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Everyone stood in front of the door and took the chance when Chen Xiang wasn't paying attention to them, to look at each other, then took out stone pieces and threw it towards the grooves on the door. At the same time, they channeled energy into the stone pieces, causing them to emit multicolored light, automatically sticking to the grooves.

Chen Xiang acted as though he was working very hard, that was why he waited until everyone was finished before he threw the stone out. His forehead was covered in sweat, and he looked very tired, causing the young people to sneer in their hearts, because it was easier to succeed this way.

The moment the door opened, the young people that followed them would immediately make their move. This was also what the big shots had discussed in secret to see which power's young people were the most powerful.

After the purple stone in Chen Xiang's hand flew past, it stuck onto the door, causing it to emit "kacha kacha" sounds. It trembled slightly, and a crack appeared in the middle of the mountain wall.

At this moment, those young people suddenly made their moves. Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and the Heavenly Maiden of the Sheng Domain, the grandson of the Super Yuan Sect Leader, as well as the Prince Imperial Dragon, all held various kinds of weapons in their hands.

"little maid, retreat!" In that instant, Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Ji Meixian and then used Form Displacement Shadow, changing the position between him and Super Yuan Sect Leader's grandson.

No one would have thought that by the time everyone managed to react, there were already more than ten swords stabbing Super Yuan Sect Leader's precious grandson's body, and Prince Imperial Dragon's dragon claws had even dug out his heart!

After the light rays from the door disappeared, the Super Yuan Sect Leader roared, and smashed towards the group of youths. All of the weapons were shattered, and those who had the power to attack were all severely injured, leaving only the situation in Prince Imperial Dragon a little better!

"This …"

Amongst these youths, only Ji Meixian who was slightly slower could survive. This was because when Chen Xiang had sent a sound transmission to her, she was already affected, causing the others to be much slower than her! She had thought that Chen Xiang had followed them here!

Super Yuan Sect Leader's eyes were completely red. He wanted to kill Chen Xiang with one palm right now, but he had to save his grandson.

"Where is he!" A big shot shouted, they did not expect Dongfang Lingyun to be so sinister, knowing this kind of method.

"Everyone, be careful, this is my Imperial Dragon Race's teleportation, he must be Chen Xiang!" Prince Imperial Dragon had just been injured by the angry Super Yuan Sect Leader, and there was blood at the corner of his mouth.

A cyan light suddenly flashed, and Chen Xiang who was hiding in s.p.a.ce suddenly appeared. Holding an incomparably domineering Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hand, he used the Canglang Slash of the Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Slash, smashing towards Prince Imperial Dragon like a tidal wave!

Sensing the danger approach him, he dodged it abruptly. However, Chen Xiang's blade stroke was extremely fast, so even though Prince Imperial Dragon dodged it, one of his arms was still chopped off by Chen Xiang.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Seeing Chen Xiang appear, the Three horns Dragon King turned one of his arms into a gigantic purplish black dragon claw and swiped towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, dodging it like lightning, in the blink of an eye he was already inside the door.

Prince Imperial Dragon looked at the ground where the Three horns Dragon King had smashed his dragon claw. His entire body was trembling in anger and the dragon blood on his severed arm was flowing nonstop.

"Chen Xiang... Hurry and get out of here! " Prince Imperial Dragon glared at the door that Chen Xiang had disappeared into.

"Take care of him, I will go and get Chen Xiang's head back!" Super Yuan Sect Leader's voice was extremely cold, then he rushed towards the big door.

The elders that were left behind by the big heads, those who didn't have any elders power would be entrusted to the elders of the other powers, as they chased after Chen Xiang.

Ji Meixian did not go in, she praised Chen Xiang's hand endlessly. Originally, these powers wanted to let their own juniors shine, but they did not expect that in the end, they would almost cause the grandson of Super Yuan Sect Leader to die from serious injuries. Prince Imperial Dragon had also lost an arm, and the juniors of other forces were heavily injured.

Prince Imperial Dragon recovered quite a bit after he ate the immortal pellet, and his severed arm also quickly grew back. He was the son of Dragon Emperor, so he didn't accept any immortal pellets at all. When he was almost recovered, he ran through the door.

After Chen Xiang entered the gate, he arrived at a white and huge pa.s.sage. On the stone walls on both sides of the pa.s.sage, there were many doors, and each door was ten meters in front of and behind the other.

He quickly arrived at the end of the pa.s.sageway and discovered that it was also a door of the same size. At this time, there were already people chasing after him.

When the others came in and discovered that there were so many doors, they could not help but have a headache, because they did not know that Chen Xiang had walked through that door, and furthermore, did not know that these doors were the right one!

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, what happened just now …"

"There's no need to mention it, it's already past, now we have to stop Chen Xiang!" Super Yuan Sect Leader clenched his fists.

Furthermore, on the way here, they had been protecting Chen Xiang. They did not expect that at the last moment, they would actually be ruthlessly schemed against by Chen Xiang. They suddenly felt that they were all idiots!

Especially the secrets of the Chaos Fire Token, they had all been found out by Chen Xiang, and it was the Super Yuan Sect Leader herself who had told Chen Xiang all of it!

"Chen Xiang already knows the Chaos Fire Token's secret!" The Jinyang Leader sighed.

"We just need to kill him. We can't let him leave this Chaotic Mountain or us!" The Super Yuan Sect Leader said.

At this point in time, everyone already understood that Chen Xiang had already killed the Purple Moon Imperial Land's men and obtained the stone piece. After that, he would pretend to be one of the Purple Moon Imperial Land's men and sneak in with them, arriving at the Chaotic Mountain with them. This move was indeed very ruthless, if they had not wanted to kill Chen Xiang when the door was opened, Chen Xiang might even have easily left in the end.

"How do we get there now?" Chen Xiang is very sinister, we better not spread things out. "

"That's right, if he still impersonates one of us, then we'll be in trouble!"

"We will use our divine sense to confirm the secret signal. If we enter these doors and accidentally encounter each other, we will use the secret signal to confirm our ident.i.ty. If we can't find the secret signal, we will immediately act!" After the Super Yuan Sect Leader finished speaking, he sent a sound transmission to everyone and gave them a secret signal before he walked through these doors.

Chen Xiang walked along a tunnel, rubbing his chin, he laughed: "Secret code? I'll find a way to get it! I am a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School. I must kill one or two old fellows here or else how can I boast to Yun Xiaodao and the others in the future? "

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