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Walking in this mountain forest with his enemies made Chen Xiang feel weird, and at the same time, reminded him of the long-tongued monster in Blood Devil Forest.

"Leader, we have just received news that all three thousand of our hidden bows have died!" One of the clan elders standing beside Super Yuan Sect Leader said in a serious tone.

Super Yuan Sect Leader frowned and stopped. He clenched his fists and said, "Send the message back, we must find out who did it and use all the power we have. I want to know who was so bold as to kill all of our hidden bows!"

Chen Xiang snickered in his heart. He was extremely secretive at that time, and these people could not find out about it.

"Grandfather, could it be that old fellow from Du Family?" a young man asked.

"I'm not sure, but it's very possible that it's him. Not many people have that kind of strength!" Furthermore, our Great Elder and the two elders have been missing for a long time. It is very possible that this is related to what happened outside Heaven Sacred City. " Super Yuan Sect Leader snorted, and continued to lead the group on their journey.

Many people could tell that this Super Yuan Mountain had definitely suffered greatly. If not for the fact that they were looking for the Chaotic Mountain that had been missing for so many years, this Super Yuan Sect Leader would have personally investigate this matter.

What no one knew was that the person who caused him, the Super Yuan Mountain, to suffer such a huge loss was actually among them!

All the big shots here had secretly greeted them, but they had already decided to kill "Dongfang Lingyun", as long as they opened the door, they would immediately take action, and at that time, even Purple Moon Imperial Land would not know that it was them who did it.

In order to allow this "Dongfang Lingyun" to safely reach that place, the crowd had to let him walk in the middle. Chen Xiang was currently thinking what kind of expression this group of old fellows would have if they knew his true ident.i.ty.

After a long time, Chen Xiang realized something strange. It was that some of the young people that came with him, would sneakily glance at him. However, after they did, they no longer looked at him.

Even Ji Meixian was the same, Chen Xiang suspected that those big shots were already secretly sending messages to these juniors, instructing them to do something, it was very possible that they were targeting him!

"This bunch of fellows, are they really going to destroy the bridge after crossing the river?" "d.a.m.n it, you better not attack me!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart. Not long after he left, these guys called out to him in secret, wanting to discuss how they would deal with him!

Long Xueyi also saw it and said: "That Super Yuan Sect Leader is extremely familiar with this area, he has always taken the route of intentionally avoiding some powerful beasts in the primal chaos. How about this, let's use the Heaven tour method, we can use the wind to find some of these beasts and lure them over, at any rate, when the time comes they will protect you!"

"Hehe, that's a good move. When the time comes, I will ask little maid to see what kind of order she received!" Chen Xiang secretly gave Long Xueyi a big thumbs up, then activated his Heaven tour method to search for the nearby beasts that were hidden in the primal chaos. He also wanted to see what those beasts looked like.

There weren't many beasts in the place, so the Super Yuan Sect Leader led the way to bypa.s.s the places where the beasts were frequent. However, Long Xueyi quickly found a group of beasts in the distance and used her divine power to enrage the leader of the group of beasts.

"We'll be arriving soon. It's a pack of snow-white wolves. There's a very large one, and we can also use the power of chaos. Be careful later." Long Xueyi said somewhat excitedly.

"I will pay attention!"

They were not small in size and as they ran, they caused the ground to shake. They were not weak either, and from the power that Chen Xiang could tell, the giant white wolves were stronger than any of the Nirvana Realm beasts.

"What's going on? There shouldn't be any chaos vicious beasts here! " Super Yuan Sect Leader was very confused when he saw that a pack of wolves was rushing towards them.

"Do you want to make a move? I can kill these guys myself! " Three horns Dragon King said. He really wanted to see how powerful these beasts were.

Super Yuan Sect Leader said: "You and I will drag these fellows, and the rest quickly leave!"


Super Yuan Sect Leader bellowed and punched a white wolf that was pouncing towards him. The power of chaos flowed out from his fist and struck the white wolf's head.

Woo woo … *

The white giant wolf howled, and was sent flying, crashing into a stone mountain. It then flew out again, releasing waves of angry howls, its mouth spraying out a burst of Chaotic Force that turned into white light, flying straight towards Super Yuan Sect Leader.

Super Yuan Sect Leader dodged aside. The strand of Chaotic Force drilled into the ground and exploded below. The earth trembled violently as a deep fissure appeared.

Everyone's expressions changed. Although this Super Yuan Sect Leader was powerful, they could not kill that white wolf with a single punch. More than ten white wolves were rushing over from behind as well!

Seeing how powerful these beasts were, everyone immediately left the place. Three horns Dragon King let out a roar and grabbed at a white wolf that was pouncing towards him, his palm suddenly turning black, turning into a dragon claw filled with black qi, the poisonous gas was deep, he originally thought that his sharp claws could pierce through the white wolf's chest, but he did not expect that he would only grab a handful of fur.

Everyone had long since left, but Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were still paying attention to the beasts. Seeing how terrifying the attacks and defenses of the beasts were, they secretly decided that they would like to provoke more of these things.

"Why is he so powerful?" If any one of them were to run out, the consequences would be unthinkable! " Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"These primal chaos beasts shouldn't be able to leave this range, otherwise their power will disappear. These primal chaos beasts must have been affected by some sort of power to have the power of chaos."

Long Xueyi observed very carefully. She discovered that there was a limit to the Chaotic Beasts and their energy consumption was very fast, so these beasts could use the Chaotic Force to make their attacks stronger and at the same time, form a very strong defense.

Super Yuan Sect Leader and Three horns Dragon King were also very strong. After fighting with more than ten of these terrifying huge wolves, other than being a little fl.u.s.tered, they did not have any injuries. Furthermore, those white huge wolves were also beaten up by them from time to time.

Chen Xiang swam to the side of a giant tree, suddenly he saw a weak golden light and shouted: "I found a golden rhinoceros!"

"Then hurry and lure them over!" Long Xueyi said excitedly.

Chen Xiang immediately used his G.o.d Power to hara.s.s this golden rhinoceros, and very quickly, it angered this fellow that was as big as a small mountain, as it angrily followed Chen Xiang's G.o.d Power into charging over.

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