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There were also a few Alchemist s who followed along, and all of them were glaring at Chen Xiang.

"Why did you eat it?" A Dan King said coldly, his old face full of anger.

"If I don't eat this thing soon, he will run away. This is my experience, don't you know what this is?" Chen Xiang asked with a look of disdain.

There were many experienced and knowledgeable old fellows here, but none of them could recognize this thing. Since Chen Xiang could catch this stalk of mysterious gra.s.s from so many weeds, it must be a way to differentiate them.

"Gra.s.s Wood Spirit is another type of Caomu heavenly Dan. If you get it, you really need to swallow it down immediately, or else this thing will run really fast! " The one who spoke was Ji Meixian, she had previously told him that Chen Xiang had eaten the Caomu heavenly Dan.

"It's actually Gra.s.s Wood Spirit. It's said that people who obtain Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit can obtain the approval of the Earth, and can comprehend the power of the Earth. What a pity!" This kind of good thing was actually eaten by such a fellow. This made everyone want to hack Chen Xiang into eight pieces and then eat his flesh.

Everyone continued to rush, their killing intent towards Chen Xiang becoming more and more intense, but Chen Xiang ignored them, and continued to run as he allowed his Gra.s.s Wood Spirit to fuse with the Caomu heavenly Dan.

However, during the process of fusing, the Gra.s.s Wood Spirit would release a large amount of pure immortal energy. Chen Xiang circulated his profound arts, refined all of this immortal energy, and condensed it into the heaven pellet in his five Beast statue s.

"There's really a lot of Immortal qi! Once I completely absorb it, I'll be one step closer to transcending the five Nirvana Tribulations!" Chen Xiang was extremely surprised. Right now, his Gra.s.s Wood Spirit and Caomu heavenly Dan had not been merged yet, so he did not know what kind of effect it would have after being merged.

It made Chen Xiang want to laugh, but this group of people continued to play around for two or three days before giving up. At this moment, everyone was extremely jealous of this "Dongfang Lingyun", as he was actually able to obtain such a good item, but everyone knew that this person did not have long to live, as long as they finished using it, they could kill him.

"There are many people nearby who are very strong. It seems they all know how to use the power of chaos!" Long Xueyi suddenly warned.

Previously, the Super Yuan Sect Leader had said that they had left the area where the ferocious beasts resided, but that did not mean that this place was safe.

As expected, there were quite a number of people lying in ambush nearby. Seeing the black figures leap over, the experts that had been on guard all took action, unleashing terrifying energies that struck at the black figures that had ambushed them. All of a sudden, all kinds of light rays flashed, and various types of energy auras howled, blowing over the huge trees and ruining the ground.

"It's the Primal Chaos Berserker Tribe!" Super Yuan Sect Leader's voice was filled with surprise, he never thought that such a thing would appear here.

However, Chen Xiang could see that all of these people had very long hair on their bodies, and had very dense Chaotic Force in their bodies. In addition, their bodies were also very bandit, and Chen Xiang saw that many of the Chaotic Berserkers that were attacked only flew out with no injuries.

"These fellows with Chaotic Force are too fierce, they can actually make their own bodies become so strong!" Chen Xiang wanted to understand how this power of primal chaos came about. Previously, Lin Xiyi said that only strong people could have the power of primal chaos, and in the entire Chaotic Mountain, only a few could do it.

There were also beasts and barbarians of primal chaos among them. He didn't know why any of these things existed in the world.

At this moment, even the Prince Imperial Dragon had made their move. When the other young men saw this, they did not want to be outdone and started attacking the Chaos barbarians.

Chen Xiang did not attack. He stood there and observed carefully, the strongest attacking people were Super Yuan Sect Leader, he could send them flying with a single palm and the Three horns Dragon King was also very powerful. As long as they approached his tribe, they would all be tightly grabbed by their black dragon claws.

"Ah... Why can't I use the Innate Qi!? "

"I can't use it either!"

Everyone suddenly started shouting. The first to shout were all the young people, and then it was the group of old men's turn.

"Not good, it's the Drunk G.o.d scent, everyone hold your breath!" Super Yuan Sect Leader was also a lot weaker. He could only send two or three Primal Chaos barbarians flying with a single palm strike.

"One of the Super Old poison s!" An old man shouted in fear. At this time, a black figure pounced over and smashed his head apart with a single punch.

Its face was similar to that of a gorilla, and it was incredibly powerful. The old man's head was smashed by a punch, and then it was torn apart by that Chaos barbarian. The scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

"Everyone run!" Super Yuan Sect Leader picked up his grandson, and used his fastest speed to throw him aside, but actually ignored the rest of them.

At this moment, the ancient powers' experts had much of their energy drugged. They didn't have much of their power to use, but they could still use it to escape. They were all dragging a few youngsters with them.

At this moment, some of the weaker ones or those unlucky ones were hit by the Chaos barbarians that were flying towards them at an extremely fast speed. Those Chaos barbarians could use the violent power of Chaos and make a huge hole in their bodies with a single punch, then their corpses would be torn apart and eaten!

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi to follow the group of people, and he ran towards the direction where the Primal Chaos Barbarians were pouncing!

The Magical corruption gas of the Super Old poison could not do anything to him, so these Drunk G.o.d scent were naturally useless as well. The reason why he ran towards the lair of the Primal Chaos Barbarian was to find the source of those Drunk G.o.d scent. This was a good opportunity to call the Super Old poison, how could he let it go?

Chen Xiang had already used the Heaven tour method to observe his front and discovered that someone was burning some white flowers. Those flowers were only the size of a palm and as white as snow, they were extremely beautiful.

After Chen Xiang told Bai Youyou and the others, Bai Youyou said with certainty, "It must be the Drunk G.o.d flower! This Drunk G.o.d scent was refined from the Drunk G.o.d flower, as you have seen just now, even those who are stronger would be in trouble, this belongs to the Super Old poison, so it is prohibited to use it. If anyone discovers it, they will definitely be hunted down. "

"I didn't expect to be here. I really don't know how I got here!" Bai Youyou's older sister was a poison expert, so she knew about it.

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