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The little bit of Chaotic Force that Chen Xiang used was something that he had absorbed from Fan Yakun's body. Although it was only a little, after he mixed it with the Dragon Power, it unexpectedly had an unexpected effect and directly subdued this Hou Feishao. /

The few experts who were protecting Hou Feishao rushed forward, but were stopped by Hou Feishao: "Let's go!"

Those who could use the power of primal chaos, definitely could not be trifled with. Although Hou Feishao was rude and unreasonable, his grandfather had often reminded him so, especially when he met people with no known surname!

How could Hou Feishao forget about his previous pill refining skills? The Chaotic Mountain was very big. Although it was very chaotic right now and the Super Yuan Mountain was the strongest, there were still many experts in the Chaotic Mountain, especially some great alligators or Dan Immortal s.

In the Chaotic Mountain, there were only a few people who were familiar with how to use the power of primal chaos. Therefore, even if Hou Feishao suffered a huge loss, he could not continue on.

Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao were escorted by the elders and before they left, Zhang Yanqing looked at Chen Xiang with a gaze that made everyone's hearts tremble.

The danger of the Xi Yi Pavilion had finally been resolved. Chen Xiang gave Fan Yakun a thousand Qi Shen Dan, and Fan Yakun did not want them for free. He gave Chen Xiang a lot of medicinal ingredients and high quality pills, such as those high quality Ground level s and Five Elements Profound Dan s.

After exiting the city, he rushed towards the Zi Lan Mountain Valley. Before he left, he also warned Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi to be on their guard against Hou Feishao, and to escape the moment things went wrong, even if there were mountains ahead of them.

"These guys are really annoying, I knew it would be like this!" Chen Xiang did not change his appearance. Instead, he left the city the day he competed with Zhang Yanqing in pill refining, which was why he was followed.

But Chen Xiang did it on purpose, if he was to leave the city quietly, no one would notice him. Like he had expected, Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao were here, he had disguised himself and followed behind the two old men.

"It seems like they don't have any intention of plotting against you!" Long Xueyi said.

"Could it be that they wanted to confirm that you had left the Heaven Sacred City and then make their move against that young couple?" Bai Youyou laughed coldly: "This is our chance to get rid of them and prevent future troubles!"

That was why he was able to change his appearance and lure all of them out. However, he felt that Hou Feishao and the others must have followed him for some other reason.

"This Super Yuan Mountain really does have some strength. The two old fellows that they sent out are not weak either, and should be able to match up to those sage realm experts. If you don't use Magical corruption gas s, you won't be able to kill them." Long Xueyi said.

"They are indeed very strong. If I move further away from the Heaven Sacred City, would they attack me?" Although he had a different ident.i.ty now, if he was discovered using the Magical corruption gas, it would harm Fan Yakun and the others greatly.

Chen Xiang used Heaven tour method, allowing his own spiritual will to transform into an invisible spirit body, and floated out, approaching and eavesdropping on the people following him.

After leaving the Heaven Sacred City, Hou Feishao and the others who were following him suddenly increased their speed and approached him!

"This fellow is not from our Chaotic Mountain, he uses the power of chaos that he does not. Fortunately, the two elders were able to see through it, so we can act against him and force him to hand over that pill refining method!" Hou Feishao laughed sinisterly: "I have solved it, I'm not afraid of that brat Fan Yakun anymore. Lin Leyan will be mine sooner or later."

"Then let me kill him with my own hands!" Originally, his fame had plummeted when he lost to Chen Xiang, which made him even more furious at Chen Xiang.

"You guys should move faster. Don't forget that we still have to go to the meeting. You, Great Elder Primordius, is waiting for us!" An elder said indifferently.

"Is that meeting important? When Grandfather sent the message back, his voice was very serious! " Hou Feishao said.

"It's important, it's related to the treasures in Chaotic Mountain. You should know that a group of people suddenly came over from another world some time ago, and those people were strong and weak, all of the big shots in the different forces have a map." An elder said.

"It is said that Chen Xiang, who caused great losses to our Chaotic Mountain in the past, came over at that time, and killed many people of our Super Yuan Mountain. I heard that Du Yanyao from the Du Family is his good friend! " Hou Feishao could not help but reveal a trace of jealousy on his face: "But to think that he would fall in love with Leader's grandson's eyes, this guy refused to back down in the slightest, and insisted on s.n.a.t.c.hing it away from me!"

After hearing their conversation, Chen Xiang could immediately guess that the broken map was the piece of stone in his hands. The piece of stone was hidden by the ancestors of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and now that one had fallen on his body, it meant that the ancient powers had obtained a complete map.

"Let's do it from the front!" Hou Feishao said.

After Chen Xiang heard this, he quickened his pace and entered a forest at the side. This made Hou Feishao and the others anxious.

Just as they were unable to see Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang had activated the power of the spatial laws within his body, allowing himself to travel through s.p.a.ce to stay away from Hou Feishao and the others.

However, the Perception Body he released before was still staring at Hou Feishao and the others. Hou Feishao had such a strong killing intent toward him, and he even planned to kill Fan Yakun and the others mercilessly.

"He's in the forest, there's traces of his aura here. He's on guard, it seems like we've been discovered, chase him!" An elder said anxiously.

This was an aura that Chen Xiang had intentionally left behind, and it was something he had done to delay them.

"Little Naughty Dragon, hurry up and use the Heaven tour method and use the fastest speed possible to go to Zi Lan Mountain Valley. Bai Xing was a Starry Sky White Tiger Race, after awakening the inheritance of her memories, she had become very strong. If she were to come here, even if she could not beat the two elders, but if she were to summon her stars, she would definitely be discovered by the White Tiger.

As long as the White Tiger arrived, he had nothing to be afraid of.

"I wonder if the big white cat can sense it." Long Xueyi knew what Chen Xiang was thinking, and muttered a few words, before immediately following Chen Xiang's instructions. Her divine power was stronger than Chen Xiang's, and her Heaven tour method was also much stronger than Chen Xiang's.

An old man from the Super Yuan Mountain shouted at Chen Xiang: "Don't run, we have no ill intentions towards you, we only want to invite a person like you to our Super Yuan Mountain as a guest, we will definitely treat you as an important guest!"

"Even a fool wouldn't believe you!" He continued to flee in all directions in the forest, trying to buy as much time as he could so that Long Xueyi could find Bai Xing.

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