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Ji Meixian was very surprised, she did not think that Chen Xiang would actually know about this matter, because this matter was extremely confidential.

"How did you know?" This matter was extremely important to the ancient powers. It was said that it was the key that allowed them to dominate Di Tian! Prince Imperial Dragon knows about this as well. I feel that the reason why Prince Imperial Dragon was sent down here wasn't only for you, but also because of the many things that he needs to do. For example, right now, he is also going to that place with those ancient powers. "

Chen Xiang felt that the situation wasn't good. With Prince Imperial Dragon here, he was very worried. Furthermore, if Prince Imperial Dragon was to go, the Poisonous beast that came with him would definitely go as well.

"How are they doing now?"

Ji Meixian's position in the White Sea Imperial Land was very high, because her strength was rising quickly, she knew a lot of things.

Right now, they are all searching for the fellows of the Purple Moon Imperial Land. These big shots of the ancient powers all have a piece of stone in their hands, which they only found after entering the Sacred Dan Realm according to a map! Adding all of them together, there are a total of thirty big shots of the forces that have these stone pieces, which includes the Prince Imperial Dragon s and the Super Yuan Mountain s! "

"What?" Prince Imperial Dragon s and Super Yuan Mountain s can also do it? " Chen Xiang was very shocked. The treasure deposit was not as simple as he had imagined it to be. He felt that there would not be some kind of resource inside, but something even more powerful.

"Mn, they are all waiting for the people from the Purple Moon Imperial Land. As long as the Purple Moon Imperial Land arrives, we will be able to obtain thirty pieces, and they can set off immediately!"

Chen Xiang did not plan to reveal his ident.i.ty to find those people, but planned to use his ident.i.ty as the Purple Moon Imperial Land, so he would immediately transform into Dongfang Lingyun!

Dongfang Lingyun had not been in the Purple Moon Imperial Land for long, so even if he didn't know about some of the things that had happened in the Purple Moon Imperial Land, he could understand.

"Leader, I think it's best if you don't come. It's really dangerous for you. Every single powerhouse here wants to hack you into eight pieces." Ji Meixian said.

"Un, I understand!"

He decided not to tell Ji Meixian about the stone piece in his possession for the time being!

When they arrived at the entrance of the Tai Yuan Great Hall, an old man saw that he was dressed in the purple robes unique to Purple Moon Imperial Land, and immediately walked over and asked, "Are you from Purple Moon Imperial Land?"

"That's right, I am Dongfang Lingyun!" Chen Xiang purposely said in a haughty tone, Dongfang Lingyun was usually like this.

He had changed into Dongfang Lingyun's appearance, and had imitated his aura a lot, so he felt that Dongfang Lingyun would not be able to see through it. Long Xueyi had also said before that the most powerful part of this transformation was that even the Imperial Dragon Race's dragons who knew how to transform wouldn't be able to see through it.

"Please come with me!" The old man was extremely polite as he led Chen Xiang into the Tai Yuan Great Hall. They arrived at a hall inside, where there was a Transmission array.

"This is the Transmission array that is going to the peak of Super Yuan Mountain!" The old man said one sentence and activated Transmission array.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had already arrived at the summit of Super Yuan Mountain. There was another towering palace in front of him, and a faint purple mist was surrounding it, as the sunlight shone through the purple mist and onto the palace, making it appear even more majestic.

"You must have just joined the Purple Moon Imperial Land! What about the others? " The one who spoke was the elder of the Gold Sun Sacred Realm, he was currently the Leader of the Gold Sun Sacred Realm. Chen Xiang recognized him, and currently, many people were rushing out of the hall.

Chen Xiang saw the familiar faces of Ji Meixian and Prince Imperial Dragon, as well as the black faced burly man that Ji Meixian spoke of before.

"The others... All dead! " Chen Xiang sighed.

"Did you get the stone?" The Jinyang Leader asked.

"Got it!" Chen Xiang did not take it out. He was worried that he would be killed by these big shots because he was a small fry.

"To activate the Purple Moon Imperial Land's stone pieces, you need the Innate Qi unique to the Purple Moon Imperial Land. You just started training in it, and you can already use it?" The Gold Sun Leader was very concerned about this, because there were only a few people who came from the Purple Moon Imperial Land, but now there was only this little piece of information.

Chen Xiang's heart suddenly jumped, and then he said indifferently: "Alright!"

He then took out the purple stone piece, and poured the purple Innate Qi into it. The stone piece started to shine with a purple glow, which made everyone heave a sigh of relief, but they were very surprised that Dongfang Lingyun was able to do it. They knew that Dongfang Lingyun had only just entered the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and he had already grasped Purple Moon Imperial Land's purple moon Innate Qi.

Chen Xiang had killed a Purple Moon at Heaven Thunder Purgatory and took out the Purple Moon's heaven pellet. Now, he was secretly using the purple moon Innate Qi inside the pellet.

Now he understood that not only did he need the stone pieces, he also needed someone who knew how to use the appropriate Innate Qi. He didn't need to worry that these people would kill him and steal the Purple Moon stone pieces.

"How did the others die?" Leader Bai Hai asked. He was a hunchbacked old man.

The others also wanted to know why only Dongfang Lingyun was able to survive?

Chen Xiang secretly looked down on them, and only now did these people remember how other people had died.

"We... After getting that piece of stone, we met a few people. These people claimed that they are from some Divine Devil Cult, and said that they wanted to kill people like us … "

"What?" A golden light suddenly flashed, bringing with it a very dense aura of primal chaos, causing everyone to feel astonished.

The person who suddenly flew out from the hall and grabbed onto Chen Xiang's lapel, Chen Xiang was extremely shocked, the man in front of him was a handsome middle-aged man with a moustache, his strength was actually so powerful, even more powerful than Primordius! He was certain that the middle-aged man was Super Yuan Mountain's Leader!

"Where did the Divine Devil Cult you just mentioned appear at? "What do they look like?" Super Yuan Sect Leader stared into Chen Xiang's eyes and asked loudly. It could be seen that he was extremely concerned about this matter.

Dongfang Jing and her father were being besieged by people who claimed that they were from the Divine Devil Cult. Only Dongfang Jing was able to escape, so Chen Xiang asked Yan Zilan and the other girls about the matters of the Divine Devil Cult.

That was why he was able to say it now. He wanted to see if anyone here knew about it, but he didn't expect such a big fish to burst out.

Chen Xiang told the Super Yuan Sect Leader everything he knew!

Super Yuan Sect Leader released Chen Xiang with a stern expression and spoke to the crowd: "Do you know what a Divine Devil Cult is?"

Most of the people here were Great Leaders from the Heaven Realm, and they all shook their heads!

Prince Imperial Dragon frowned slightly and said, "Could it be that the guy established the sect with the fusion of the divine way and the devil way? He claimed to be the Heavenly Slave!"

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