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After entering the valley, Chen Xiang and Dongfang Jing immediately saw a n.o.ble and dignified purple-dressed lady, who was gracefully sitting on a stone stool, holding a book in her hands. She was engrossed in reading, her moon-like eyebrows slightly knitted together.

"Big Sis, who are you looking for?" Yun Zhu shouted, Yan Zilan immediately turned her head, upon seeing Chen Xiang, her beautiful face was filled with joy, following that, like a light breeze, she carried an intoxicating fragrance, becoming stronger.

"You little fellow, I was worried about you back then!" Although her tone was full of reproach, she was really happy. Back then, she had personally witnessed Chen Xiang being beaten up into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist by Primordius.

At this time, Dongfang Jing was also appreciating the beauty in front of him. Her smile and a wry smile were both extremely beautiful, although her aunt Dongfang Xinyue was also an exceptional beauty, but this was the first time she had seen the Yan Zilan in front of her.

"Bai Xing came back a few days ago. She said that she wanted to leave for a period of time. By the way, why did you only ask her to go? Not call us? " Yan Zilan reprimanded.

"This... If Sister Bai Xing were to use that kind of sneak attack, it would be better. "

Chen Xiang did not tell Yan Zilan what happened that day because Bai Xing also did not say anything. The effects of the incident were simply too great, the Great Clan Elder of the Super Yuan Mountain had been killed, and it was related to Bai Xing as well.

"Sneak attacks and the like. Big Sis and Third Sis are very good at them too!" Du Yanyao had tied his ponytail and was wearing soft armor. His face had a look of weariness, and a bright smile appeared on it. He was no longer the cold Du Yanyao from before.

Her Du Family had changed her greatly after all that had happened!

Of the Zi Lan Mountain Valley's four sisters, Yan Zilan was the oldest, Bai Xing second, third, and fourth. However, Chen Xiang knew that they would soon have a fifth sister.

Dongfang Jing now knew why Chen Xiang said that this place was suitable for her. She discovered that the women here were all extremely strong and they also had a lot of experiences.

"You are my fiance. Back then, you ran away just like that. You really aren't worth it!" Du Yanyao laughed. When she saw Dongfang Jing, she asked anxiously: "So this is the wife that you mentioned earlier?"

Yan Zilan chuckled: "This is my real wife, you're just a fake!"

"This is my recognized sister … I saved her in time. You all are aware of my current situation, you can't take her with you. " Chen Xiang said.

When the three girls heard about Dongfang Jing's experience and saw how innocent and beautiful he looked, their hearts filled with love for him. Especially Du Yanyao, she felt even more touched, but although he looked weak, his eyes revealed a strong light, causing the three girls to nod their heads secretly in their hearts.

"Jingjing, is there anyone else at home?" Yun Zhu asked.

"There's also an aunt. She came here as well, but we were separated." Dongfang Jing looked at Chen Xiang: "There's still Big Brother."

Chen Xiang would never tell them that Dongfang Jing's aunt was one of his female slaves.

Very quickly, Yan Zilan and the other two became very close to Dongfang Jing, and there was no place for Chen Xiang to interrupt them. Seeing this scene, one thing in his heart was resolved.

He found out from Fan Yakun that Yan Zilan was no longer helping the Sacred Dan School to manage business, and he couldn't help but want to take Yan Zilan, along with Bai Xing, Yun Zhu and Du Yanyao, to his Dragon Subduing School. Of course, he knew that Du Yanyao would not leave, because he did not know where Du Hai was right now. If he could find Du Hai and bring him to the Dragon Subduing School, Du Yanyao would also go there. Although there was temporarily no immortal qi there, that place would become Di Tian sooner or later.

Liu Meng'er and the others did not come here, which made Chen Xiang a little worried for them. In the current Di Tian's eyes, their powers were not considered weak, but they couldn't do it here.

"Yanyao, do you know where your grandfather will go?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

Du Yanyao, who was chatting with Dongfang Jing, suddenly stopped smiling and shook his head: "I don't know, he's always like this in the past. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even know where he would be!"

"But I feel that he should be inside the Chaotic Mountain. After the Super Yuan Mountain killed my father, he immediately went to the Super Yuan Mountain. It was said that a huge battle had erupted inside, and the people of the Super Yuan Mountain declared that my grandfather escaped after being heavily injured."

Chen Xiang was already very familiar with Du Yanyao now, but when she saw that Du Yanyao had changed a lot, especially his change in personality, she did not seem to be afraid of provoking him, and continued to ask, "I want to know why Super Yuan Mountain was targeted by Super Yuan Mountain, is that alright?"

"I'm fine!" Du Yanyao knew that Chen Xiang was capable, if Chen Xiang wanted to ask about these things, it would mean that Chen Xiang wanted to help her. Even if Chen Xiang had not said it, she would have asked Chen Xiang to help her.

"Super Yuan Mountain initially wanted our Du Family to submit to them, but my grandfather was not willing. After that, the Super Yuan Mountain secretly attacked us. But when my grandfather went to the Super Yuan Mountain, some elders of my Du Family took charge of the entire Du Family. Du Yanyao clenched her jade fists and said.

Chen Xiang guessed that the same thing had happened to the Fan Family, but it seemed that the Fan Family had not pledged his allegiance to him yet.

"Why is the Fan Family still fine? I told you about Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi, although the families backing them are all suppressed, they don't seem to be in control." Chen Xiang asked.

"Because they already got what they wanted from Fan Family and the Lin Family! A group of experts from the Lin Clan and the Fan Family were all killed, there was nothing to be worried about. Even though the evil creatures of Du Family sold the entire Du Family, the Super Yuan Mountain still could not get it, because it was in my grandfather's hands! "

Now, Dongfang Jing also knew that Du Yanyao had suffered the same fate as her. Seeing Du Yanyao's face filled with anger, she held Du Yanyao's jade hands and Du Yanyao also smiled at her.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, "It looks like you're in a lot of trouble right now. That thing is in your grandfather's hands, and your grandfather's whereabouts are unknown. They will definitely come back to find you!"

"That son of the Super Yuan Mountain kept on yelling that he wanted to forcefully marry Yanyao. She is your fiancée, do you have the heart to watch?" Yun Zhu laughed mischievously.

When Dongfang Jing was chatting with these three women earlier, he knew that the relationship between Chen Xiang and his wife was fake.

Chen Xiang also joked, "This brat won't live for long. Who asked him to set his eyes on my fiancee?!"

Du Yanyao scoffed, but when she thought back to the days when she was with Chen Xiang, she couldn't help but sigh secretly. Back then, when she was infected with the Spring Poison, and was entangled with Chen Xiang to purge the flames, this was the thing that she wanted to forget the most. However, it would often surface in her mind.

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