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In front of everyone's shocked eyes, Chen Xiang calmly placed the three Qi Shen Dan s into an empty jade box, and then casually took out ten of them from the pile of medicinal herbs.

After adding some supplementary herbs, he actually stuffed these ten portions into the pill furnace. Today he was going to refine ten portions in one go, and he even had roots. That was equivalent to ten pieces of black iron, how was he going to refine them?

Many old Alchemist were shocked. This kind of refining technique shocked the world, and many old Alchemist suddenly felt that the person in front of them had a very familiar feeling. ka. Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun's memories of him were still fresh in their minds, and now that they could see Chen Xiang's G.o.dly skill again, they were even more surprised.

Before, many people thought that Chen Xiang would definitely lose, that he would definitely defeat Chen Xiang with a very good result. But now, it was hard to say, because Chen Xiang did not use common sense to refine pills when he was refining pills, and had completely broken through many of the iron rules set for when he was refining pills.

After Chen Xiang had comprehended that method just now, he was trying again. He did not even bother to process the herbs, and after placing it in the pill furnace, he released his divine power to explore the world inside the herbs!

Before, when he used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine mountains, refine lands, and even Sparite vein, these things were all extremely large in scale, allowing him to see the "world" of these things very directly. On the other hand, the Heavenly Alchemy could refine the world, and as long as he could see through some things, he could release flames.

The Heavenly Alchemy was able to refine many large-scale objects, and all of them had been turned into intense flames by borrowing the spirit energy of the heaven and earth. And now, Chen Xiang had already observed the insides of these medicinal ingredients, within these strange and unique herbs, there was also a world. It was just that this world was not known to anyone, as long as he could establish a miraculous connection with these strange and unusual herbs, he could make these medicinal ingredients gentle and easily condense them into pills. Now he wanted to use the Heavenly Alchemy, just to get stronger flames, so that he could quickly burn these medicinal ingredients from the inside out!

At this moment, many worlds appeared in Chen Xiang's mind, all of them being the worlds of those medicinal ingredients. They were similar to what he had seen before, and unknowingly, he had already guided the flames in and infiltrated them. However, their speed was not fast enough.

What he needed to do now was to refine ten batches of ingredients simultaneously in a single pill furnace. It was equivalent to refining ten batches of pills in a single pill furnace! This was also the Dawan refining method in the Heavenly Alchemy, but in the past, he had released ten Magic method furnace s at the same time, and now he had released ten Magic method furnace s in one pill furnace. Of course, because the s.p.a.ce inside was too cramped, it was very difficult to do it. He could only burn all ten portions of herbs before splitting them into thirty cyclones!

If this wasn't a compet.i.tion, he could still condense these ten sets of medicinal herbs into a pill, but that would require a lot of time.

"There's not enough fire!" As expected, the profounddi fruit's roots are hard to melt! "It's even more difficult than when I was refining mountains." Chen Xiang thought, but he knew that the Spirit Qi contained in the mountains were limited, and had even dispersed, and could not compare to the profounddi fruit's roots. He had to refine many mountains, in order to condense a high quality pill.

Heaven Sacred City was on the eighteenth floor of the Sacred Dan Realm, which was very high. Furthermore, the immortal energy in the city was very dense, Chen Xiang had never tried to turn the immortal energy into fire before.

Using the method in the Heavenly Alchemy, he began to let the furnace absorb a large amount of immortal energy, fusing it with the Heaven fire in the furnace and transforming it into a strong flame.

At this time, everyone present could see a few streams of mist drilling into Chen Xiang's furnace, and the fire energy in Chen Xiang's furnace was getting stronger and stronger, comparable to Zhang Yanqing's, actually borrowing immortal's Qi to strengthen the flames. This method was something many Alchemist looked forward to.

Hou Feishao gritted his teeth when he saw this. This Alchemist with such talent was actually inside the Xi Yi Pavilion. At this moment, he was somewhat regretful that he allowed Zhang Yanqing to mess things up, because this would definitely affect Zhang Yanqing.

Although he was extremely arrogant, he still knew his own limits. He had already refined twenty batches of Qi Shen Dan, and had successfully formed twenty Qi Shen Dan, but when the twenty Qi Shen Dan s were added together, it felt like they were not even comparable to the three perfect Qi Shen Dan s that Chen Xiang had refined!

Chen Xiang was currently in a very good state, his entire body was completely clean. The herbs in the pill furnace were just like before, suddenly they started burning, from the inside, they quickly dissolved into a gentle Medicine aura and medicinal powder, after that the two of them intertwined, fused, and finally merged together, forming a very big ball of air. Chen Xiang only thought about it carefully, and the ball of air automatically turned into thirty small b.a.l.l.s.

He had not tried condensing thirty pills in a single furnace before, because the current furnace did not have any special functions. If it was a Yanlong furnace, then there was a lot of s.p.a.ce inside, and there was also time to speed up, but even if he did not use the Yanlong furnace, he could still make it this far!

Everyone was dumbstruck, especially when Chen Xiang retracted all of his energy! However, the activity inside the furnace was extremely intense, and many people had already guessed that Chen Xiang was planning to refine thirty pills in one go!

But now that Chen Xiang had stopped, the interior of the pill furnace started to calm down. The speed at which he was refining one furnace was actually faster than Zhang Yanqing's.

The lid of the pill furnace opened, and the green colored light that gushed out was like a dragon emerging from the sea. It howled out and pierced through the clouds, dazzling everyone's eyes and making their souls tremble!

"Is he even human?" Many people could not help but think that the person in front of them was an existence rumored to transcend the mortal world. Only the rare pill and Holy level would have such earth-shattering power when refining pills.

"Thirty pills!" Everyone suddenly felt their bodies go soft, one furnace for 30 pills, the quality was exceptional, they had already threw Zhang Yanqing to the side. Zhang Yanqing had only used around 20 pills, and had even used 40 more sets of ingredients.

At this time, everyone felt that there was no longer any need to compete anymore. The outcome of the battle had already been decided, especially Zhang Yanqing's current state, which had a great impact on him.

Hou Feishao gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He wanted to kill this genius Alchemist right now, because he knew it would be very difficult to win him over!

Zhang Yanqing took a deep breath. At this time, he had also condensed a pill, and a Qi Shen Dan with a quality not inferior to Chen Xiang's appeared in the pill furnace. This made him immediately feel confident.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes. He did not immediately refine any pellets, but looked like he was recovering his Qi. This made Zhang Yanqing and Hou Feishao extremely happy, they thought that Chen Xiang had to rest because he had exhausted himself.

Many people felt the same way, but was that really the case?

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