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This was not Bai Xing's first time plotting against someone on his behalf. Last time at Heaven Sacred City, she had summoned an extremely large star to hold back a group of strong warriors, allowing Chen Xiang to successfully obtain those Chaos Fire Token s.

"I'm starting. Take note." A "little star" that was only the size of a person was emitting a red light, and fell down from the sky with a long red tail. That wave of extremely powerful star power was condensed inside the little star, and with an extremely fast speed, it rushed down, creating a terrifying pressure.

In that moment, all the star power in the Star Domain was gathered together by a single force and then turned into a ma.s.s of fiery red energy, rushing towards that small star that was burning and falling at an even faster speed. When these two combined, the resulting shockwave was more than half of 18 layers.

"What is that!"

Under the rapid descent of the star attack, the two Elders could clearly sense it!

Hu hu hu hu!

The small star was not big, but it was very powerful. When it fell from the sky, the strong impact force broke a large part of the forest, and in the blink of an eye, the trees in the dense forest were all crushed into pieces of wood. Then, it was enveloped by a red light!

The blood-red glow carried an extremely high temperature. It broke apart the wooden log and ignited a raging inferno, causing the earth to violently shake and crack.

"Be careful!" He had already sensed that the thing that had landed was extremely terrifying, and now, it was already too late for them to escape.

The two Elders leaped up and released their vast power that was as vast as the sea. They punched out their strongest punch towards the falling "Little Star". The power in their punches was like a raging river as they surged forward with frightening power.


The terrifying fists of the two Super Yuan Mountain Elders smashed onto the small piece of meteorite. In that instant, a deafening explosion accompanied with a burst of water-like light that stirred up an incomparably berserk astral wind, swept across the entire piece of land, and the forest where Chen Xiang and the rest were in, was even more severely damaged.

There was some distance between this place and the Heaven Sacred City, but everyone in the Heaven Sacred City knew about it. Moreover, there were many powers near the Heaven Sacred City, so this kind of earth-shattering event had already alarmed many big shots.

"Are you okay?" At that time, Bai Xing had already hidden high up in the sky, she looked down at the ground that was filled with hot air, and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang through the divine sense Chen Xiang left in her sea of consciousness.

"I'm fine!" Chen Xiang walked on this land that was filled with ruins, completely unharmed. This was because just now, he used the power of the spatial laws to travel to a s.p.a.ce that was separated from this place and hid within. However, he had used up a lot of his energy, so he could only hide for a short period of time.

The two elders of the Super Yuan Mountain were powerful as expected, not only did they destroy that small star, they also managed to preserve Zhang Yanqing's and Hou Feishao's lives. If not for them breaking that meteorite in time, then if it had hit the ground, the power would have been even stronger. But they were hurt.

Hou Feishao and Zhang Yanqing sat paralyzed beside the two clan elders, with blood flowing from their mouths, there was even a silver white light barrier on their bodies, that was used to protect them.

"This... Is this something that guy made? " Hou Feishao's face paled. He never thought that his opponent would be so powerful, to actually be able to injure two elders of the Super Yuan Mountain s.

"It shouldn't be... Because he has already disappeared. It seems like he is a meteorite that came from beyond the heavens. " An elder was also uncertain. However, he still chose to believe that this was the power of nature. Otherwise, it would be too terrifying.

Zhang Yanqing heaved a sigh of relief and could not help but laugh. "Haha … Even the heavens do not like him. Good, good, good, good! "

Hou Feishao also laughed out loud, "There's nothing left of you, your soul is gone, your death was truly tragic, this is the result of going against me."

Just as they were laughing, Chen Xiang had traveled through s.p.a.ce and arrived behind Hou Feishao. The moment Chen Xiang appeared, the scorching ground that had been destroyed by the meteorite was suddenly enveloped by a strong killing intent, causing gusts of fierce winds to blow between heaven and earth!

Chen Xiang's Killing-G.o.d heart crazily throbbed. The Killing-G.o.d heart's thought of killing, had turned the energy in his body into an extremely terrifying killing power. Combined with his G.o.d slain method, he had an even more brutal strength!

"Humph!" Chen Xiang was like a G.o.d of death, the killing intent around his body was captivating. The white tiger glove on his fist was filled with killing intent, making him look like a G.o.d of slaughter.

The two clan elders of the Super Yuan Mountain were so frightened by the killing intent that they retreated a few steps, but just as they reacted, Chen Xiang's fist that was filled with killing intent rushed towards the smiling Hou Feishao!


The fist directly went through the light barrier released by the immortal robe, violently smashing on Hou Feishao's nose, causing his entire face to cave into the ground. At the same time, the boundless killing intent rushed out from the fist and poured into Hou Feishao's body, destroying his body and turning it into black qi!

After the fist landed on Hou Feishao, its power did not diminish at all but continued to sweep through him. It turned into a wave of energy which struck towards Zhang Yanqing and pierced through the silver light barrier before striking him in the chest, instantly killing him and turning him into a black mist!

After killing two people, the terrifying murderous intent that had enveloped the world suddenly disappeared!

In the past, Bai Xing was so shocked that she couldn't even speak, making her suspect that Chen Xiang was the Battle G.o.d's reincarnation. Right now, she was sure that Chen Xiang was extremely familiar with their Battle G.o.d's ancestor, the White Tiger.

When the White Tiger killed people at the auction, it killed them in a single blow, turning their bodies and souls into black mist.

Although the two of them were injured, they were still very powerful, and one of them punched over. The oppressive force caused Chen Xiang to be apprehensive, he anxiously stepped onto the Shrinking step to dodge, and at the same time, the place had already turned into a huge pit, the s.p.a.ce had already collapsed, and was self-repairing itself.

"What happened?" The voice in the air was like a thunderclap, full of an oppressive aura.

"It's Primordius!" Chen Xiang was shocked, the s.p.a.ce in the sky started to collapse, and a person walked out.

"This Primordius' strength has increased by a large amount!" Chen Xiang realised that this Primordius was much stronger than before.

"Grand Elder, your grandson was killed by this person." An elder said angrily.

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