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"Mysterious G.o.d!"

"Holy Dragon Sword is said to be refined from the skeleton of a powerful holy dragon. It's a top grade Holy level Dragon Artifact! It's close to a Divine Artifact!" Long Xueyi said.

Prince Imperial Dragon was forced back a few steps by Chen Xiang's punch. He could not help but be shocked in his heart, Chen Xiang had actually used his fist to block his furious sword strike.

Chen Xiang's fist, which was wrapped around the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, was comparable to a divine tool in existence. It was extremely firm, and at the same time, it also possessed a very powerful strength. Following the jump of the mysterious Killing-G.o.d heart on his chest, the overflowing killing intent inside it turned into a terrifying killing intent, causing the two fists to become even more terrifying!

This sudden killing intent caused Prince Imperial Dragon's face to change, because he had seen this kind of killing intent before, he had seen many strong experts, but only his father had this kind of terrifying killing intent, and this killing intent seemed to have surpa.s.sed his father.

Chen Xiang took a step forward, traversed the s.p.a.ce, and suddenly arrived in front of Prince Imperial Dragon. A pair of killing fists with the power to kill and look down at the entire world came out like a bolt of lightning, instantly transforming into hundreds of fist shadows, enveloping Prince Imperial Dragon, the power of the punches carried a overflowing killing intent, and ruthlessly struck Prince Imperial Dragon's body.

Chen Xiang could clearly feel that his fist, in that instant, had all landed on Prince Imperial Dragon's body. Waves after waves of power surged out from his fist, causing him to feel extremely carefree!

In that instant, Prince Imperial Dragon also felt a scorching pain drilling into his body. He let out a stuffy groan, and his body instantly overflowed with a large amount of golden dragon scales.

"No wonder..."

The The power of the holy dragon erupted from the dragon claw, making it seem even more berserk and powerful. Adding to that speed, Chen Xiang was unable to dodge and was struck on the shoulder, causing his arm to be in pain, the dragon claw even left a few deep claw marks on the thick arm.

"If I'm not wrong, you should have the White Tiger Divine Weapon!" As long as he killed Chen Xiang, he would be able to obtain the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and White Tiger Divine Weapon. This would further stabilize his future position as emperor.

Chen Xiang saw the fanaticism in his eyes and shook his injured shoulder, "You can't get it!"

At this point in time, he had already realised that the Prince Imperial Dragon's defense was extremely strong and his speed was extremely fast. That claw just now was so fast that he was unable to dodge it.

Now he understood why the Mountain Spirit said that there was a huge difference in strength between him and the Prince Imperial Dragon. The Prince Imperial Dragon did not have Nirvana Doom in the first place, and had extremely superior natural cultivation conditions, so even if he slept, he could raise his strength. The gluttonous female dragon in the ring was the same.

"This guy is unable to transform into his original body because the s.p.a.ce here is limited. This is also a chance for you to defeat him. If he doesn't transform into his original body, then his strength won't be the strongest." Long Xueyi whispered to Chen Xiang.

And at this time, Chen Xiang's chest had an additional scratch, the speed of this Prince Imperial Dragon's attack was shockingly fast, it was extremely urgent for him to kill Chen Xiang and obtain his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and White Tiger Divine Weapon.

The Holy Dragon Sword and the sharp dragon claws continued to attack, the attack was extremely powerful, as though they wanted to crush Chen Xiang into pieces. The sword and the claw combined, with their extremely fast speed, the Prince Imperial Dragon had the upper hand, while Chen Xiang was forced to continuously retreat.

"It's just a mortal body, nothing more than that!" Every time Prince Imperial Dragon saw the claw marks on Chen Xiang's body, he would feel extremely proud and feel even more disdainful. "Do you think you're qualified to shout and kill me? I am a dragon, and you are a human! "

Chen Xiang's body trembled, the gold light suddenly flashed out, just as he was retreating, he suddenly welcomed the Prince Imperial Dragon's berserk attack, the green light in his hands flickered, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared!

Prince Imperial Dragon only felt that this time his Holy Dragon Sword and Dragon Claw had come into contact with an extremely st.u.r.dy object, and when he saw the cyan light flash by, he immediately panicked. He never thought that Chen Xiang, who was about to be suppressed to the point where he couldn't even raise his head, would suddenly have such a counterattack, and when he realized that this cyan light was from a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that had previously chopped off one of his arms, it was already too late!

"What a powerful kid, Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, profoundwu diamond armour, and White Tiger Divine Weapon are all on him. When Little Saint Dragon was in high spirits, he caught Little Saint Dragon by surprise and cut off one of his dragon claws!" Mountain Spirit secretly praised in his heart.


Prince Imperial Dragon's arm had just fallen to the ground, when a huge palm came crashing down, bringing about a strong pressure and crushed that arm into pieces. At the same time, it raised a wave of air, making Prince Imperial Dragon retreat a few steps.

The Killing-G.o.d heart on his chest jumped about crazily, as a diagram of a flowing river appeared behind him. After the boundless ocean waves charged towards him, it surged like a river, swallowing the mountains and rivers, turning into a wave of energy that rushed into his body, causing his strength to increase by several fold.

Just as he was about to dodge, a Great Void Star Seal appeared, and the star formed from its energy fell down with a crackling sound. This was one of the Celestial Slain Method, combined with Chen Xiang's Killing-G.o.d heart, the Heaven Earth Killing Method was even more brutal, as if it was an ancient era where the stars were wreaking havoc on the earth.

The moment the Great Void Star Seal was released, Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword rushed over in an urgent manner. It brought along an incomparably berserk pressure that shook the entire stone room, making it seem as if it was about to crack!


Another loud sound, which covered up the Prince Imperial Dragon's dragon cry. Chen Xiang could feel that the Prince Imperial Dragon's vitality was still very strong, the brutal attacks did not stop, and his body emerged with the Devil-suppressing holy power. The Holy Devil-suppressing seal's secret "Subduing" strength, merged into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, was accompanied by the power of the Myriad Mountains and Seas!


When the blade came out, cracks appeared in the s.p.a.ce of the stone room. When the blade landed on Prince Imperial Dragon's body, it caused the Prince Imperial Dragon to let out a dragon's roar that pierced through the heavens. Half of Prince Imperial Dragon's shoulder was split off by Chen Xiang, and was dripping with blood, gradually transforming into his original form.

In order to prevent the Prince Imperial Dragon from immediately reconnecting his arms, Chen Xiang smashed another Great Void Star Seal down, turning it into minced meat. Chen Xiang who had an overflowing killing aura now released all the power in his body, and every attack was incomparably brutal!

"I am a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School, and am here specifically to lower the dragon. You are just a stepping stone for me! Don't underestimate me, a Dragon Subduing Leader! " Chen Xiang stabbed his sword into the Prince Imperial Dragon's dragon scales. The sharpness of Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s was not something those dragon scales could stop.

"Pride of the World Pill G.o.d 1092-"

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