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They were worried that Chen Xiang would bring out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. When they accidentally saw the Demon Palace again, it would be equivalent to them dying.

"little maid, did you talk about that Nine Heaven Devil Palace? "How did you die in there?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You better not bring out that Demon Palace! Back then, those two little girls were almost confused, I was the one who woke them up! After I chased them away, I went to Nine Heaven Devil Palace myself! " Ji Meixian warned Chen Xiang very seriously.

"Oh? Were you lured in? " Chen Xiang asked.

"At first, I could resist the temptation, but then the voice of the Demon Palace came out and told me that my uncle was inside. He was Ruthless Devil Venerable, the master of those two little girls. I was looking for him then, so I went, and the closer I got, the more I felt my uncle was inside! After I entered the Demon Palace, I really saw his figure! " As Ji Meixian said till here, he could not hide the fear in his voice.

"That must be an illusion. That must be the Demon Palace trying to confuse your mind." Chen Xiang said.

"That's true. This Demon Palace is a weakness that specifically seeks out your soul. At the same time, it will stimulate your body to the maximum, causing you to lose your mind and be unable to extricate yourself!" If I did not have that Divine Robe, I would have died inside. At that time, it was my Divine Robe that released its power to help me escape from the Demon Palace. " Ji Meixian replied, "This is a life-saving talisman that my mother left for me. I don't know how many times she saved me over the years."

"Of course, the Demon Palace is a terrifying place for the experts of the Heaven Realm. The strongest part isn't just that, some of my friends haven't appeared since they entered, it's a place to send those strong warriors to their deaths." If Ji Meixian wasn't Chen Xiang's slave, she would have definitely warned him like an elder right now, because she knew Chen Xiang was a guy that liked to mess around.

Ji Meixian sighed inwardly. She knew that once Chen Xiang found out about the use of Chaos Fire Token, he would definitely bring the Demon Palace out in the future.

After ten days of traversing the mountain ridges, the group finally reached the location indicated by the map. However, it was an extremely large lake, and looked like a sea on land. It was very likely that the Chaotic Mountain was hiding here.

"If not for this map, I'm afraid we wouldn't even be here. The latter half of our route would be very safe, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy!" This is a place that I didn't even dare to enter in the past, but I never thought that there would be such a hidden lake here! "

Super Yuan Sect Leader held up the lake water with both hands and then shouted anxiously, "There's poison in the lake! "Don't touch it!"

However, it was already too late. Not only did a few old men touch it, they even licked it!

Super Yuan Sect Leader's palms had already turned purple, he anxiously used his Spirit Qi to force the poison out, and the purple Qi surged out, the few old men were rolling on the ground, their mouths were swelling terrifyingly, with purple black color, the poison spread extremely quickly, more than ten experts rushed into the old men's bodies to release the poison out!

When the young men saw this, they hurriedly distanced themselves from the huge lake. The water of such a huge lake actually contained poison, but the poison wasn't very strong. Those old men had already recovered their lives.

"The Chaotic Mountain is hiding at the bottom of the lake?" one of them asked.

"It should be!" The Super Yuan Sect Leader nodded his head, "The poison in this lake must have been deliberately carried out by someone. Take out the stone pieces!"

Great Leaders, Chen Xiang and Prince Imperial Dragon all placed their stone pieces on the ground and then combined them together. But this time, it was different from last time, they used the picture on the back, and after combining, they used an octagonal Array.

"Pour your power into these pieces of stone, activate these pieces of stone!" The Super Yuan Sect Leader said.

Chen Xiang secretly channeled the energy within the Heaven Pellet, allowing it to flow into his body. After that, he released it from his finger and poured it into the stone piece, causing it to emit a purple glow.

The thirty pieces of stone were placed on the ground. They looked very irregular, but after everyone poured their power into them, they originally gave rise to a myriad of multicolored lights, but now they turned into a golden color.

The ground trembled slightly. Everyone immediately looked towards the huge lake and saw a pitch black mountain slowly floating up from the lake!

The mountain was very big, occupying the entire lake. When it floated up, it was unknown where the lake water went. When everyone stood underneath the mountain, they felt that the mountain was like a barrier that separated the world from the world. It was so tall that they couldn't see the top, the ends of the mountain.

Chen Xiang guessed that this Chaotic Mountain was around half the size of a Chen Martial Continent!

When the Chaotic Mountain appeared, the black substance suddenly melted, and a burst of bright silver white light appeared. A burst of ancient Qi leaked out, causing people to feel like they were back to the time when chaos first began!

When they thought of the seniors who hid this mountain all those years ago, they couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, this was definitely a very huge project, and Chen Xiang had already started to be wary of these people. Now, the last thing he wanted to do was to open the door to the inside.

Super Yuan Sect Leader looked around, and after confirming that there was no danger, he brought everyone to the big door!

On the mountain wall, there was a very flat area. There were 30 grooves there, and they were placed into the stone pieces, so everyone was sure that it was the entrance!

"Did these guys really plunder the East Tibet Province back then?" Chen Xiang could not help but become suspicious: "I don't think so. The things they looted should be used to maintain the inheritance!"

"You'll know when you go in. Maybe those guys found something inside and couldn't take it back then, so it was temporarily sealed away here." Su Meiyao said.

"That's possible, because the collapse of Di Tian was caused by a very strong and mysterious force. If they had such a good item, it would definitely have been taken away by that power. That's why they hid themselves." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang activated the Heaven tour method, observing everyone's expressions, only to see a few youths exchanging glances with the people from other powers, obviously preparing to take action.

"Aren't these guys afraid of being scolded by the Purple Moon Imperial Land? Although the Purple Moon Imperial Land is currently very weak, the Purple Moon Imperial Land above the Heaven Realm is definitely not weak! But it's not strange, these guys' ancestors and ancestor had betrayed Great Yan Jing for ten days, so it's normal for them to sell their allies now! "

Chen Xiang was also preparing himself, he planned to catch these people unprepared. Although he could not kill those old people, it was not a problem to kill a few little ones, who told these people to come here, they were still so dishonest!

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