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Pride Pill G.o.d 10933 - Pride Pill G.o.d from (1)

This was the profoundwu diamond armour that his father, Dragon Emperor, had always talked about, the divine armor that even the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword could not shake. This was also why he was unable to cause any damage to his body earlier, and why Chen Xiang had purposely let him attack first so that he could relax and then, when he was unprepared, make a ruthless counterattack!

When Chen Xiang fought with Huang Jintian before, it was because Huang Jintian's strength was much stronger than his, and as a weak person, if he wanted to defeat the strong, he couldn't just rely on brute force. He had to conserve his strength and allow his strength to attack the enemy as much as possible.

The profoundwu diamond armour was indestructible. If Chen Xiang had released it right from the start, he would have been on guard against it long ago. He would not be so relaxed because he still knew too little about Chen Xiang!

Prince Imperial Dragon, who had lost both of his arms, only wanted to turn into his original body right now, so that his power could explode out. Otherwise, he would have been sliced into pieces by Chen Xiang's sharp divine blade, and right now, he already had an unprecedented fear, fear of death. He, who had always thought that he would not die, finally knew how unbearable this fear was.

Prince Imperial Dragon's body flashed with a golden light. Chen Xiang knew that he was going to turn into his original body!

"I will wait for your father, Dragon Emperor, to come find me. If he comes looking for me, I will kill him just the same!" Chen Xiang chopped horizontally with his blade, cleanly cutting off Prince Imperial Dragon's head, and at the same time hacking down vertically, splitting Prince Imperial Dragon's body apart from the center!

"This... Little Sheng Long is dead? " Mountain Spirit looked at Chen Xiang's calm face. He couldn't believe that after killing a holy dragon, he was still so calm.

Chen Xiang withdrew his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and consumed a handful of medicinal pellets. From the moment he launched his counterattack, his strength had been unleashed at his peak condition, which caused a huge loss.

"Chen Xiang..." Prince Imperial Dragon's head that was rolling on the ground on the side uttered a sound, he was actually still alive.

Chen Xiang walked over, placed a palm on the head, and used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search through his memories.

"Ah... Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, you actually … "Don't even think about knowing my secret!" Prince Imperial Dragon used an unknown secret technique to suddenly erase all of his memories. He knew that he was dead for sure, but he did not let Chen Xiang know of his memories.

"That's enough!" Chen Xiang smiled, because he already knew that this was the signal that they would use to make their decision when they entered.

Prince Imperial Dragon's death caused the Imperial Dragon Race's Dragon Emperor to immediately notice it. The sound of the dragon's roar shook the nine heavens, and the Dragon Emperor's killing intent enveloped the heavens, causing them to feel extremely fearful.

Chen Xiang stuffed all of Prince Imperial Dragon's corpse into the Yanlong furnace as fast as he could. This kind of precious thing, without using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine the pellet, Chen Xiang would feel that it was unfair for him.

"Oya, there's another good pill to eat. Although I feel that eating my own kind is a bit strange, but if the taste is good, I won't mind." Long Xueyi said excitedly: "Haha, this guy is still using the Twin Dragon Pearls. Little Scoundrel, make two pellets, you and I can also obtain the Divine Dragon Bloodline after eating one, and the Dragon Power is also the The power of the holy dragon! What about me? As for the combination of the White Dragon and the Holy Dragon, it will be even more powerful, I am definitely going to be the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord! "

Chen Xiang was also excited in his heart, he said: "Little Naughty Dragon, you must quickly grow up, at that time, the difficult task of annihilating that Dragon Emperor will be handed over to you, the Chief Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School!"

"Hurry up and refine the pills! This Prince Imperial Dragon is really kind, isn't it better to just stay in the dragon nest of the Imperial Dragon Race? You actually gave us the ingredients needed to concoct pills, we must thank him! " Long Xueyi was overjoyed, and Chen Xiang's strength had also exceeded her expectations. Using some simple method, he quickly sent the Prince Imperial Dragon into the pill furnace.

Chen Xiang despised this heartless, gluttonous dragon very much, to the point of not even letting his own Imperial Dragon Race's Holy Dragon go.

"Kid, what are you doing?" When Mountain Spirit saw Chen Xiang pick up Prince Imperial Dragon's body like he was picking up mushrooms, and put it into the pill furnace, a flame started up. It looked like he was cooking a pot of dragon meat soup.

At the very least, he had to take out some of the things inside, such as dragon pearls. But now, Chen Xiang wanted even his head!

"I'm concocting pills!" Chen Xiang said.

"What?" You are courting death! Refining this kind of unique beast that was raised by the heavens and earth into a pill is a huge taboo in the Alchemist. Do you want to survive the next time you receive a Nirvana Doom? " Mountain Spirit shouted in shock.

"Really?" This is the first time I have met such a dragon of good quality. I am a Alchemist, if I don't refine this holy dragon, how would I be able to face the ancestors? " Chen Xiang wasn't afraid of any Nirvana Doom, nor could he go through any troubles with Long Xueyi's stomach. He was the same as this greedy female dragon, this kind of thing being able to refine a pill was definitely a huge supplement.

"d.a.m.n it, if I eat a pill made from this stuff, what would I do if I miss it in the future?" Long Xueyi muttered to himself.

"Then pray for more dragons to come after me." Chen Xiang laughed.

Seeing Chen Xiang's smiling face, the Mountain Spirit thought that he had met a madman. This fellow was comparable to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord from before, and was specialized in this kind of heaven defying thing, and he was extremely proud of it.

"Senior Mountain Spirit, when will there be a way out?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Soon, when all of you are half dead, the tunnel will open, and then you can go to that place where the treasures are hidden. But I will tell you first, there will definitely be a dispute, and in their eyes, you are a peerless enemy …"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Senior, don't worry about me, I already have a way to deal with it!"

Chen Xiang heard the secret signal given by the Super Yuan Sect Leader. If he ate the pellet refined by the little holy dragon, then he would still be able to own the The power of the holy dragon, and at that time, he would be able to impersonate the Prince Imperial Dragon without being seen through. He felt that the Mountain Spirit should be extremely worried about those guys, because he would not even know what would happen if he died.

Outside the Chaotic Mountain, the mournful and furious dragon roar echoed throughout the entire Sacred Dan Realm. This was the dragon cry released by the Imperial Dragon Race!

Outside the Chaotic Mountain, there were many people from the ancient powers. After hearing the dragon roar, some of the old people said in shock, "Prince Imperial Dragon is dead, Dragon Emperor is furious, this..."

"Why is he dead? Could it be Chen Xiang? "

"It was actually Chen Xiang who did it, now Chen Xiang's Dragon Subduing School is completely done for!"

"Not necessarily. It's not good for Di Tian right now, moreover the Sacred Dan Realm is very stable. No matter how strong the Dragon Emperor is, it's impossible for him to break through the power of this law. It's already not bad that he could transmit his voice over! "

She had to admire the little disaster that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had cultivated, who managed to kill a Holy Dragon just like that. She felt that Chen Xiang would really be able to shake the two super strong forces in Heaven Realm and Imperial Feather Race in the future!

"Pride of the Pill G.o.d 1093-"

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