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Du Hai heaved a sigh of relief. Chen Xiang had already gone over to that side, and would be safe for the time being unless Dragon Emperor could find that side. At that time, Chen Xiang would have to rely on his own good fortune.

This group of people were very strong. When they traversed across Blood Devil Forest, the monsters underground of Blood Devil Forest didn't dare to act recklessly, as they were frightened by this peerless Dragon Emperor.

Amongst the Heaven Sacred City, Ji Meixian saw Zhao Yiprofound following an old man and flying in from the sky. She had used the White Sea Imperial Land's secret treasure to send the message, and after Zhao Yiprofound got wind of it, he immediately brought the White Sea Imperial Land's experts over.

Those traitor powers had sent people to the Sacred Dan Realm to search for the treasure, but they all died. However, they knew that Ji Meixian was still alive, because his life orb wasn't broken.

In a hall in the Heaven Sacred City, Ji Meixian was a little apprehensive. She never thought that after rebirth, she would be able to face so many strong experts, and amongst these strong people, there were some that she had known back then, but that was only by chance. Fortunately, she had covered her face in the past, so no one knew her appearance.

The Dragon Emperor was seated at the head of the group. He was a st.u.r.dy and mighty handsome middle-aged man, the golden-red armor made him look even more domineering.

"Tell me everything you know, why is it that only you are still alive when everyone is dead?" The Dragon Emperor's voice was indifferent, but it gave Ji Meixian a headache. It was obvious that she did this on purpose, making it so that she did not dare lie.

"I was not the only one who survived. At that time, Super Yuan Sect Leader also came with us, and he also came out alive! Furthermore... It was he who killed Prince Imperial Dragon! " Ji Meixian acted as though he was afraid and asked anxiously.

It was actually killed by Super Yuan Sect Leader! Everyone was surprised, because they suspected that it was Chen Xiang who did it. When Dragon Emperor heard it, he was enraged, because at that time when he went to Super Yuan Mountain, Super Yuan Sect Leader said that he did not go, he arranged for Clan Elders to accompany him.

Ji Meixian knew that Super Yuan Sect Leader would lie, and she admired Chen Xiang even more now. This way, Super Yuan Sect Leader would definitely become the scapegoat.

Ji Meixian explained everything in detail, from the moment they set out to the moment the Super Yuan Sect Leader made his move against the Prince Imperial Dragon. Of course, in order to not be seen through, she also mentioned the matter of Chen Xiang becoming Dongfang Lingyun.

"Three horns Dragon King... No matter how strong Chen Xiang was, he would not be able to kill him. What happened in Chaotic Mountain? will they clash? " Dragon Emperor's face was cold. He walked in front of Ji Meixian and pressed a big hand on the top of Ji Meixian's head.

Zhao Yiprofound and Ji Meixian had Master-servant Contract, and Ji Meixian had Master-servant Contract as well. They were worried that they would be seen through, but Ji Meixian had already made preparations beforehand so that he could use the divine clothes to hide himself.

Dragon Emperor closed his eyes and activated his sacred art. He searched through Ji Meixian's memories and indeed, he saw many things that were exactly as Ji Meixian had said. He had also seen the scene of Chen Xiang chopping off Prince Imperial Dragon's arm. Because the time between two worlds were different, when Super Yuan Sect Leader made his move against Prince Imperial Dragon, the time of death could not be predicted.

But no matter what, the Prince Imperial Dragon was dead, and he was still alive. He had even lied about not going to the Chaotic Mountain, he just did not think that Ji Meixian was still alive, otherwise, he would not dare to lie to the Dragon Emperor!

"Go to Super Yuan Mountain!" Dragon Emperor opened his eyes and roared.

Ji Meixian had already fainted, but Zhao Yiprofound anxiously went to help her up, she was fine, she was only unconscious for the time being.

It was actually not Chen Xiang! But what about Chen Xiang? Did Chen Xiang also die in the Chaotic Mountain? Or did Chen Xiang sneak out after entering? Chen Xiang's death was hard to accept for many people, even for these strong warriors to view him as an undying c.o.c.kroach.

Just as they left the Heaven Sacred City, they saw a group of women running outside the city!

"That is the Demon Empress … And Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan! Xue Xianxian is Chen Xiang's wife and the white-haired Leng Youlan is Chen Xiang's recognized sister. As long as we capture them, we can force Chen Xiang to hand over the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. We might even be able to make Chen Xiang appear. A purple-robed elder said, he was from Purple Moon Imperial Land.

Seeing the group of people with monstrous power in the sky, the Infernal Queen's face changed drastically. She recognized that most of them were the heavyweights of the traitors.

"Catch them!" Dragon Emperor shouted.

Just as Lv Qinlian was about to attack, a black light suddenly flashed. Those with good eyes can see that a person was flying over, and used his leg to kick away the powerful experts from the traitor Faction.

The person who suddenly appeared was none other than the White Tiger!

Liu Meng'er and the others heaved a sigh of relief. They knew that this was Chen Xiang's man, and the bottom of the pit would help them! Originally, the group of women wanted to immediately go to the place Chen Xiang talked about, but they found some resources and medicine on the way, which delayed them for a bit. When they arrived at the entrance of the Heaven Sacred City, they met the Dragon Emperor!

Before, the Demon Empress had told them that Chen Xiang had angered the Dragon Emperor. They did not expect that this Dragon Emperor did not have the slightest demeanor, and actually wanted to use them to threaten Chen Xiang!

"They are all women, yet you guys actually managed to do it!" The White Tiger's expression was calm as it looked at the few experts that he had kicked into two.

This kick of the White Tiger intimidated those people who came over from Heaven Realm. Even Long Yanjing frowned, he could see that the person in front of him had the same strength as him!

Facing an existence like the White Tiger, the experts from the traitor Faction did not dare to act recklessly. Although they were furious, they could only watch.

"Who are you?" Dragon Emperor looked down at the White Tiger from high up in the sky, his voice ice-cold.

"The Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School!"

Before this, he might have suppressed his power because he did not dare to reveal himself, but now that he obtained the Dark Rule spiritual bead and used the power of darkness, it would not be seen through at all. In his eyes, this so called Dragon Emperor was merely a fellow who was killed by him in an instant.

To dare call himself the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School in front of the Dragon Emperor, this person was either an idiot or was truly capable.

Dragon Emperor and White Tiger looked at each other for the time it took to brew a cup of tea. Dragon Emperor frowned, perspiring profusely.

He actually left!

Everyone originally thought that the Dragon Emperor would fight with the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School, but after secretly fighting with him, the Dragon Emperor chose to leave!

After the Dragon Emperor left, Bai Xing suddenly walked out and said to the White Tiger: "Leave them to me, quickly go find Chen Xiang!"

The White Tiger nodded and turned into a black light before disappearing!

Liu Meng'er and the others had originally wanted to go to the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, but now that they had met Bai Xing, it was quite a coincidence.

Very quickly, the news that the Prince Imperial Dragon was not killed by Chen Xiang spread. This was done by the Super Yuan Sect Leader, and the entire Super Yuan Mountain was exterminated, it was said that the Super Yuan Sect Leader could not even speak, and was directly killed by the Dragon Emperor …

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