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Although the Drunk G.o.d scent was a Super Old poison, the process of producing it was different from the Magical corruption gas's. Magical corruption gas required a large amount of dead bodies, and it was only produced by chance, and the Drunk G.o.d scent was produced from a type of flower.

White Drunk G.o.d flower were piled on the ground. A group of Primal Chaos barbarians that were relatively close to humans were burning these Drunk G.o.d flower with torches. It seemed that none of them were affected by the poisonous gas.

Chen Xiang quietly walked to the side of one of the piles, grabbed an unlit one and placed it into the ring. As long as it was not burnt, the Drunk G.o.d scent would not be in danger, and they were extremely beautiful.

As long as there was one, he could create a lot of them. At this time, he started to follow the group, and as soon as the Drunk G.o.d scent appeared, many people would die, as many people were secretly cursing the Super Yuan Sect Leader for running so fast.

In their eyes, this group of Primal Chaos Barbarians were much more terrifying than the previous ones. What was most unbelievable was that even the Three horns Dragon King had no way out with this poison.

"This poisonous dragon is too weak, even Super Old poison are afraid." Chen Xiang thought, at this time, everyone was still in a state of shock, as they were trying to remove the remaining poison aura in their bodies, and those youths had to wait for their seniors to finish expelling the poison, with the help of their seniors.

Those with relatively weaker strength were now mostly completely poisoned, and the Innate Qi in their bodies could not be used. After running frantically for their lives, their bodies were completely powerless and their bodies were weak as they sat there, easily able to kill them.

In order to not attract too much attention, Chen Xiang pretended to be poisoned and was trying to force the poison out of his body. However, in reality, he had obtained the Gra.s.s Wood Spirit from refining the poison, so when the audience saw that he was still able to escape alive, they all secretly rejoiced.

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, do you know the origin of these Primal Chaos barbarians? They actually possess such a terrifying thing like Drunk G.o.d scent, if we were to be used on a large scale by them, the consequences would be unimaginable, or if it was obtained by some other vicious person, then it would be even more dangerous. I think we should eliminate them. The Prince Imperial Dragon said.

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, he felt that the current Prince Imperial Dragon and these big shots of the powerhouses would definitely want those Drunk G.o.d flower, but they did not have the guts to take it now.

Super Yuan Sect Leader shook his head: "I have always come alone in the past, when I met them, I tried my best not to clash with them. It's just that this time, there are too many of us and we even fought against them, that's why they use this thing! The Primal Chaos Barbarians are not as simple as that. They only attack the ones with the lowest status among us. The strongest ones among them are roughly the same size as us! "

Chen Xiang had also seen those people just now. They were indeed different from the barbarians of Primal Chaos. Now, everyone could tell from the expression of the Super Yuan Sect Leader that those people were not to be trifled with.

"Wait until we find those items. If we increase our strength by a lot, we can discuss further!" Leader Jin Yang said.

"That's right. The Primal Chaos Berserker Tribe possesses such a dangerous item. We can't let them use it to commit crimes everywhere."

Chen Xiang suddenly felt extremely disgusted. If that group of Primal Chaos Barbarians had sent those Drunk G.o.d flower over, this group of decent looking fellows might have already fought over them. He had already obtained a Drunk G.o.d flower, and when he had time, he would personally use the creation divine liquid to study more.

This could not be done for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, as he was worried that he would be poisoned by these two women.

He had mastered two of the more powerful Super Old poison s. He felt that these Drunk G.o.d scent were not as powerful as the Magical corruption gas, but rather, they were capable of killing!

"If you can refine the Drunk G.o.d flower into powder and sprinkle it onto people's bodies, it will spread even faster. This poisonous gas will only be produced by simply burning it! To create an incredible poison, one has to refine the best thing in it through pill forging! " Bai Youyou had a certain understanding of poison concocting: "If it's powdered, once it's inhaled a little, the poison would become even more severe than the poisonous gas. It should be able to cause a strong person to instantly lose control of the Innate Qi."

Bai Youyou's words made Chen Xiang restless. He couldn't wait to refine a bunch of Drunk G.o.d scent s and use the experts here as experiments.

Chen Xiang observed over these people and discovered that Prince Imperial Dragon was the fastest to recover. He seemed to have some kind of miracle medicine and Ji Meixian was completely fine.

"little maid, are you alright?" Even so, Chen Xiang still asked with concern. Ji Meixian had once been a Yu Yi Immortal Fairy above the Heaven Realm, and she was so beautiful as well. In the future, she would definitely become a famous Ranker once again.

"It's fine, what about you? "Where are you?" Ji Meixian responded as she followed the thread of thought in her mind. She did not dare to look around, as she was afraid that it might arouse suspicion.

"Of course I'm fine! You have to be careful. There might be a lot of dangers along the way. Furthermore, you have to stay far away from that Prince Imperial Dragon. This guy is always staring at you. Chen Xiang said.

"I have the blood of the Undying Bird and the Golden-winged Great Peng in my body. The Dragon Clan's guys can easily sense it. I'll be careful of this!"

After confirming that everyone had recovered, they continued on their way. When they arrived, there were nearly two hundred people, but now, there were less than a hundred. They had all lost some of the stronger elders, and some of the older forces had even lost some of their juniors, causing the heavyweights to be in a bad mood.

Although they had encountered extremely powerful items like the Primal Chaos Savage Tribe and the Primal Chaos Savage Beast, they were certain that the treasures hidden in the depths of the cave were extremely powerful.

Back then, when they were on the road, Chen Xiang had heard from the Super Yuan Sect Leader that a lot of stones had fallen from the Primal Chaos Realm. Many of the huge mountains were dropped from the Primal Chaos Realm, but only one of them was found to be very special, later on it turned into a mountain. Many people had investigated it and found many mysterious places within, hence this place which had been struck by many stones from the Primal Chaos Realm was named the Chaotic Mountain.

The traitor who betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and an old patriarch of the Imperial Dragon Race came together to this place. They gathered some of the East Hidden Province into the disappeared Chaotic Mountain and then formed it into a map.

Chen Xiang suspected that the ancestor of the Super Yuan Mountain was also one of the traitors, the Imperial Dragon Race had also helped these people to topple the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord!

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, what are the uses of those Chaos Fire Token? How did you get it? " The fact that the Prince Imperial Dragon did not know about the Chaos Fire Token caused Chen Xiang to be extremely surprised. If he wanted the Chaos Fire Token to recognize him as its master, then he had to have dragon blood.

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