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The fire within the pill furnace was intense, and from the holes, one could see the raging fire inside, while the surrounding immortal qi was still pouring into Chen Xiang's pill furnace.

Chen Xiang knew that his own divine power wouldn't last long. If he kept at it for too long, a large amount of his divine power would be consumed. Given his current situation, he needed to maintain about half of the power in his body in order for him to be able to avoid danger.

"Come in!" Chen Xiang waved his hand and grabbed towards the pile of spirit herbs, then a huge hand formed from white mist appeared in the air and grabbed all the spirit herbs used to refine Qi Shen Dan, and moved them all to his furnace. Then, he began to crazily stuff the spirit medicine into the furnace and at the same time, seeped his divine power into the inside of the spirit herbs, allowing the flames to burn outwards from the inside.

The spiritual herbs that had just entered the pill furnace quickly turned into mist, and rays of light filled the air.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had already stuffed dozens of sets of medicinal ingredients into the furnace, causing the Medicine aura s to condense in the furnace, causing the light clouds to become even stronger!

The light beams coming out from the holes in the pill furnace quickly weakened, because Chen Xiang had already condensed the pill. However, the moment the pill was formed, the light beams were extremely bright and gushed out again.

This way, Chen Xiang could condense pills quickly and continuously. This method almost made many Alchemist s kneel, as long as it was a Alchemist, there was no one who did not want to reach this level.

Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were strong to begin with, and he had an extraordinary talent. Now that he had cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, he had once refined countless mountains and vast lands into pills.

Of course, this was also his peak level of alchemy, if he was asked to refine a high grade Ground level pill, he would probably not be able to do so. But he also planned to try it again when he had the time, and use the method to refine a Qi Shen Dan.

Many people were jealous and envious. Even though it was clearly an abandoned elixir, it was still able to concoct such a pill and refine it so quickly, this made many Alchemist upset about the abandoned elixirs that they lost back then.

In just two hours, Chen Xiang had refined all of the abandoned profounddi fruit. There were four hundred of them in total, and all of them were successful.

"I must buy one of these Qi Shen Dan. Who knows, this person might become a Pill Saint in the future!"

"I have to buy them too. It looks like he's going to win, all these Qi Shen Dan will go to him! He, who can calculate for me, how much is his Qi Shen Dan worth? "

"He... What is he doing? " A person suddenly shouted in alarm.

Chen Xiang came to Zhang Yanqing's side, and actually picked up Zhang Yanqing's medicine, and started to refine pills using his crazy method just now!

There was a rule that stated that if the person who refined the first medicinal herb had more medicinal herbs, they could use it to refine the other party's medicinal herb!

However, everyone felt that it would be better for Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang gave more pills and the quality was better than Zhang Yanqing!

This action was equivalent to fiercely stepping on the faces of Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao, which made them extremely furious. Especially Hou Feishao, he had wanted to attack Chen Xiang multiple times, but he knew that if he did so, he would be mocked by the crowd in the future.

Zhang Yanqing still had more than three hundred pills that he had yet to refine, and they had all been refined by Chen Xiang at his fastest speed!

After another two hours, Chen Xiang had used up more than half of his divine power and Innate Qi, but he had still managed to refine more than two thousand Qi Shen Dan, causing the two's medicinal ingredients to be completely refined!

Zhang Yanqing looked at his own few Qi Shen Dan s, then looked at Chen Xiang's big basket of Qi Shen Dan s, clenched his fists, and a wave of jealousy and hatred rose in his heart. He was the future Pill Saint of the great Sacred Dan Realm, the number one young Alchemist, yet he had lost so miserably!

The victor had already been decided long ago, so no one was surprised at this moment.

"You've lost!" Fan Yakun said excitedly. For Chen Xiang to be able to refine all those abandoned spirit herbs into two thousand Qi Shen Dan, this level was something that no one in the entire Sacred Dan Realm could match.

Zhang Yanqing angrily looked at Fan Yakun and, especially at Chen Xiang's calm expression, making him the most furious. He had defeated, but he was not happy at all, as if winning against him was something insignificant, he had never been looked down upon so much before.

Hou Feishao's eyes were filled with killing intent. He walked out of the sedan, and slightly frowned: "I have never heard of your name before. Are you a Alchemist? Or was it that Fan Yakun had invited them today? "

Chen Xiang said: "I'm just a nameless junior. It's normal that you don't know me. I joined the Xi Yi Pavilion three days ago. As long as you are a Alchemist, you can accept the challenge on behalf of the Xi Yi Pavilion. "

"This doesn't count. You just arrived!" Hou Feishao's eyes flashed, anyone could see the light of annihilation in his eyes, he was actually going to act shamelessly.

"Why doesn't it count?" Fan Yakun was slightly angry.

"I admit that I have underestimated your Xi Yi Pavilion. I originally thought that all of your Alchemist s were a bunch of unranked fellows. I didn't know that your Xi Yi Pavilion had such a Alchemist, otherwise I would have invited even better Alchemist to compete with you. " Hou Feishao laughed complacently.

"So you're saying that you're asking Zhang Yanqing to challenge our group of unrated people, is that also telling us that Zhang Yanqing is unranked?" Chen Xiang sneered: "I think that a few skilled Alchemist would be able to tell that this is my first time refining a Qi Shen Dan, and at the very most, I can only refine a middle grade Ground level pellet. According to what I know, this Alchemist you invited can refine a Heaven level Pellet!"

Zhang Yanqing was so angry that his teeth were about to shatter.

Hou Feishao's face froze as he gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Arrogant fellow, I'll smash your mouth to pieces today!"

While talking, Hou Feishao's fists were like lightning, it was wrapped with a layer of terrifying golden mist, it looked to be a very powerful trap, on top of it were many sharp thorns, it looked extremely terrifying.

"Stronger than a fist?" Chen Xiang laughed inwardly, and without dodging at all, he actually punched out to receive it, and his aura was even more overbearing than Hou Feishao's.

Hou Feishao suddenly attacking Chen Xiang was already within many people's expectations. Previously, Hou Feishao had done many of these things, but Fan Yakun had always been at such a disadvantage.

When everyone saw the Golden Th.o.r.n.y Fist, they thought that Chen Xiang was done for, but after seeing Chen Xiang's fierce counterattack, they were all shocked. This seemingly weak Alchemist, her strength was actually this strong.


The two punches clashed, causing a loud sound to ring out, the ground trembled for a moment, then crackled with a crackling sound, Hou Feishao's arm seemed to have some sort of explosion, the flesh and bones within cracked and shattered, and flesh flew everywhere!

"Ahh …" Hou Feishao cried out miserably, as he cried out in pain, "It's the power of chaos … Who the h.e.l.l are you? How do you know how to use the power of chaos! "

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