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The Nirvana Doom Chen Xiang was currently facing. It was already beyond what a normal person could face. Because he himself was a Alchemist. In addition, the technique he trained in was quite heaven-defying. He was only at the Nirvana Realm. There were so many Heavenly Cores in his body. It would be strange if his Nirvana Doom wasn't powerful. Even the Mountain Spirit was shocked when he saw this.

The Robbery power seemed to be endless. And it was getting stronger and stronger. Now it had increased to tens of thousands of attacks in an instant. However, the energy that Chen Xiang released this time was not the least bit weak. He was not just defending. At the same time, he also retaliated against the Robbery power. Some of the Robbery power had yet to approach his body. It was smashed into pieces by him using the supreme Dragon Power.

The Innate Qi in Chen Xiang's body was terrifyingly thick. After all, they had already formed a Heavenly Pill. Not just a lot. And the quality was very high. If he survived the five Nirvana Tribulations. Facing the seven or eight Nirvana Tribulations, he did not care anymore. If it was those demons. He used the Devil-suppressing holy power. He could easily instkill them.

This was also why the demons were strongly against him possessing a weapon like the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Especially those traitors. This was because the traitors were worried that they would have evil intentions in the future. When he faced the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. would be harvested by Chen Xiang like a blade of gra.s.s.

The last wave of Robbery power attacks ended. Chen Xiang straightened his back. Stand there. Cold air was emanating from his body. He did not use any external items. He would have successfully pa.s.sed through the Nirvana Doom.

"Power of giving. "Come on." Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly. He vented the excitement in his heart. As long as the fifth batch of Heavenly Pills was successfully formed. He had already stepped into the Nirvana Tribulation. He would have to keep his word. Go and release the Super Old Fire Beast beneath the You Ming Deep Abyss.

The mysterious Power of giving descended. It poured into Chen Xiang's body. This kind of power seemed to be specialized in helping living beings resist the heavens and the earth. After every breakthrough. They all bestowed power upon the living. It allowed the creatures to become even more powerful.

After absorbing the Power of giving. Ten days had pa.s.sed. Every Beast statue in Chen Xiang's Dantian. Each had an extra Heavenly Pill. There were now a total of twenty-five pills.

"I've broken through." Senior Mountain Spirit. You better not hide. " Chen Xiang laughed. He then asked, "When will I meet the opponent who is waiting for me? I just broke through. I can't wait. "

"Don't be complacent. Your own potential is indeed quite good. However, you are far from being able to face that little holy dragon. " The Mountain Spirit said. He had already told Chen Xiang clearly. His opponent was the Prince Imperial Dragon.

The people who entered this place. Only half of them could go to the place where the treasure was kept. Therefore, they had arranged for people to come in and fight to the death.

"Ask what you want. I can only say that I know. Or what I can say. " The Mountain Spirit said.

"I want to know what is going on in the Chaotic Mountain. "Who was the guy who arranged for us to have a life-and-death duel?" Chen Xiang felt that this person's skills were very familiar to him.

"It's a dragon. That's all I can say. " Mountain Spirit's answer made Chen Xiang sink into deep thought.

In the past, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had two friends. One was a dragon. One was a Flame Lion. The hiding place of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was arranged by these two friends. And that Flame Lion was the Super Old Fire Beast that Chen Xiang met in the You Ming Deep Abyss. And the Super Old Fire Beast said. He was trapped there by the dragon.

Chen Xiang felt that everything was arranged here. It should be that dragon.

But he didn't know if the dragon was good or bad. Because the dragon had trapped the Super Old Fire Beast. So he had doubts. Was it because the Super Old Fire Beast was not a good thing? That was why he was trapped by the dragon. He had an agreement with the Super Old Fire Beast. As long as he possessed the strength of the five Nirvana Tribulations. Then he would have to help the Super Old Fire Beast escape.

That dragon is very powerful. You can make a way to the center of the earth. Furthermore, at that time, Di Tian still hadn't broken apart yet. The earth's core was extremely powerful.

"Senior Mountain Spirit. Are you even a Mountain Spirit of this mountain? " Chen Xiang asked again. This mountain came from the chaosworld. He wanted to know some things regarding the chaosworld.

"It can be said to be true. "It can also be said that it isn't …" The Mountain Spirit sighed: "I was originally a Mountain Spirit of another mountain. But I did come from the chaosworld. And that mountain could also be considered a Chaotic Mountain. Only the mountain had been destroyed. That guy wants to give me a place to stay. That's why I'm here. It's that dragon. "

This Sacred Dan Realm only appeared when Di Tian was about to collapse. At that time. This was the place where traitors came to hide their treasures. That dragon might have brought the Mountain Spirit here before this.

"I came early. At that time, the group of traitors had yet to find the mountain. When they tie things up here. I'll tell the dragon. Let him do something here. They were going to use it to swindle the descendants of those traitors. I just didn't expect a weirdo like you to sneak in. " The Mountain Spirit said, "So you better not die."

"Senior. "How does the chaosworld look like?" Chen Xiang clenched his fists. He was excited. Because it was a very mysterious world. Mountains that fall from there are so terrible.

"How should I put it? It was a very chaotic world. There was no order. It's not as harmonious as these worlds. And here, the Primal Chaos clan. It was from there. The people of the chaosworld had come to punish them. I just dropped down a lot of huge mountains. Back then, he had killed many powerful experts. And there was also the Chaos Fire Token … As well as a palace specially designed for harming people. Cough cough. I said too much. "

A palace for harming people. Chen Xiang immediately thought of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. It was actually the work of someone from the chaosworld. Chen Xiang found it hard to believe the vision of that world that many strong warriors had. He actually made such a thing to harm others.

Chen Xiang was suspicious at the moment. The death of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord all those years ago. The split with Di Tian. Perhaps it was the people of the chaosworld who were behind this. The White Tiger had also said so. That power was very powerful.

"Enough. I've said enough. Rest first. After that, he released his strongest power. If it was successful. You will meet that little holy dragon very soon. " The Mountain Spirit said.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths. Don't let your imagination run wild. Because the more he thought about it, the more it seemed to him. The more uneasy he became. This was because after he felt that he was strong … It was very likely that he would face the mysterious power of the Primal Chaos world. And those traitors might once again get the support of the forces behind the scenes.

Innate Qi s from the twenty-five Heaven Pellets suddenly surged out. Like a dragon's roar, it sprayed out from Chen Xiang's body. Shocking the entire stone room. It was also at this time. White light exploded in the stone room.

Following that … He saw the Prince Imperial Dragon. His battle with the Prince Imperial Dragon. It was finally here.

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