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Before Chen Xiang recovered, he used up a lot of energy because he was prepared to refine even more in one go, and even if he succeeded, he would need some time to digest the huge gains he had just made. This was a type of breakthrough in cultivation, and only through luck and coincidence could raise his cultivation through comprehension.

Seeing Chen Xiang not making a move for a long time, Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao started to mock him in their hearts. And relying on the fact that Zhang Yanqing had the Heaven Flames and his talent in alchemy, the quality of the pills refined within each furnace was extremely high. This was also because of the pressure that Chen Xiang had given him earlier, which was why he had no choice but to improve.

But he still needed two sets of ingredients to concoct a single pill, and he could not refine all of the roots like Chen Xiang did. Many people understood that Chen Xiang had already grasped the trick to refining the roots.

In the blink of an eye, more than four hours had pa.s.sed but Chen Xiang still remained motionless. He closed his eyes and meditated, while Zhang Yanqing had already refined more than a hundred and thirty Qi Shen Dan s in a hundred batches.

Just in that short amount of time, he was able to turn these abandoned medicinal herbs into so many Qi Shen Dan. This made many people understand more deeply how terrifying a terrifying thing was for a power to possess such a genius Alchemist.

Just when Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao were extremely calm and collected, Chen Xiang finally made his move. He actually took out twenty profounddi fruit s with roots, but the pill furnace definitely could not hold that many, causing everyone to open their eyes wide and look carefully, wanting to see what exactly he was going to do.

However, Chen Xiang had only placed 10 into the cauldron, while leaving the other 10 outside. However, he had not sealed the lid, he had actually wanted to open it to concoct the pill!

If not for the fact that he didn't want to expose his ident.i.ty, Chen Xiang could have used a relatively large Magic method furnace to refine it, which was much more convenient than his current state.

The cover was useless to him because he could "conjure" a transparent cover and cover it with it. This way, the Medicine aura would not be lost.

This time, he would still absorb immortal energy and enter. Using the Heavenly Alchemy, he turned the immortal energy into a raging fire and a.s.similated it into his Heaven fire, causing the flames to become even stronger.

Many Alchemist were able to distinguish the degree of melting of the medicinal herbs from the clouds, and the rate at which the clouds were melting was also extremely fast, which meant that the melting speed was also very fast. This made it hard for people to believe that the ten black iron like roots were like paper, which melted in an instant.

This was something that even Zhang Yanqing could not do. Zhang Yanqing had the Sky Fire, and he had previously tried to melt the tree roots. Although it could be melted, it would take a very long time.

When the flame was burning these strange flowers and plants, the strange flowers and plants would instinctively release their powers to resist, preventing the flame from penetrating inside. When the flame was burning these strange flowers and plants, the strange flowers and plants would instinctively release their powers to prevent the flame from infiltrating inside of them.

But right now, Chen Xiang was directly igniting a fire inside these spirit herbs, and was burning it from the inside out. This was because he was able to enter the world inside these spirit herbs, conduct a profound exchange with them, and open the doors to these spirit medicines, which was why it was so easy for him to burn these medicinal herbs!

However, currently, it was limited to Qi Shen Dan's medicinal ingredients. He did not know if this move would work on other medicinal ingredients, nor did he know what would happen when facing higher ranked medicinal ingredients.

Seeing Chen Xiang using his strength once again, the pressure on Hou Feishao and Hou Feishao was extremely great, especially on Hou Feishao. He loved to show his face, so if he lost, not only would he be laughed at, the legend of their Super Yuan Mountain's genius, Alchemist, would also be broken.

In a few moments, Chen Xiang successfully refined the ten sets of spirit herbs into thirty pellets. This made Zhang Yanqing's eyes turn red, and with Chen Xiang's high utilization rate, he could refine thirty pellets out of ten pellets, but Zhang Yanqing needed sixty pellets to refine thirty pellets!

After the thirty Peak quality s were out, the flames inside the furnace had still not extinguished!

After Chen Xiang placed the Qi Shen Dan into the jade box, he actually hit the side of the pill furnace lightly and pierced a hole in the middle of the pill furnace!

Seeing this scene, everyone started to shout frantically in their hearts, thinking that Chen Xiang had gone crazy, to actually damage his pill furnace at this time!


Chen Xiang then pierced through another hole in the middle of the other side of the pill furnace and then created another two holes on both sides of the furnace!

Chen Xiang's actions made everyone puzzled, but Chen Xiang quickly told them the answer!

The flames inside the pill furnace were still burning. Although there were four holes, the flames inside the furnace did not leak out, only seeing that Chen Xiang had quickly filled the holes at both sides of the pill furnace with profounddi fruit s and some supporting medicinal herbs. At the same time, he had also used a secret technique to quickly fill the holes at the bottom of the pill furnace with immortal energy.

Although there were holes on the pill furnace, they were all sealed by Chen Xiang. The light rays from the holes were burning the roots of the trees, while the dregs were shooting out from the mouth of the furnace and into the sky, it was truly a quick method.

Everyone could see that this broken pill furnace seemed to have some sort of mysterious power. It was crazily devouring immortal energy to strengthen the flames, and the speed at which the elixirs melted was extremely fast. All of the impurities sprayed out from the top!

After the spirit medicine in the furnace melted, it rushed to the top layer of the furnace, and slowly condensed into a pill there. And at this time, Chen Xiang once again poured the spirit medicine into the center layer, he actually wanted to continuously "refine the pill"!

He really wanted to know what kind of evil power Chen Xiang used to be able to defy the heavens. This was the first time he had seen this kind of pill refinement technique, and he had never even heard of it before.

Hou Feishao's current gaze could kill, his face was full of jealousy and anger. This was purely because of his own mental state, he could not bear to see others in such a state! He was strong, but in the Sacred Dan Realm, the Alchemist was the king, and Fan Yakun's pill refining skills were much more profound than his. Even Lin Xiyi was much stronger than him, if not for the fact that Fan Yakun was injured, her strength would also have already far surpa.s.sed his.

And now, in Fan Yakun's and Lin Xiyi's shop, there was actually such a heaven shocking and heavenly looking Alchemist, even Hou Feishao had to admire his pill refining skills!

The biggest drawback of using Heavenly Alchemy to convert immortal energy into fire was that it consumed a lot of divine power. Furthermore, the fire was not his own, so he needed more control over it, so using it for a short period of time wouldn't be a problem.

Although Chen Xiang's furnace was full of big holes, there was not a single bit of Qi leaking out from within. The entire furnace was extremely smooth, which was truly amazing.

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