovered.

When Chen Xiang came to a small town, he did not even manage to gather any news about that place. He felt that he would have to stay there for a while before going over to look around. At the same time, he would raise his strength and improve his alchemy grade.

After Chen Xiang arrived at that small town, he realized that there were not as many Alchemist s as he had imagined, but their pill refining skills were very high. From the pills that they had displayed, he could tell that there were some pills that were of a higher quality than what he had refined!

This also made Su Meiyao extremely excited, because such things rarely happened in Heaven Realm, Di Tian, and the other side of Sacred Dan Realm. And here, there were many Alchemist s that were able to do such a thing, as expected, this was a place with an extremely advanced alchemy dao, and this was merely a small town.

"sister Meiyao, Sister You You You, maybe I can help you recover your strength from here!" Chen Xiang said excitedly.

Although these two women would definitely leave him after they recovered their strength, that didn't mean they wouldn't meet again in the future. They were originally strong people, so staying in the ring for so long definitely didn't feel good. Once they regained their strength, they would definitely have many things to do.

"Hehe, my good little brother. I've already accepted you as my man. Don't worry, I'll be yours from now on." When Su Meiyao thought about it, she also felt that it was really difficult to part with Chen Xiang. If there came a day when she could temporarily leave Chen Xiang's side, it would be very uncomfortable for her.

Bai Youyou remained silent, but Su Meiyao knew that she had the same feeling. Although Bai Youyou didn't have a honest relationship with him like her, it was still impossible for her to not have any feelings for Chen Xiang. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had helped her a lot, making her relationship with Bai Ziqian better, and pulling her out of the road of no return.

When Chen Xiang heard about the nearby big cities in this town, he immediately rushed there. He still had to find Bai Ziqian here, this was a very difficult situation, because Bai Ziqian was currently a super fugitive, so he must be hiding things very well.

"When I was working with her in the past, I had made a dark line that led her to that city and marked it out in some obvious places, guiding her to find you! Only she and I can understand the content of those lines, so you don't have to worry. " Bai Youyou said.

In this real Sacred Dan Realm, Chen Xiang had four things he needed to do. He needed to collect the pellets that would help Su Meiyao and the others recover their strength, search for the Pill Saint, search for Bai Ziqian, and then raise his own strength. All of these could be done at the same time.

Chen Xiang came to a city. The city was not considered big, but Chen Xiang still left behind secret marks that guided her to a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper. That jade talisman was bought by a lot of Spiritual crystal, allowing Bai Ziqian to contact him.

This city was not big, but with the Transmission array, Chen Xiang could save a lot of time and head to the big cities to leave behind those secret prints, but every time he went to a city, he would need a large amount of Spiritual crystal s to buy them as well as the teleportation fees!

What made him even more depressed was that the medicine stores here did not accept other people's pills, because every pill shop had their own Alchemist s, and these pills from the Alchemist all had their own unique auras. Some people believed that these Alchemist s were here to buy, because there was no lack of outstanding Alchemist s.

If he were to sell them here, he would only lose out. He might as well sell them to Di Tian, because he would be able to earn more there. Therefore, Chen Xiang did not plan to sell any low levelled pills or high levelled herbs here, as they were all very worthless.

Therefore, he planned to join a large scale pill shop. Only by becoming a famous Alchemist, would he be able to earn more, because he discovered that they were both kinds of pills, but because they had the name of a famous Alchemist, they were only worth one or two times more than others, or maybe even higher. However, there were still many people who bought them, and this was the effect of the brand.

Because there was no lack of pills here, they were not famous, and no one would covet them no matter how good the quality was. This phenomenon made it hard for Chen Xiang to understand, why are the same quality, why are the cheaper ones not bought by anyone?

Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of a very large pill shop and was in the middle of a queue to sign up for the recruitment. As long as he pa.s.sed the examination, he would be able to enter and do odd jobs.

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